Like a movie star for a day

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Hello everyone and hello for the first time to all members of the Daily Blog community. 😊 I hope you are doing great today.

A week ago, the company I work for organized a corporate event. I'm usually not a fan of such events because you can get a headache listening to the presentation of statistical data used to measure and evaluate the company's success, but I was pleasantly surprised that this time it was not the case. It was an amazing day for my colleagues and me because everyone got the chance to feel special for at least one day while walking the red carpet like a movie star.

The event started in the morning and ended in the late evening hours. When we arrived, there were photo flashes everywhere. I felt like a celebrity. 😊 I walked the red carpet with my colleagues. The hostesses welcomed us.


At the very entrance there was an interesting place for taking photos on high chairs with movie props.


The venue of the event was called the Avenue of stars because the company wanted to honor and thank us in some way for the great effort we put in every day by comparing us to the stars. 😊


The reason why everything was about movies is that the company I work for digitally restored and thus protected old movies that marked Serbian cinematography, and were declared a national cultural asset of great importance.

When we entered the hall, I was amazed by the beautiful and festive decoration. They made the atmosphere really pleasant.



We were divided into teams and each of the teams had the name of one of those old movies that was marked on the tables. On the tables for each of us was a pendant in the shape of an Oscar with the following motivational message:

"Thank you for the extraordinary dedication, enthusiasm and energy with which you overcome yourself every day and thanks to which our story becomes a never-ending story. Thank you, because with you our everyday working life looks just like a movie."


The program was hosted by a popular host couple who, due to their witty way of hosting the program, made us have a great time.


We had a special guest, the famous Serbian actor and director Dragan Bjelogrlic, who told us about the secrets of his success and gave a lot of useful advice. My director was very proud and happy when she walked with him on the red carpet to the stage.


We had an interesting task, to use the offered words to come up with a scenario for the movie. Some of the words offered were: customer, bad breath, umbrella, mask, power outage, electric scooter, etc. 😊


There was a lot of laughter during the script writing. We all actively participated.



The hosts then took 2 scripts from the box and read them in a fun way.


There was a lot of laughter, but also some tears. Everyone was a bit emotional when we watched the video that showed how hard we worked during the lockdown in 2020 when the epidemic started to keep everyone safe.


Many awards were given to those who excelled in their work. The awards ceremony was glamorous with fireworks, applause and congratulations.




We had a break for lunch and dinner. The food was very tasty and after dinner the best part began - the party. 😊


The band came on stage and was in a very good mood. With their performance, they moved people and brought positive vibes.



People got a chance to relax a little and spend their working day in a different way.




It was nice to see a lot of smiling faces that indicate that the company I work for makes the employees happy. Or at least that's how it seems. 😊




I am grateful that I was able to relax a little that day and free myself from work. Although I was tired in the end, I took home great impressions. 😊


Thank you very much for reading.

The images and writing are original and mine. The images were given to all employees as a gift and are available for sharing.




That looks like a grand party..indeed, you guys look like celebrities hehe.

A great way to disconnect and do something different and it seems it was really enjoyable 😉

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You Daily activities are blessed. And also, there was a lot of daily activities, there was a lots of laughter, but some tears, and also there was many awards were given to those who work well. There is break for lunch and dinner. Keep it up.

I must say, your company really values you because they thought of doing this for you.

So much joy on your faces. You deserve all that you have!

Beautiful pictures too.😃