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RE: Vegan Beet, Vegetable & Black Lentil Stew

Be verbose anytime your heart desires, when I have the time to read your posts, I enjoy every word!

Now let's get right down to business.


garden journal footer.png
Cool footer, wouldn't you agree? I think you may know the young lady, @riverflows, who designed this, JUST FOR ME she"s pretty cool as well! 👍
I read the recipe and after I get back from NJ on Monday, I'll be whipping up some beet and black lentil stew.

Besides the dried marjoram, which I have never used or even know what it's, and the low sodium vegetable broth, the other ingredients are on location.

Preparing this would be fun or you could just invite me over to give it a taste. 😁


Love that beet-iful footer! @riverflows is a dear for making some gorgeous ones for the garden journal.

If you bring me some of those beets, I'll be happy to whip up another batch! I have another bulk order coming in today of those lovely black lentils. They're one of my favorite lentil varieties lately.

I had been telling @fionasfavourites I had seen a few people (even folks I personally know) on traditional social media lately whine about people who write recipe posts but type up a "full novel" before they actually get to the recipe. Which is frustrating because who are you to complain when you are getting a recipe for free? It's not that hard to scroll down if you don't want to read the rest of my post (though as Fiona mentioned--that's where most of the good tips are). I never have that problem here on Hive, luckily, which is probably why I've always enjoyed interacting on here more than most other sites!

Where do you order the black lentils from, if you don't mind me asking?

So many people rush around every minute of their waking hours that they don't have any time to smell the roses.
Life can be hectic if you allow it to be!
The next time I'm in the area I bring some beets by. 😁

Don't mind you asking, at all:

I've enjoyed all of the lentils and beans from both Clear Creek and their sister brand Palouse. High quality and seem to be a lovely organization. They just reached out the other day on Instagram to ask to share some of my recipes using their ingredients, which is kind of fun!

Thank you for the info.