Loving my favourite summoner! Weekly Battle Challenge

Recently, I took some time to compare my rental price and i was shocked on how under price my rental cards are.

To let you have an idea how underprice my cards are, a max lv4 frost gaint alpha edition is renting out at the lowest price of 120dec/day while mine is renting for 29dec/day. These prices are back in the days where dec is still worth x10 of the soft peg and people are rotating from old cards to new cards. So I end up cancelling more than 400 cards that was at least 50% lower than market. Do take note that this is also near the start of the season so the rental price should be quite low too.

As a result, I manage to get back some of the cards and I decide to keep my kitty and use it for my own!!!

And this is one of the first few matches that i use kitty and in this particular brawl match, my kitty saved me!!

Battle Url: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sm_Vnfbq6OP5EODiYoO2A2V&ref=namelessnameless


Brawl rule:

Close range, 44mana.
With such a high mana match, it is quite ideal to go for dragon deck as we can use crazy monster like titan.


Line up:

1stVoid DragonWith base speed 5, Kitty +2 and Supply runner +1 spd, void dragon can achieve spd of 8 and with phrase, it can easily avoid all attacks including magic
2ndCarnage TitanOne of the best 2nd position reach tanker, worth the 11 mana
3rdDeeplurkerWith opportunity skill and 5 melee attack, it can easily take down those backliner
4thFlagulon ReineGladiator with magic blast
5thSupply runner+1 speed to make the whole team even more insane
6thDoctor BlightOne of the most powerful monster, with ton of abilities that can use for various situation

Even with a speed of 7(-1 spd from their summoner debuff), my void dragon was easily taken down by the 3 monsters as shown in the above picture. This void dragon totally failed its mission terribly. Well, deeplurk manages to took down their tank healer as expected.

This is how the start of round 2 looks like, even my titan is already down to 4hp at the start and luckily kitty gives a +2 heal to bring it back to 6hp.

Despite titan has a higher speed than all the opponent, yet once again all 3 backliner manage to hit him and he was easily taken off even though he has shield ability! Look at how durable their titan is while my is so paper.

What is even more frustrating is that within the same round 2, after the fall of my titan, their titan still can double strike on my deeplurk. With only a speed of 3, titan is attacking my speed 6 deeplurk. Yet once again, both hit landed and he can kill off my deeplurk!

This is how it looks like at the start of round 3, and i have already considered lost hope of winning. They still have those heavy hitter like titan with double strike, deeplurk with 5 melee attack and nerissa with 4 magic attack.

With the help of poison, Titan was brought down to 2hp and my gladiator was able to kill it with 2 magic attack. However, this period was shortlive as within the next few moves, my gladiator was easily killed off.

This is how it looks like on round 4. As you can see, it is really hopeless as they still have 2 heavy attacker while i only have 2 weak monster that deal only miserable 2 damage per attack.

This is how it looks like in round 5. With only 2 magic attack, it is going to take up to 3 turns to kill angelic mandarin, so how is it possible to survive their 4 magic attack and 2 range attack with just 9hp.

Interesting, due to scavenger skill, i have gotten quite a good amount of max hp that kitty is able to heal me for +4 every turn. That means it can help me offset Nerissa 4 magic attack totally!!! With that, so it is angelic mandarin vs dr blight to see who can bring down who faster. Luckily, on the previous round, my dr blight hit manage to make him posion so the angelic mandarin took extra 2 damage that allows dr blight to kill it off this turn.

With now only 1 on 1, Kitty +4 heal can totally offset Nerissa magic attack, just allow Dr Blight to slowly chip away Nerissa 11hp until she was dead. With that, I managed to win the brawl unexpectedly!!!


I think i can make a stronger team without the gladiator. From the 6mana saved from gladiator removal, i can upgrade my front tank to be the same diemonshark while the remaining 3mana can choose scavo hireling so it can camo and avoid deeplurker opportunity. Its repair can be very annoying to the enemy.

This make me even more unwilling to rent out my kitty now!!!

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Hello @namelessnameless. Your battles look impressive. I really don't understand how to play Splinterlands, and have a few cards, but the game looks interesting.

Thanks for sharing
"Read from ListNerds*

@listnerds brought me here. It's like I hit the jackpot - Kitty! Knowledge abounds with the namelessname!

Glad to have you around!!! Cheers!!!!

voted from listnerds. Great game indeed..

Very impressive! All the best to your next battles.

Thanks a lot!!! Same to you too!!!

incredible lineup @namelessnameless and great battle. welldone to you

Thanks a lot!!! Felt so happy that i got to use kitty again!

Well done @namelessnameless great match awesome game have the best weekend

Thanks for the bless, would like to wish you likewise too.

@namelessnameless! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @benthomaswwd. (18/20)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Great game. Thanks for sharing your strategy.

Happy that it helps. That also explain why kitty is so expansive.

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

That is my favorite summoner too.