Moalboal Line Dive [New Personal Best]

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Hello everyone!

This is the continuation of my birthday freedive in Moalboal. The first one I uploaded four days ago was just a fun dive. This one was line training. I'm so happy @indayclara included this in our itinerary because I attained a new personal best! I'm now comfortable at 15 meters and more than 1 minute underwater. I find it strange that I had no difficulty in equalizing during line dives, but it's so difficult during fun and drift dives. My problem is my left ear.

I mentioned in one of my posts here when I started freediving that I don't care about bragging rights and personal bests, but I think it was a premature judgment. I now realized I care about my personal best. I still don't care if someone new to freediving would say he can already reach 40 meters, but I care about my own development. Reaching deeper and holding my breath longer means I can explore underwater more and marvel at its beauty more. My next goal is to reach 20 meters and I know I can attain it soon because when I was having that line dive, I still had some air even when I already reached 15 meters.

When we were in Catmon, I was already comfortable at 10 meters, but I never thought I can reach 15 meters this time. I had no difficulty at all when I reached 15 meters thrice. They even suggested trying 20 meters or higher, but I decided to be comfortable at 15 meters first before trying deeper. It was so nice to attain a new personal best during line dives, but it's a challenge to translate that personal best during fun dives. Hopefully, I won't have difficulty in equalizing in my next dives.

This video was still taken and edited by @sabanalchristian, a very talented local guide in Moalboal. I hope you'll give him a follow because he will be posting his underwater videos soon!

Another thing that I'm so excited about was the creation of Freediving Community here in Hive! My freediving photos and videos can finally be shared in this community. Thank you @indayclara for heeding to my continuous barrage to create and be the admin of this community!

I guess that's all for this post! Thank you very much to Hive and to you who continued to support my posts no matter how trivial they are! I really appreciate you all for helping me making my dreams a reality.

Before this post gets sentimental, let's just end it here. Please do enjoy the video!

Kim Ybañez

Welcome to Kim's small corner in Hive. He is a chemical engineer by profession, but a blogger by passion. He is a wanderlust and an adventure seeker. Join his quests as he visits secluded destinations, climbs mountains, tries new and exotic dishes, and explores his country (The Philippines). He's also a trying hard photographer so stay tuned as he shares his photos and his thought process while creating them.

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Well done @ybanezkim26!

 2 months ago  

Thanks! 😁

 2 months ago  

Love it! Kudos to @sabanalchristian for the video editing! LR rjud!!!

But yeah, hopefully I can be as comfortable as you going to 15m-20m... Urgghhh. Need to pahingin najud.

 2 months ago  

As in girl! Awesomeness jud na si @sabanalchristian. Pwede uyabon? 😂 Para naa nako personal photographer. Hahaha

I know kaya jud nimo ang 15-20 meters. Sirena raba ka. Laban jud ta diring dapita.

First off, happy belated birthday, dear @ybanezkim26 ! I wish you good health, happiness, luck and love. Thank you for sharing this experience with us!
It has always been a dream of mine to take an underwater scuba diving course. Uniquely well handled video and a very fitting tune to it!
P.S. I would be very grateful if you could tell me the name of the melody to the video

 2 months ago  

Thank you so much for the well wishes! I really appreciate it. I hope you're also in a great place with good health and happiness.

Calling @sabanalchristian for the name of the background music. 😂

hala uyyyyyy,,.. superb!untitled.gif

 2 months ago  

ka Nice oy nindota gyud..😊

 2 months ago  

Kuyog na lagi sunod!

kanos ah ang next schedule kay mag file nako leave.😆

 2 months ago  

Calling @indayclara! Pwede ra man ta sa Kuya Joms sa Catmon. Dili ra need ug leave.

Nice. murag dugay nagihapon ko wa kalaag 😂

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Makasuya kaayo inyong swimming skills huhu🥺 Ninduta sa shots sa imo Go Pro oi, wow🤩🤩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

 2 months ago  

Kahibaw naka mulangoy? Practice na para kuyog ta dive. 😂

I just kind of "surface snorkel" so even yours 15 m sounds like something totally unreal to me :) Great job guys!

 2 months ago  

I just started this year. Snorkelling is awesome, but to be able to dive deeper in one breath is just another experience. I will probably still continue with scuba diving, but freediving is my favourite now. You're literally putting your life on the line every single time you dive, but it's so ethereal and calming to me.

Personal achievements are always important. It must be very pleasant to realize that you have strength, will and persistence to do it. And then other people can watch it and understand that it's a kind of example which they may follow. Of course this is my personal opinion and I really think you are great.

 2 months ago  

Thanks! I didn't care about personal bests before because I kind of contented that I'm able to dive at 7 meters, but to reach deeper means another milestone for the body. I'm always amazed by how the body is able to adapt to such high pressure.

That's a great achievement! I can't even imagine sinking without a weight belt on during a fun dive. To be able to free dive at around 5 meters is already a herculean goal to me so to reach 15 meters and 10 meters, well done! Beautiful editing, by the way, it's so peaceful and relaxing to watch.

 2 months ago  

Initially, I had difficulty in diving because I won't sink. During my open water scuba training at Cebu Dive Center, Adam told me I'm naturally buoyant. I guess it goes with practice. I find it easier to sink now that my equalization can't keep up.

It's not really that smooth going down. I told @sabanalchristian to slow-mo the descent part to look like I'm not struggling. 😂 Kudos to his editing skills.

Wow...way to make me regret moving back to Tokyo before this pandemic lol Amazing and nice choice of music!

 2 months ago  

You've been here in the Philippines? Tokyo and Japan in general is not bad for me.

Nah, I've never been there, but I am longing so bad for nature. I love Tokyo but Tokyo is a cool place when you can go out and meet people...the past year and a half have been pretty grey, no trees, no water, and not much sunlight with buildings always in the way.

I have a few good friends from PH here. The one good friend wants to go back but his kids are in school now.

Wow😍 amazing kaau! Makasuya kaayo mo ni Clara, super mermaid goals! 😍😍

 2 months ago  

Mermaid goals jud girl. Laban lang gyud ang mga underwater enthusiasts. 🙈

Your video is incredible, it is very relaxing to watch it, you transmit a lot of tranquility and that is one of my favorite things about freediving, which I hope to try sometime soon. Greetings and congratulations on your new goal, it is significant and clear that it is worth recognizing it, successes!🙌🏽❤

 2 months ago  

Yay! Thank you so much! I'm glad I was able to exude that tranquility because that's really my state when I'm freediving. I was able to let go of the noise even from my own mind and focus my breath-hold. I was able to listen to my own body as dive down and know my limits. It's really an awesome experience.

It's fantastic, the video is so attracting. Your post reminds me of my first diving. I was really nervous initially because my heart seemed being choken. Luckily, my best friend was with me and relaxed me with some tips. Finally, I reached successfully 14meter.

 2 months ago  

Thank you! I had difficulty too during my first few dives. It takes more dives to fully get the hang of it.

Imagining being underwater must be an amazing experience. As part of my bucket list, I would like to learn scuba-diving, but everything has been closed here due to the current situation... Sad we're not even allowed to go to the beach.

 2 months ago  

Really? I hope you'll be able to go to the beach soon! And even do scuba or freediving.

Thank you, Kim. Hopefully. Not sure I can get freediving here, it's expensive to pay for the diving course in Viet Nam.

Have a wonderful week ahead :)

 2 months ago (edited) 

Freediving is an expensive hobby. That's why I'm grateful to Hive for providing me the means to try this.

You, too! Have a great week ahead!

It's expensive but totally worth it. I could see how joyful when you're underwater. ♥️

 2 months ago  

Truth! It's one experience I don't want to trade with anything. It really feels different underwater.

I could feel it.
Due to my poor swimming skills and inability to dive, I missed swimming with whales and snorkelling while I was in your country. It was a mistake I regret.

 2 months ago  

You can come back when it's okay to travel again. Hopefully soon!

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