Have you ever lost yet felt like a winner?


There is one thing that is common in human, we love to win, no one likes to be a loser and the fear of losing has made some people not to partake or have anything to do with competition, they fear failure more than any other thing if only they know every winner have lost sometimes in their life...

It is ok to lose but giving up or not trying again is when you can be termed a real loser, if you keep losing and keep trying there is a chance you will win someday, we learn from our failures and it makes us better!

Have you ever lost yet still feel like a winner? this happen to me yesterday, so in the city of neoxian there was a poll giveaway in which the person with the highest vote wins the doot! i lost to xabi but i won three loves instead, three people voted for me and it means a lot to me, i mean not asking them for vote yet they willingly gave me their vote is everything, i was overwhelmed with happiness that i felt like i am the real winner lol...

This has happen to many of us, those who love us has made us feel like a winner even in our worst moment, they encourage us to become better and give us the super strength to compete again another time because we know even the whole world is against us, our loved ones will never abandon us and one thing about it is we will never want to make them feel disappointed so we will try our best too just to make them proud..


Which remind me of a story

5 years ago, i was trying to learn how to drive a car, i didn't go for a driving lesson, my brother just taught me the basic and what the gear, acceleration and brake are used for, even i am amazed with my confidence as i started driving the car on my own without help but i could not enter the road where there are many cars, i only drive it in my street which is free of traffic, i keep practicing that way and when i visited home that same year, i decided to use my daddy's car to practice more but still i didn't enter the main road....

I knew i was not perfect and that is why i didn't enter road but my family believed i am perfect lol, i was even teaching my brother how to drive too but still just on the free street, my mum also believed i am perfect in driving that she asked me to take her to her friend's house and i need to pass the main road full of cars to get there...

Dang! i could not tell her i have never drive on a busy road because i didn't want to disappoint her and i also don't want to risk our life lol but somehow i summoned up the courage that i can do it, i was prepared to enter the road with my mum for the first time, i drove her to the place safely without any problem, it was my first time but she never know and she was happy i took her there lol...

Her belief in me helped me to control my fear of driving on a busy road so having people believed in you gives you the strength to achieve the impossible!

Our family is our biggest support and with them around, we can achieve many things....

Just call me Burl.

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God exist, i am a living testimony
Giving up is not an option, every hustler has a pay day
Don't wish for it, Make it happen

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hehe how is your driving these days?!

i think am back to zero lol, it is useless to learn driving without having a car or working with it

true! fuel is so expensive now, you are saving lots of money too!

ahah, but still someday i will buy my own car and will need to buy fuel, but then the prayer is we should earn enough that we wont need to worry about the costly things..

you will have enough crypto then so it will be enough :)

Glad you did get the courage to drive your mom. Great going.

thanks momma

Beautiful post from you.
I agree with you that losing isn't the problem but then failure to give a try because of failure makes you the real loser.

Happiness comes definitely from persons around us, we mustn't win all the time
Atimes some persons words of acknowledgment that we did well is all we need to feel like real winners

yes it is ok to lose but giving up is not an option, thanks man

You are welcome

You are so so so right on this brother, being afraid of loosing means you have accepted to be a looser, but when you understand that you must loose to win, that is when you are a winner.

, being afraid of loosing means you have accepted to be a looser

You explained my whole post in just one line sentence, impressive!

unfortunately i was like this many years ago, i dont compete but i later shake it off and now competition is what i love engaging in mostly....

Wow!🤗 Thank you for the compliment.

Is true when we compete, that is when we would know our actual capabilities, that is "what we are capable of, at a point in time"

Competition isn't bad though, but it good to used it and test our strength and our weakness.

Every time I loose against my son on anything....

this is one of the best example, thanks!

Driving is risky but that power of believe from your mom was special. I admire your courage and you did great. I remember my friend teaching me how to drive last year, at first it was going smoothly but at one point I began to struggle and that made give up to try again another day. I haven't had another opportunity since then, I feel so rusty right now.

thanks my man, are you back to hive?

You are brave - it is great to believe in yourself as long as you are not endangered.
I have a similar story - maybe one day I will share it in a blog.

thanks momo, can't wait to read your experience

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Yo, this is beautiful and inspirational. You mean, you did not bash the car while self-learning?

i almost did once but i was miraculously saved, it would have been fatal cos it was a fence i would have bashed into and then the fence would be destroyed and the car greatly damaged and i am not sure to be safe too cos i changed the gear level to 2 in a very tight space where i had to turn lol

Oh, it was a manual transmission car. Dude, you're a winner. Very few can handle manual transmission

Not to worry, the driving will come. If you can get around without driving, you will save a lot not having to buy fuel.