Maintaining a Reading Habit While Traveling

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Over the last couple of years, I’ve been on the move quite a lot and many of my life’s routine, habit, and things are catered to my nomadic life. That also includes my love of reading. You might say that there’s Ebook and audiobook but in the age of everything digital, I simply despise it;

I. Solemnly. Hate. Reading. E-book version.

Sadly though there are times when I have to rely on E-book simply because I can not bring more than four books on a long trip as I like to keep my belongings minimal. During such hardships, I obviously have to resort to Ebooks to get my reading addiction fixed. While on the move, adding reading into the habit is yet another challenge. Picture this, you’re new, wanting to explore places, maybe make new friends, and sometimes twenty-four hours can’t seem to be enough. How can I make myself read?

The thing is, I have built this habit from a young age so it’s pretty easy for me to get into a reading state but what about people who hate/dislike reading? Can they build a reading habit? Obviously. Like many things in life, it all comes into wants, needs, and motivation. I believe that there has to be something that motivates us to read or wants to know something — curiosity plays a role in it for sure. Reading does not have to be something heavy, start with something you like, maybe it’s newspaper, manga, comics, or even a simple column. In the end, just start.


As for myself, in a day I usually allocate 60-120 minutes for reading. The amount of pages I read depends a lot on the book and the subject of the book. For example, I can only read 2-5 pages of a medical book because they require a bit of understanding and some memorization. Yet for a light chick-lit or a popular literature, I can read more than 20 pages in that span of minutes. I know of fact that many out there read a book a day but that simply does not fit with my life. Even while on the move, those 60-120 minutes are also non-negotiable. Perhaps, you can also do a time block if you want to get into a reading habit — spare a few minutes or even an hour just to read. Now that I try to read once every week, I added another 120 minutes before bed time or during my winding down to read until I get tired. Usually during this time, it is the perfect state to read as I don’t have a lot on my mind and many things have already been cleared out from my life. So, I get to read in peace.

Another important thing is that, there is a distinction between what I read when I am not traveling vs when I am traveling. When I am on the go, what I read mostly consist of classics, anything from beat generation, self-help, entrepreneurship, and some economy and philosophical books to balance things out. Meanwhile when I am not traveling, I can read 1000 pages of history either of literature or of anything I fancy. That also includes some politicals and non-fictions book.


Another thing that I like to do during reading is have my highlighters and sticky notes around. This does not change at all even when I am on the go. I have to show you on the right side, what my pencil case looks like. It has everything I need from pen, pencil, sharpie, and everything else. I also include some sticky notes that will help me with my reading session. I am pretty old-fashioned as I like to write out the things I learned from a book or simple quotes that I find resonating with my life. Even with classic literature, there are certainly many beautiful quotes that I like to write down. However, during my travels and when I am with an e-book I simply use my evernote. I keep track of the things that I ponder/curious/ the things I learned using evernote. I am sure that notion is probably best for things like these but so far evernote does the job. In the past, I even used an old style notepad on my laptop to summarize the book that I read.

What do you think about audiobooks?

I have to say that it’s not for me. I tried listening to audiobooks while walking on the treadmill and even randomly but it’s just not my way of learning and reading. Although, listening to an audiobook can be a fast-track of reading a book but my comprehension was less than when I read the book physically through flipping pages or even screen. But I know that audiobooks are the way for some people and that’s OK.

If you’re constantly changing the environment, can you even focus on reading?

Reading for me is like blocking the outside world. I can read anywhere, anytime. As soon as I immerse myself in a book, I care a little about the outside world and everything. I will only focus on the book in front of me and that is all there is. Ever since I was a kid my parents traveled quite often too, I always brought books and would read inside the car while the adults were arguing and that carried on until now — It’s just the best way to shut and distance myself from whatever was going on.

Do you really always read?

I have to be honest, there are days when I missed reading just because I was exhausted or my gadgets weren’t nearby. But that only happens once in a blue moon, especially when I have a traveling companion. Otherwise, I certainly have all the time in the world to read, especially when it is only a fraction of my 24 hours.

Do you discuss what you read?

Yes! Big yes. It’s a part of my reading routine that I will never miss. I think if you read, you also have to tell it to others. You have to discuss the ideas that you just learned and perhaps that would intrigue another person to read the book or learn about it. I personally have a few friends who I can come up and talk to about all the books I read. We usually have a few discussions or two and my favorite topic is certainly politics and anything philosophical. Although at times, I enjoy some lighter topics. It’s just that my friends are mostly reading philosophical, heavy classic literature or complex fantasy. But if you need any friends to talk about a book, feel free to reach out on the server of Hive book club. If not me, there are others who may listen to your rants about a book you just read.

That being said, those are some of my reading routines that I have while on the move. I certainly don’t think that it changes a lot except being physically in one location certainly has its own advantages. For example, it’s easy to create a condition that helps with reading and also availability of books within reach. But once you love something, there’s nothing that can stop you!


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Hi, @macchiata . I found your post very relatable. I'm also old fashioned when it comes to reading. Not a big fan of E-books, reading a physical book and taking notes is truly something else. I just think it's better.

Reading is a habit that for many reasons I abandoned long ago but I absolutely regret it. I'm trying to take it back. So thank you for sharing your tips with us here, I will definitely apply them.

It's the beauty of reading physical book, it's an active work where your brain thinks and maybe you mumble the words and sometimes your hands flipped the pages and write notes. I used to quit reading at some point, you're probably experiencing a reading block, so just take it easy and read anything that fancies you and eases your way into reading habit again.

You're absolutely right. Thank you for your advice, I'll definitely apply them.

Hope to keep seeing you around here!

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing your personal tips with us here, I'm not a dedicated reader just yet but I'm working towards being one.

These tips just came in handy thanks to you... It's very much appreciated.

I'm not sure I have friends who would enjoy chatting with me about books I read, maybe I never asked for such scenario.

But I'll definitely make use of the discord channel if I want to discuss 🙂

I am sure there's always that person who are closeted reader and would enjoy having a conversation. Do you have any reading tips that you can share with others here?

You're right, I just have to think of the one I do have hehe

A tip? Don't rush over pages, it's always better to let your imagination travel while you read... So I learned 🙂 not worth sharing, I know haha

Thanks for sharing this tips with us. I think I will need to put them into working

Do you have specific plans to read more this year? or are you just reading for leisure and no plans at all?

Well aside from school books I have plans of reading more educative book about life, spirituality and marriage

We pretty much have a few things in common, like; I prefer my hardcover books to ebooks. Also, I like to write out my excerpts and highlights in my notepad.

But, I've never tried audiobooks. I think I should. Maybe then, I'll have an answer to your question.

Also, I recently caught up with an old friend and seeing that we're both invested in books, we've been discussing on our reads and recommending to each other.
I must say, it's bliss.

You definitely should try audiobook and let me know what you think or share it with the community. It's nice that you have those friends that you can talk about books you/they read. In my opinion that's just the way knowledge is transferred and you get to learn diverse view points. Thanks for checking this one out and when you try audibooks, share your experience with us!

Just like you, I prefer physical books and fill them with notes, I can't always either because a book is borrowed or because I couldn't get it in physical, you're not old fashioned it's just your way of enjoying reading.

When I used to borrow from library as a kid, I would re-write the book so that I can read them at home 🤣. It's pretty crazy I guess but that was how I did it when I frequent at the library. It helps me even more especially when it is a foreign book because I want to learn about the words and have more vocabularies.

With time, I lost the habit of reading, before I used to read at least 1 book a week, now I don't even read 1 book every 3 months. I have not stopped reading, however, what I read is related to my work and not what I would really like to read. I have had a hard time getting back to my reading, but maybe it's just a matter of getting organized.

Like you, I don't really like digital books either, I definitely prefer physical. Now, audiobooks don't work for me, I'm not an auditory person, so I don't understand and forget what I might have heard.

I hope to improve this activity that I used to do, I have a 90 volume Star Wars encyclopedia that I haven't read :(.

I guess you can start reading those series again but more relaxed than making it seems like a challenge. I actually had a hard time in the past of reading because reader's block and exhaustion but since I got back, I started having healthier approach to it and now I consistently read and barely missed a day.

Yes, I think I will slowly resume reading, I hope to be more dynamic over time.

I'm better at reading when I travel. It's been easier here because there's been so little reception and I haven't been on Hive much. Loved it. See you are reading Dune. I listened to first few chapters on audio the watched the movie which I liked. I did read it many many many years ago. I think you have to practice the habit especially with the internet distracting us!

I got the book just over a year ago AFAIK. I think I read it a bit then watched the film and continue reading it. I don't let internet get the best of me these days for sanity reasons 🤣 and I am bit asocial, not much friends which is kinda great. I have lots of time for myself & reading. But yeah, I can understand how internet can be a barrier for many esp younger people these days. It's just a challenge to pick up book and not get distracted by some texts or anything.

Good regards, I like the work you are doing, excellent macchiata, if I had enough, I would vote for your work, I do what I can, my friend, few vote for me, I don't have many resources and I do this work for the love of art, you gave me hope to continue working a big hug from the heart.

Hey @ramaco54, thanks for checking this out. I think that what you have to do is engage with other hivers out there and visit each other. You never know that perhaps they'll check out your works too and you started getting noticed.

Hello @macchiata, I'm really glad to read your post. You've given out really great tips for reading. Your honesty though 😅 I cannot deal with audio books as well. I don't know how others do it. It doesn't just work for me too.

I have always loved reading but I was always focused on romantic books as a young girl but as life would have it, I found myself in the university studying English. I knew it was going to demand literature, I just didn't know how much. I'm glad to say I no longer have a boring life, I live with a bunch of literatures😅

The sad part is that they're mostly PDFs because the book recommendations for each of my courses are a lot and I can't afford to buy them all. They stress my eyes because I read from my phone so I dislike e-books too.

My reading life has Improved greatly in the space of one year. I read different genres now and I equally like to interact with other readers that's why I decided to start putting out my reviews and recommendations here.

Last month, I volunteered to help a writing/reading group I'm part of, to lead a group of readers. What we do is recommend a literature weekly and have them submit a review at the end of the week. I write my review too and on weekends we discuss everything possible about the book for the week. This has been so much fun.

Reading is a life I don't want to take a break from. I'm excited to realize I'm not alone on that. Do have a great day!

We have so much reading habits in common 😅

yes! I don't think my reading habit is anything special. The only difference is that I move quite often 😂

It's a bit unique though. Worth emulating 🙂

Reading books is so great and it helps one to focus on it while you disengage from the outside world, especially when you don´t have to get worried about what is going on. With reading books, one gets to travel into their thoughts and mind, bringing in different ideas to oneself which to me, is the best feeling ever. Book is a therapy and I love reading.

Though I enjoy reading the hardcopy one, since I wouldn't be able to get any around me, I resort to softcopy which I have been used to. Whenever I am travelling, book is my companion and I care less about other things until I get to my destination.

There are some who love to listen to audiobooks while engaging in exercises like jogging or walking, for me, I can´t. I won´t enjoy it more like reading and grasping what is being said.

It's certainly bit more challenging when you try to read and do other activity. I just think it's net negative and except the book is something simple then I generally don't recommend it at all!

You just have to pick one and focus on it than joggling two things at a time. Even if the book is an interesting one, you wouldn't enjoy it than giving it your full concentration and pick something out of it.
Thank you 😊

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