Doubling DCC to our holders !

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DCC token exists for more than one year now.

During all that time, many collaborations were created in @dcooperation. The same was done in the tag #dcc , where so many people participated in collaborative curation and get the token for that. As well the token was airdropped to people who are doing so much for the blockchain.

In this post, I would mention all those who are still holding the token. And since I issued 100k tokens recently, I would like to double the token to everyone holding it.

So, the following table will show how much people were holding and how much they will have now.


Those top 50 holders and the amount of the token will be doubled for all of them !

But since we have new content creators join us, I will add to the link those who were active recently in creating collaborations :


I'm thankful for all these holders, I'll do my best this year to make the token more valuable !

The doubling will happen by the end of this month. Any amount you'll buy will be doubled, including what you hold now !


Join our : DCooperation Discord Server Here ! | DCC telegram group here ! | DCC - Collaborative Token in twitter !

Check the use case of DCC token here !

Buy some DCC here to support us !


Thanks again for the generosity as we keep holding #DCC

You're welcome. I will restore the contest soon as well. And this year I'll be giving more rewards. ☺

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#dcc has a future and I'm happy to a holder and much thanks to @clixmoney for your unmatched generosity.

Thanks a lot. We will keep working on it to make it greater. ☺

See you at the top. Thanks

Thank you for your kind gesture. We will keep pushing DCC token up the ladder.

For sure, we need at least one participation a week from each one and that will be already huge. ☺

Feel good to see DCC growth. Hope more people will involve in collaboration.
Many thanks dear friend..🙏🙏💐💐

You're welcome. Yeah, we will keep growing, collaborating and someday the token will pump very well. ☺

Sure dear friend! It is my heartfelt desire to see growing and pumping DCC..
Thanks again dear friend..🙏🙏

Wow.. a double up for me 🥺🥵🙈💪💃💃💃

Thank you so much, sir. I appreciate. ❣️

You're very welcome. The contest will be restored as well very soon, and we will do our best to make the initiative even more valuable to all of us. I think the rewards this year will be higher as well. I can easily afford that. ☺

Awwwnnnn.... That's sounds great. I'll be looking forward to everything, sir. More grace and strength to you. ❣️❣️

This is amazing. Thank you @clixmoney

You're very welcome. ☺

I'm indeed grateful. I'm hoping to see the contest come back again....

Yeah, it will be very soon. I will try to write it this week.

That was good, thank you very much. :)

You're welcome. ☺

This is far too generous. Thank you so much. Confirmed and received. Deeply appreciated. Happy new month. 🤗🤗🤗

You're welcome. Please stay tuned, I will run the contest soon.

I am excited already. I look forward to it sir.

Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate this kindness. Go #DCC ❣️

Thank you very much.
This is huge.

I saw the doubling and I must appreciate your effort towards the token. Thanks for the Generosity and I will keep holding it.

Thanks @clixmoney I really do appreciate. Can’t wait for the contest to be back

What is the point of doubling tokens?
Will you try to increase the demand for DCC somehow?
As I see, NOBODY really wants to buy them

What I can do about that ? I did all in my power to support creators and to make our members promote content that deserve attention. I don't know what else I can do.

I dont know either. If I knew - I would tell