Freedive Moalboal | Last adventure in Pescador Island

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Hey, it's me again. Your favorite mermaid in town! I have only been to Pescador Island for 2 times but I've never imagined it would be might last time to see the beautiful corals and underwater creatures here.

Yes, this island was also caught in by Typhoon Odette's wrath last month. And unforunately, it was confirmed by freedivers from the local place that all corals were dead and sea creatures gone. I have yet to see a video to believe but @sabanalchristian, our personal freediving guide/videographer have also confirmed this devastating news. And this broke my heart.




Freediving in Pescador Island has always been a challenge. This little islet is open to the strong winds thus always having strong current on the surface. It takes some time adjusting to it but I kind of enjoyed swimming a few meters down where the current is manageable. It's a different world down under here too but they mostly recommend to scuba dive to appreciate what can be seen 20 - 30 meters under like sharks! Perhaps after a thousand years when the corals have grown again. 😭

Thats is all! Enjoy this video just like I do. 😉

Music by ItsWatR from Pixabay.

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Sad news to hear about the corals. Hopefully, it will grow faster than the usual. Nice video editing and the sound level was just right. !PIZZA

 4 months ago  

Thank you @juanvegetarian! True, wasn't really expecting that the corals would be wiped out too. Unfortunately, debris and roof can already be found underwater. I do hope there will be a coastal clean-up soon.

That's the power of nature. We can't really control it. We can only try to understand it and mitigate the effects.

Your last picture really looks magical. Thanks for taking us with you on this underwater adventure 😀

 4 months ago  

Indeed! Its different seeing the waves underneath it. So cool! Glad you like it!

So amazing - thanks for sharing!

 4 months ago  

Thanks for dropping by @howellnightowl! glad you enjoyed it!

Hi @indayclara, great post as always, both the video and the photos are really amazing.
I would like to ask to you something about 3speak actually. I am trying to post my first video on it, and I am having some problem (strangely enough) to add photos in the description part. If I simply drop them there, it gives some strange symbols and the photos are not uploaded. If I drop them before in Hive and then copy the string it works, but the dimension seem way too big. How have you loaded your pictures in this post for example? Sorry to bother you, but if you could help me it would be great. Thanks in advance.

 4 months ago  

Hey @aurzeq! So what I do is... write everything and upload photos on my draft using peakd then I just simply copy paste on the description part without looking its preview because as you noticed already, the dimensions are off but this you shouldn't worry about. After saving your video, the output should just be the same as you originally did in your draft.

Thanks a lot @indayclara 😊

Every time you post contents in free diving, the more I appreciate creatures underwater. Thanks for sharing.

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thats cool music! :)

Sending !LUV ❤️

Woooow!!! I am truly captivated by the beauty of the deep waters. You're like a real life mermaid dear😍

I wish I found you earlier, @indayclara :)
Love the video at the beginning and the last photograph ❤️, and pray for the corals and sea creatures to recover as soon as possible 🙏

 4 months ago  

Well, now you found me @vedarg! It ain't too late yet. 😉

Here is my collection of freediving videos:

but I do recommend the one with the whalesharks. It's my favorite. 😊

Hi, I liked your post and those are really sad news 😞