The exciting news in the recent splinterlands update


hello splinter nerds!

I thought i was the only one getting tired of playing splinterlands and probably if not for the quest reward i won't be playing rank battles at all because the dec earned per match is not a good source of motivation, it is way too low compared to what we used to get in the past, i remember champion account used to earn 500 to 800 dec per win during the first 24 hours after season end but now just 30, so so bad!

I play tournament more and kind of force myself to do the quest just to claim the loot chest but with the recent update that will be implemented soon, looks like the uninteresting days are over and people are going to be back with full force by playing their deck!..

A friend of mine said today he is going to cancel all his rentals as he want to start playing once the new update is implemented and that made me curious what is so special about this update, i went to read the update on the splinterlands blog and i am quite impressed too and know the source of motivation is knocking on our doors, we all going to wreck havoc on the arena soon...

Reward shares

This is what will motivate splinterlands player to play more now, because there will be no more daily quest but daily focus and a particular splinter will determine how much you are going to earn from the reward chest, let say your focus is dragon splinter, your reward will be based on your wins using that dragon splinter!

To make things more interesting, every player needs to get better in the game as your overall wins will determine your season reward, more wins more rewards...

Reward cards

Another thing that got me excited is one of th ability that will come with the new reward cards which is the reflection shield


This reflection of a thing has cost players many battles, imagine using magic and your opponent use lord with the magic reflect and void, it is a lost battle if you can't kill the lord on time but now that we have monsters with reflect shield, it will ease the fear of those reflections from monsters, though one monster can not fight the whole battle but it will help!

Just can't wait for the changes but it seems it will start after the end of this season so still long but we can wait it out!

if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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well done burl

thanks my man

I am buying gold foil chao legion cards. Hopefully this will help me get more rshares.

it will, best of luck as we await the update

The dec per win is too low. I sure hope the new system keeps the players around.

it should actually, if this update is implement, who will want to miss out of the new reward card you can only see in loot chest. or who wont want to earn more loot chest daily

It is really nice Burl.

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yes yes

@burlarj if you are this excited, then this must be a much awaited update. Kudos to those who listened.

yea i am excited, thanks

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

Thanks for the update. Great information to have.

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