The most active DCC members !

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In this post I would like to promote the most active #dcc members.

Of course, I'll be rewarding them with DCC token. The reward will be even better than when we do that with the contest, because we reached 1 year after the token was created and that's why I'm airdropping it now this way. Because recently I've issued 100k token for that..

Of course the tag contest is what brought for us activity. You can check the contest here !. The contest will be restored soon !


The most active DCC members are :

Those you can say are the most active in #dcc including in other social media. So, the effect of such members is higher because they promote and support DCC everywhere they can. And for that each one of them will be rewarded by 50 DCC !

There are those who are always active in the contest I run in hive :

Those are 10 most active DCC members in hive ! And each one of them will get 40 DCC !

Those are our guests you can say, not very active recently, but I found their content in #dcc. They will get 30 DCC each.

I've sent 20 DCC to each of them for participating in the Expositional collaboration !.

The tokens already sent. And I would like to introduce you to a new moderator of @dcooperation community. He's @iykewatch12. I'll be sending him some tokens also for helping me with the token/tag/community. To welcome him onboard, I sent him 100 DCC right now !

As well, if you want to help me with distributing the token, please tell me about that in the comments. I need someone to send another 100 tokens to distribute among those who will comment our entries in #dcc ! It's hard to do for me alone. And of course you'll be rewarded for that !

I've sent as well 100 DCC to @taskmaster4450 for the following collaboration : Interviewing taskmaster4450 about hive blockchain !.

If you didn't yet watch that, you can check that here :

I've sent also 50 DCC to @cahlen for supporting the collaboration with @taskmaster4450 in

So the video is trending on Modern Day Wizards :


And to make this post more effective, I'll be running the contest again.

So, let's support this week #dcc !

More than a year ago we created with @starstrings01 a great contest to support tags on hive blockchain !

We supported the following tags :

  • Community, blockchain, hive, governance, motivation, inspiration, love, life, freedom, truth , hope, peace, crypto, bitcoin, wealth, happiness, success, power, confidence, trust, faith, home, cch, hivenaija, abundance & abundancetribe, nature & ecotrain, story, education, philosophy, psychology, writing, politics, peace, money, economy, health, travel, content, curation, fun, humor, business, and game.

Let's support this week the tag : #dcc.

To participate in the contest, write about DCC token. What do you like about it ? Why people should be active there ? What do you think about @dcooperation ? Who are the people you like in DCooperation community ? What are your suggestions for DCC to be improved ?

At the same time :

Find the best content in #dcc and share that in the post, respecting the following rules :

  • Add a clickable title of the promoted post. (Please use link)
  • Explain what you liked in the post. (Quote the part you liked)
  • Tag the author of the content.
  • Use the tag #dcc to be found.
  • Create the post in DCooperation hive community
  • Don't promote other entries of the contest, but find a post to promote from #dcc.
  • It's ok to promote the post even if it's old !

For more details, check : Collaborative curation.

The best curators of the tag will get :

  • 1 place, 10 DCC.
  • 2 place, 9 DCC.
  • 3 place, 8 DCC.
  • 4 place, 7 DCC.
  • 5 place, 6 DCC.
  • 6 place, 5 DCC.
  • 7 place, 4 DCC.
  • 8 place, 3 DCC.
  • 9 place, 2 DCC.
  • 10 place, 1 DCC.

In case we will have more entries, I'll reward depending on the position the author has in the list of the winners. So, in case we have X winners, every winner will ger X amount of DCC. That way everyone will be a winner and every entry will be rewarded. ☺

As well, we have active curators holding the token, and they may reward you with more tokens, plus you may get good upvotes from them, including me who upvote with more than 30k hive power, from both accounts @dcooperation and @clixmoney. As well, we have now a good curation trail thanks to @starstrings01. You can follow it here if you want : DCooperation Curation Trail.

If you want to add more rewards for this contest, please let me know in the comments !


You can always promote someone in #dcc, and I'll check their content and support !

Let's make this initiative improve the curation in crypto community !

Join our : DCooperation Discord Server Here ! | DCC telegram group here ! | DCC - Collaborative Token in twitter !

Check the use case of DCC token here !

Buy some DCC here to support us !, Check the token on smartBCH as well !.

By the way, any amount of DCC will be doubled during the next week because I issued those 100k !

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I'm very excited and also grateful to be part of this great community. I never saw this coming at this time but I thank God for this opportunity to serve here as a moderator. I'm also very happy to see a good friend here @mrenglish . I'm sure that with the support of every one here #dcc would be amazing and holders of the token would be proud of it hence let's not forget our goal is collaboration , together we would achieve this.
Happy one year anniversary to #DCC

I'm glad this make you excited. I'm also happy that you already have a friend here. I'm sure you'll be making a lot of friends, and we will be able to make the community stronger, and we will all improve and grow together.

Yes together we make great success .

Hey my friend, @iykewatch12. It's good to see you here again. Let's do it again with #DCC

Surly we will

You are very generous, thank you very much for the tokens. Happy first anniversary to DCC once again.

Guy, let's make #dcc go viral this week, shall we?

You're very welcome. I hope everyone will be active again. I took a break to come back with new powers and fresh energy. ☺

I hope everyone will be active again.

People might just surprise you, sometimes it's cool to take a little break.

DCC's surprise made me smile.
I know I missed the last 2 weeks for some reasons, but I will try to be more active and contribute more.
Thank you.

You're welcome. I also needed those two weeks to recover. Now I'm coming here with new energy, more power and a moderator who may help me a lot with all this. And in fact anyone can do that if they have free time. I'm always ready to send some tokens to someone who will help me to distribute them.

That would be good. It'll take less of your time and it won't disrupt the competition weeks.

Happy first year anniversary @dcooperation. I have loved the community since I discovered it. I love the way it encourages curation thorough using of tags to discover quality content creators. I'm glad I'm considered as one of those who make the community active. Congratulations on your anniversary .

Also thank you for the DCC tokens recieved. I'm so elated.

You're very welcome. Let's build it, improve it, and make it better all together. ☺

Yes I'm all in. 🤞

Wow. I wasn't expecting this. Thanks so much @clixmoney. This is so generous of you.
#DCC has come along way. Happy one year anniversary. To the moon from now.

Thanks a lot. I always liked your entries and activity in #dcc. You're one of the most welcome here. ☺

We move in the next direction for the new year. And thanks for the compliments.

Wow this is massive, I appreciate you so much and the community.
Thanks for the reward.
And I'm so glad the contest is back 😊
Way to go! DCC 😅

Yeah, I forget to mention. That anyone can suggest a tag to participate in. All the way long I was trying to find active tags, and I'm glad I could do that. I hope I'll be able to find more tags to support. Or maybe we will have to repeat the tags we supported before. Let's see how it goes. Thanks for your activity here.

Oh nice! I don't know if these are tags we've done before so I'm just suggesting...
#hivepets or #pets

I will consider them the next weeks. Thanks a lot.

Alright 😊

This is interesting. Congratulations to DCC for clocking a year. Wow 🥳🥳🥳 Thank you for the token and I do appreciate it.
Congratulations to the mentioned names too 👍💓💓

You're welcome. Yeah, a year is a long time. I'm glad we're all still connected and active on the blockchain. We will make it another year for sure. ☺

Awwwn thank you for the mention, I’m much grateful for the recognition. Congratulations for your one year anniversary 🍾

You're welcome. I hope to see you visiting our contest from time to time. Or every week. As you wish. ☺

Yeah I will :)

@vikbuddy look at the fun we have here today with DCC. You can also join us in the future if you'll have time. You were one of the most active member as well. I miss your posts. ☺

Thank you so much and I am always super excited for your support and generosity. It means a lot. God bless your heart.

You're very welcome !


You are far too kind. Thank you sir.

You're very welcome !

I'm excited.

Thanks for the mention! I'm excited to get involved in the life of the dcc!

Thanks a lot. I'll be happy to see you posting there.


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I greatly appreciate it and look forward to the contest being restored. Welcome @iykewatch12

Thank you. The contest would be back sooner stay tuned.

Anticipating 🔥🔥🔥

Happy first anniversary @dcooperation. The style of operation of the community makes it unique. It helps one discover quality contents about any tag under consideration.
I appreciate you specially for the recognition and the reward. Thank you very much.

I am elated to know that the token is celebrating its first anniversary.
I am arriving the post late as I was absent from Hive these days. Thanks for the air drop. I loved this community ever since I knew this. More powers to you ♥️♥️♥️