Shadow Hunters Rock!!!! Contest 186

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It’s been a good while since I posted here and I finally found a shadow that I love enough to share. I went for a solo beach walk last week while we’re away on vacation at Jeffreys Bay and I snapped these on my phone.

It’s broken into three compositions.

My Entry👆



The first is the bright pink life buoy in the middle of the deserted beach with nothing but sand for miles. I kept thinking - who’s coming to save you? Well even with a life buoy there’s zero chance of it getting to you all the way up the beach and no other people in sight! But the shadow it cast created a haunting feeling of broken promises - fake news - a good idea with no follow through.



The second is the tracks in the sand created by a 4x4 earlier in the day. From where I stood it felt like they kept on going forever with no end in sight. The late afternoon early Spring light was just beautiful and crisp on the creamy sand.




And lastly the seagulls playing the surf with one in particular that decided to fly straight past me as I walked. I definitely cramped their style when I walked though their spot on the beach and they took to flight. Isn’t that the life!

The vastness of the open and empty beach on a weekday is incredible. It brings a feeling of freedom and openness that is so special.

Here’s to finding ourselves in some more wide open spaces with many adventures ahead.



Wonderful beach shadows! Remember to post your link on the contest post if you intend to enter the contest this week!

Cool seagulls shadows! Wish you luck in the contest! 👏 😎