Using our creativity- imagination

First of all my respectful greetings to all the community, we continue with our wonderful purpose of generating our own digital images through the use of the different geometric shapes located in Power Point.

It is important to emphasize that to perform our task we must also count on our great and enormous creativity, and for the movement we have used PhotoScape.

Without further details, let's get to know the gif image for making:


Geometric shapes used


As you have observed we have implemented wonderful geometric shapes which are very versatile for the conformation of the observed gif figure, now it is important to describe the geometric shapes used.

Description of the geometric shapes used


Now my dear friends it is important that you know some forms of fillings, therefore, let's know some examples like the following ones:

Filler selection

Among the most commonly used types of fillers are:


We have another complement of great help for the creation of our own images as is the high relief effect (3D) as you will see below:


In this way we are filling each of the geometric shapes implemented in the design of the image of our preference, and also giving it high relief characteristics as shown in the figure above.

It is also very important to remember to apply other options mentioned in the image tools such as; sorting objects (front, back, front and back), grouping objects, all this leads to our desired gif image.

It is important to point out that to give movement to our gif image we use the PhotoScape application as you can see in the following figures.



Until another opportunity.