Thank you! The more people see it, the better it is. A reminder for everyone to keep an eye on his/her inactive accounts as well. And for the safety of everyone on Hive!

Exactly! Great that you shout it out! Hope the damage isn't too bad for you!

The financial damage is easily to overcome, I'm not worried about that. They were not able to get their hands on much. The thing that really made me furious is that they started copying / plagiarizing Hive blogs to that other platform.

Yeah that sucks! I used to report stuff like that to @steemcleaners. I'm not sure if that service, or something similar, still exists?

Gosh, I haven't even thought about that. But I think that's HiveWatchers now? Or am I wrong with that ...

Good question. I only recently started to use hive again after months of inactivity. I kind of lost track of it all. But im sure there is some down-vote-frenzy sort of initiative for cases like this no?

Hi, thanks ... I don't know if this is still needed? guiltyparties is already on this.