Security Alert: Google Play Store

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I randomly Googled an @peakd app to see if they had one and I came across this app published by "Wow Developer". Now I reached out to @asgarth to aasked if they had an app and its clear.

Peakd DOES NOT HAVE AN APP. We don't know if this these apps are Secure or if they have scammy apps stealing your keys!

If you have an app from "wow deveopler" you should delete the apps and change your keys right away. I can only find these apps on Google Play not Apple Store.

I have also reached out to the @leofinance team, so they are awere aswell!
I have just reached out to @chrisrice aswell..

Does anyone know who to reach out to when it comes to @waivio ?
Or Splinterlands talk?
How about Hiveblog?



That Wow developer is the same one that has put out the counterfeit LEO Finance app as well, flagged them both on the play store. Phishy bar stewards

Yes! I reached out to the Leofinance team and they made an Announcement just like Peakd :D

I got that Leo Finance announcement, good catch!

Amazing! Thats all that matters :D

Now we just need dbuzz and waivio to learn about :D

Yeah, we've been reporting it consistently but Googke has been dragging their feet.

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Damn, it only peakd which is gone.

What do you mean? Did PeakD get removed?

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The Heck... Playstore Should act more strictly to Get off these apps from platform.. it can cause lose to many who don't know.

Thanks for Awareness regarding this. Much appreciate!

Google Playstore isn't as strict as The Apple Store, so these things can quite easily get through the cracks though.

You are welcome! :D

Apple always have more professional and better approach.. prefer security meanwhile couldn't expect more from Google.

I think its a balance. Apple can be a pain the ass to work with because of all of their security things

Shit. How did they even make it through the play store in the first place?? Google is really slacking when it comes to authenticating the apps listed on the store.

Google is less strict than Apple, but Apple is a pain when it comes to updates and their security.

So I dont know. Its just the way it is xD

Imagine the bunch of scams that are floating through its play store right now. People really have to be very mindful when using that store.

Ye true xD


Let's go to the play store and take them down.

Thanks for reaching out 🙏

You are welcome buddy!

Hoping writing a post can reach more people and the people haven't got in contact with yet :D

I use the HIVE Kaychain App on my iPhone, which has everything you need and much more! 🤷‍♂️

That is also one of the best ways to do it and be secure :D

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Thank you very much for the update.

We need to go over there and flag those apps, so that they can be taken down by the Google play store.

You are welcome and yes we do :D

Thanks for the heads up. Yes i saw the application after the announcement in the discord servers. Thanks

You are welcome buddy! :D

!giphy great work



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Looks scummy. Thanks for the heads-up.

#waivio does not have an app. This is just a scam by "wow developer".

I know! :D I just want to know how to reach out to the #waivio team, so they know and we collectively can report it! :D