A day in my garden

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This is my first ever blog post in the #dailyblog community, I noticed this new community by mere chance while reading the post of someone I follow. It was new to me, not that this community is new. Glad to be here, hope to post here more often.

Today, as I was going about my day a friend of mine dropped by with her daughter. My friend told me that this young lady, her daughter loved plants and would love to see my plants. I took her up to my garden on the second floor and she was quite impressed by it.

However, when we were there I found a few other visitors there as well. I see the adults here all the time but babies not so noticable. This baby praying mantis climbed on my hands as I tried to show off the number of eggplants hanging from the plant to my friend. I am not afraid of insects but the way a praying mantis clings to your skin sends shivers down your spine. I have had this experience many times when the bigger praying mantis have jumped on me, but this little baby was no different.

Look at his cute little face and eyes. These guys help me control the pests in my garden. I see many of them in my garden in a couple of different colors. Green is the normal color but when they are on a vine with brown stems they acquire that color, or when they are around plants with yellow flowers, especially on the sun flower they look yellow.

Then there are these tiny green monsters that eat up the leaves of my plants. These grasshoppers leave gaping holes on the leaves of my plants. I have developed a kind of hatred towards them lately. Let truth be told I can't hate any creature really, I am just a wee bit angry at the moment.

It has been raining and rains always mean dragonflies. These little helicopters swoop down before you at great speed and then rush off as you search for your phone to get a picture. I love dragon flies, they almost always signal rain.

However, over the last few days I see a number of dragonflies around but no rain. Are these creatures also confused by the changing weather conditions as I am? We have had the hottest October and hardly any rain during the long rainy season.

Thankfully the cooler weather during the night has helped our plants to remain fresh and beautiful. The zinnias are blooming beautifully and the so are the marigolds. The bright colors help brighten up my days.

My cacti and succulents haven't taken on their beautiful winter colors as the weather swings between summer and winter conditions every day.

The ivy gourd which had been pruned heavily has been shooting out some flowers and fruits. I have not collected the fruits as I have left them for the birds. Aren't they pretty?

On the turmeric plant I found a pupa, I guess it belong to the cabbage butterfly. There are so many kinds of butterflies in my garden and I guess this is the white or yellow cabbage butterfly's pupa. The color and the design seems so amazing.

These caterpillars have been eating up the turmeric plants like crazy and all this while I blamed it on the grasshoppers. I am glad that one cycle is over hopefully the butterfly that hatched out wont come back to the same plant to lay eggs when its her time. I use the turmeric leaves to make a special sweet dish. It's made with rice flour, coconut gratings, ghee and sugar. However, if all the leaves are eaten through I won't have much to make my sweet dish with this season.

Gardening has helped me understand and appreciate coexistence. We have creatures of all kinds in the garden, pest, helpers and such. As long as the pests don't do much damage to my plants I let them be, the helpers such as praying mantis, lady bugs, spiders etc get their food and control the pests keeping their activity within manageable limits.

Life is a dance of coexistence. We live with all kinds of people, we learn to appreciate and accept their uniqueness and their contribution to the society . Learning to balance and appreciate one another is the dance of life. The faster we learn these lessons the more peaceful we are within.


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