Forgetfulness, an intrinsic capacity of our brain



Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, when we talk about forgetfulness many of us identify with the subject because it is an intrinsic part of our being despite considering it a capacity of little interest when we are young, therefore, it is known that to not saturate our brain is necessary to forget any kind of information we absorb in our daily activities.

How much information we process day after day and yet we are willing to continue absorbing all kinds of information that leads us to a knowledge of interest for our development in all senses of survival, our brain throughout our existence is preparing us to learn to forget in many occasions without realizing or without perceiving such action.

When our brain makes us replace an amount of information for another without realizing it, we can be sure that it is in its normal operation, this action we put into practice very often in essential areas for the human being such as education, remember that our main tools for capturing information from the world around us are our senses, and as we know we are witnesses as they transmit us a lot of information from our natural environment.

The nature of our brain activates the ability to forget on a daily basis, otherwise our brain would spend all its time trying to organize all the information that would accumulate over time, therefore, abilities such as thinking, analyzing, acting, among others, would be logically affected, when we learn to forget we will be able to get rid of those things we do not want to remember voluntarily.

Our memory is one of the most outstanding capacities of our brain and of great influence in our capacity of innate forgetfulness, for example, we have a type of immediate memory where forgetfulness acts at great speed unlike in the short, medium or long term memory, and it is possible that we can transmit some information from the immediate memory to the short or long term memory with some techniques that have been developed.

The field of education is in all those aspects relevant to our learning process, including our ability to forget or retain any type of information of interest to our exponential development. Further on we will be relating to some factors involved in our ability to forget, as well as the possible causes, among other aspects related to our involuntary or voluntary forgetfulness.

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This is a great lesson so far. I must appreciate your careful and painstaking analysis. Thank you @rbalzan79

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What's then the difference when one is actually undergoing this idea process of forgetfulness and when one is suffering from dementia??

Beautiful post I must say, assuming the brain accommodates everything we feed it, I guess by 20years, there will be no space for cognitive thinking
Thanks for sharing

Hello, thank you for such an important comment, no doubt our brain must have this intrinsic ability to erase some accumulated knowledge to not collapse and move to other mental scenarios, of course, there are factors that help to increase this ability to forget as the inactivity of those activities that feed our mind. Greetings and thank you for such extraordinary words.

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