Hello splinterlords and splinterladies around the world, how are you feeling today? It is very cold now because we are already in winter here.
After I read a comment about the splinterlands social media challenge I posted recently when @sperosamuel15 said, “You must be the best in the game.”
I began to laugh because I knew that I am one of the small players in splinterlands. Don’t even know some rules in splinterland. Am just happy to be among the players.

Scave hireling is a neutral and non-attacking monster. It does not have any attacking ability and is very instrumental in battle. The repair ability of this monster makes it stand out. This repair ability is from level lowest level to the highest level, good against melee and ranged monsters.
At level 6, it has camouflage that makes monsters not attack it except if it is the only left in the battle.
At level 10, it has slow ability.

Stampede: the trample ability can trigger multiple times per attack if the trampled monster is killed

Healed Out: all healing abilities are removed from monsters and summoners.

click here to watch the battle

living lava.png
Living lava: this monster was the perfect monster in this battle because of its shield ability and the armor. h
Just like the way I thought that living lava melee might be broken in this battle; and it was broken by halfling alchemist of my opponent.
If not because of the living lava shield ability in this battle, it would have been eliminated in this battle.
If I mistakenly used a monster without shield ability as my first monster, there was no way I could survive the attack of my opponent.
My opponent used a general sloan summoner which gave additional range attack to all friendly range attack monsters.
Living lava was not eliminated throughout the battle.

fineas rage.png
Fineas Rage: this monster is not new to me any more. Fineas Rage is one of my top fire monsters that I use frequently in battles.
Fineas Rage is good to fight in when high speed monsters are needed in battles, but not good in reverse speed.
The reach ability makes this monster very versatile in second position in the battles. Second position is the natural position of this monster and when you use it rather than second position in this kind of battle rules given to me in this battle, it would not attack until its position is shifted to second position.
Though it can be used in first position in this battle: using it in second position here would result in defeat.
Fineas Rage melee was incredible, this made me continue using the monster.

Scavo Hireling: it was the best battle to use this monster, carrying out its function in every round unfailingly. Living lava would have been eliminated in round 2 or three of this battle.
Continuous repair of living lava’s armor kept it alive from the beginning to the end of this battle.
I was contemplating on how to hide scavo hireling away from opportunity monsters. After I saw the lineup of my opponent, I was very happy due to the absence of opportunity monsters.

serpentine spy.png
Serpentine Spy: to eliminate monsters with the smallest health. I knew that there would be monsters with the smallest health that would be very powerful in my opponent’s lineup, and the best way to secure victory for me was to include an opportunity monster in my lineup to destroy those monsters with small health.
My opponent was very smart by using a taunt ability monster (shieldbearer). This made it so difficult for my monsters to attack based on their abilities.
Until a shieldbearer was eliminated, that was when they started to attack based on their ability.

creepy OOze.png
creepy Ooze: since the battle required monsters with high speed; i brought in creepy ooze to reduce the speed of opponent monsters so that my monsters can have the advantage to attack faster. This is another thing I did to secure my victory.

tenyii striker.png
Tenyii Striker: sneaky from behind was my major goal.


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Credit: zdigital222
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I was very happy that you won the combat then even though you saw the opponent as a tough one
That made me make the statement but I can see I was wrong 😅

You will soon be the best anyway

thank you my friend. 😂🤣😊😊😊😊

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Good going and all the best for more wins

Thanks for sharing! - Legalizabrazil#3575

Nice report! Thanks for share.

Great win over a very tough component. Thanks for sharing.