Last Day at Alegria Dive Resort [Ending My Birthday Celebration Dive]

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Hello everyone!

As noted in my previous video, this is the last video of my super extended birthday celebration where we had freediving in Moalboal and Alegria. To recap, the first video was on my birthday. I think it was the clearest freediving so far for me since I started this new obsession. The sardine run was epic. The second video was the line dive training where I had a new personal best at 15 meters and a dive time of more than a minute. Those two first videos were taken in Moalboal. The third video was in Alegria Dive Resort where we explored those underwater statues.

This video was on our last day at the resort. We decided to dive early because the visibility in the afternoon the day before was not very good. Also, we had to check out and go back to the city before noon, so we had to savor the last hours in the resort. It was mainly just a relaxing morning dive.

We drifted beyond the area where the statues are located and headed south of the resort. It's not as packed with corals as in Moalboal and the terrain underwater is very different. Moalboal is characterized by a drastic drop while Alegria is more of a slope.

In the video, I was with Claire (@indayclara) and Aimee. Harjay was also with us and Christian (@sabanalchristian) was the photographer and videographer. I'm actually excited to what Claire is about to share about this freedive because they were doing a lot of stunts.

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I guess that's all for this post! See you on the next one! I have an exciting post ahead. Maybe for some, it will not be as exciting, but I can already feel the excitement in drafting that post even if I haven't started yet. I just had a rejuvenating vacation in Moalboal last weekend and I'm so stoked to share that one. We didn't freedive, we just stayed in this awesome AirBnB that shattered all my expectations. Hopefully, I'll be able to translate this excitement to you all.

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congratulations friend what a good way to enjoy life underwater ...

 last month  

Thanks! Would you try freediving some time?

 last month  

Hala.. Makapressure!!! Samuka. But yeah, Alegria Dive Resort gave us a whole new different experience than what we are used to in Moalboal. But still it was a memorable experience!

 last month  

Sure ko pang Nat Geo na imong video. 😂

 last month  

Grabe ba! Salamat po, GIF Queen!

Super nice kaayo! pa experience naman ng ganyan hehe. sama mo kami ni ate gil next time?? pede ba?? hehee

 last month  

Sige ba! Sama kayo next time. Pwede naman snorkeling lang pag di pa marunong magfreedive.

yey! sana makasama nxt time once in lifetime experience yun, sana bagu ko umuwing samar 😊😁

Wow! The pictures you've taken are superb! Hope to visit and freedive there in the future after this pandemic ends. If it ever does, huhu

 last month  

That would be hopefully next year. When there's a new administration.

grabe ang birthday celebration uy.. taas kau! very nice ang video! ma amaze jd ko aning free diving ba..unsa man ni ka lawom inyung gi langoyan?

 last month  

Super extended jud. Naabot pa ug September. 😂

Thank you, Ma'am Jean! Usually kung fun dive lang kay mga 7-9 meters ra akong makaya. If line training kay kaabot nako 15 meters. Need pa more training and pataas hangin.

wooooh grabe noh.... ang pressure kaha?di ra sakit?

 last month  

Sakit sha if dili ka kahibaw muequalize. Equalization ra jud technique.

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You look so relaxed and confident in that ocean a very nice way to end your birthday celebration :)

 last month  

Yes! I'm glad it's really evident in the video.

P.S. I'm so sorry for the late reply. I just realized now I haven't replied this yet. Was too busy with curation stuff, I guess. 🙈

Not a problem @ybanezkim26 I understand we all get busy not enough hours in the day at times. Take care and have a great week :)

 last month  

Thanks for understanding! Have a great week!

No problem and hope your having a great week @ybanezkim26 :)

 last month  

I'm having a great week! Another freediving for four days. With the whale sharks this time.

You are living the dreams over there diving with the whale sharks this will be interesting and will be looking forward to your post good luck and have fun :)

 last month  

Thanks! Hopefully I can upload them the soonest!

I wish I could go there you see it is hard to find swimming gear in my city I will buy them when I go to big cities in few weeks cause I want to learn freediving

 last month  

Yay! Please share your adventures here on Hive. If you're starting your freediving journey, you can share it on Freediving Community.

ok i will

As I told you last time, congratulations on your wonderful passion, it is very fascinating. Your videos manage to convey magic and purity. The sea offers great emotions, it is a magical place.

 last month  

Thank you so much! I'm just so happy to share this new passion here in Hive.

The sea offers great emotions, it is a magical place.

I couldn't agree more to this!

@ybanezkim26 the sea is something unique. Passions are fundamental, I have recently joined HIVE and it has become a passion of mine, on my blog I wrote an article where I dedicate a T-shirt to this new passion of mine. I would appreciate your opinion.

@ybanezkim26 Niiice!!...especially the statute down there...what's that about anyway?

 last month  

The statues are just there for divers and tourists to see.

Ohhh...I thought they were actual old statues that were there over the ages or something. Its still cool though.

 last month  

It's cool for photo and video ops especially if you can dive even at 4 meters.

Oh ok...I'm still getting good with swimming...and the weird thing is I come from the more riverine parts of Nigeria.

I'd love to learn to dive but I'm sure I have to get good with my swimming.

 last month  

You should be confident with your swimming. That's first. You should be able to float without problem for hours. Once you're confident with swimming, you have to overcome the fear and anxiety over the deep blue sea. If you're okay with that, then freediving should be easy. Haha

Nice...I'm in a new city. Right now I'm more into cycling to keep fit...but I'll switch to swimming once cycling get boring.

Oh my gosh.
Bravest thing i have seen today.

Hope you enjoyed your birthday.
Cheers to more beautiful years.

 last month  

Yay! Thank you so much! I enjoyed it so much because it was the first time I decided to have a different celebration.