Let me tease you: New Dividend Paying Index Token on Hive! Coming to HE soon™

in The City of Neoxian2 months ago

So. Hey!

I have created a token on HE called Hixt (Hive Index Token). Its going to be a very simple token, its a token you just hold and earn Hive from other Hive Projects, kinda easy and straight forward and it allows me to not do a lot of management, which is preferable for me!
I just like things which are passive or things you buy and forget about.

I do have a whitepaper, which I will post at a later date.

Its going to pay a dividend every Wedsenday at 12 my local time and the snapshot happens at 12 my local time Tuesday. Anybody holding more than 1 Hixt will be getting Hive in their wallet.

Its not on HE yet. It will take a month or so.

What I could use help to is a Logo since I am not great at that.
So if anyone does have any artsy skills, talk to me or dm me on discord cWOW2#3293

Just keep an eye on @hixt.main and @hixt.divs ;)


Aha sounds exciting 😃🤸,sorry i am really bad at design to I would like to recommend you @shrazi uncle ji 😀. I am sure he will be helpful for you.

Thank you BhattG
I am just a casual player 😅
But I will try for it...

Not going to contact him now...
but I will, tomorrow

Thanks again Mr. BhattG

Ye not worries buddy :D

Thank to you Mr. Kris 😊

you are welcome uncle ji sure will do a great job I know about that.

!giphy you can do it


So am I, so thanks for tagging @shrazi :D

you are welcome, 😋 you can send my commission later 😅

!giphy welcome


Just read the announcement in the mancave server, awesome to read you are giving a month's heads up :) lol I will probably buy some as I'm part of the CineTV team so I try to check out the projects that are being put forward in the cave hehe.

Good luck!

Yes, I wanted people to be able to look at it and figure what they wanted to do and also to gather funds if they needed that :D

Amazing!! :D

Will keep an eye out for updates and write down the date lol..

I'm really interested in this project!
I try to keep a stake in all these dividend stocks!
Best of luck on the release
can't wait to read the whitepaper!

Yay! 🤗
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I'm all about passive income and would certainly be looking to snag and hold some for Solairitas...where's the Hive income coming from, though? Perhaps that's in the white paper; if so, no worries, patience is a virtue.


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