The Key to My Heart

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Love is a beautiful thing but it’s more beautiful with the right person. We have all been in love before and I’m sure we all know how it feels. From not being able to sleep because all you can think about is them to wanting to talk to them all the time. But then, it starts to get to a time where things gradually start falling apart for some of us.


I believe that friendship is the basis of love because in every relationship or marriage, there comes that time where we don’t feel the love anymore which I think it’s totally normal. In such times, it’s the friendship that keeps us together. Why do you think we are advised to marry out best friends?😄

Being a woman, I’ve heard the other gender talk about how it’s always difficult to deal with us and all of that. I guess we were created to be this way so the best you can do is get used to it. I may act like I don’t really care about love and all of that but I’m a huge lover girl. Once I love you, that’s it but once I don’t feel loved, that’s it also and there’s no two ways about it. It’s best to love who loves you and who you love. To love and be loved is the way to go.

When it comes to my love language, I think that it consists of a little bit of all the love languages ,say 20% each. You might be thinking I’m weird but you’d get me soon enough.


Why would you claim to love me if you can’t compliment me everyday? As someone in a relationship or marriage, how would you think your partner will feel if he or she always goes out and gets compliments from others but not from you. Sometimes we feel more happy when we hear such things from those we love. It doesn’t take a minute so tell your partner they look beautiful.

Moving on, no one feels happy when they hear about or see their parter spending time with the other gender in ‘that way’. If you observe anything like that in your relationship then you should try checking yourself. I’d rather spend my time with my partner than with someone I’m not close to. Spending quality time with someone means you should be fully invested in what’s going on at that moment, whether you’re watching a show together or just having a conversation. Don’t be present in the body but not present in the mind.


I see gifts to be another way of expressing love to your partner. ‘Oh, I saw this dress and I thought it would look cute on you so I got it for you’. How sweet does that sound? Everyone likes the thought of their partner thinking about them all the time. Sometimes it’s not even about the gift for me, it’s about the thought. The fact that you bought it with thoughts of me makes me happier than having the gift itself.

What’s the essence of saying you love someone when you can’t be of service to them. I believe that, if I always have to tell you to do petty stuff for me all the time then you don’t really love me. Someone with a clear conscience and love for you would always want to help you with the tiniest of stuff rather than leaving you to carry all the weight. That’s what I call love.


Did you know being in physical contact with someone you love helps release stress by making you feel more relaxed? Everyone loves being touched by someone they love. Be it just holding hands while you walk or cuddling on a random day. It’s the little thing that counts. You can’t tell me you’re married to someone you claim to love yet to sleep on separate beds. Doesn’t really add up to me.


I believe love is a whole package on its own. You don’t get to do this and not do that. You’re either in it for good or you’re not. There’s no way anyone should accept half ass love from anyone because you deserve better than what they’re offering. Finally, to love someone, you have to be able to love yourself first.

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Being a lover girl is sweet o. What are all these wise words?😄
I used to think that my topmost too were words of affirmation and acts of service but I've rearranged a bit of the order because...Omo.

😂😂wahala for who dey relationship. I can’t wait for your wedding.😅

Lover girl Jhymi 👀😂

Shift from here, Chenty.😂😭

gifting is most beautiful way to compliment our loving one. When someone gift us something then we feel blessed specially me. It domesnt matter the gift is expensive or not. Sometimes a very silly gift can make us feel most special. Thanks for your beautiful post.

I agree with you. It’s the thoughts that count and we should learnt to appreciate what is being given to us.

Sonrojo Love GIF by The Valentines
That was me while reading this post
Now I’m short of words
I have never been short of words before
I don’t even know what to comment
Anyways, great post or should I say your post is nice 😂😂.

I don’t want to see my crush talk about love. My heart is shaking already 🥶🥶😫😫

😂😂wahala for who get crush.
Keep taking notes, you’d need them.

Hehehe 🤭

I was agreeing with everything you are saying till the last point. As someone that struggles with physical touch, I always thought it would be the one thing I want most, and then I’ve also realized there are days that it irritates me. Also it has crossed my mind a couple of times that maybe I should have my own room when I get married 😂😂😂

😂😂😂why would you need your own room when you’re married? If it’s to keep plenty money, that’s fine. Nothing more. You get it?😂

I don’t get it oo😂😂. I still think I need my own room. It would take a lot of convincing to change my mind😂

😂😂I will lash you, If that will help.

Yeah. You are right. You get to enjoy love when you are with the right person who knows what to do at the right time.
Thanks for sharing

Everyone deserves love with the right person.

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Yiieeeee lover girl 🔥🔥🔥😂. This one dierr unless we ask your missing rib oo😂.
All you’ve said is right and it’s important to show the person you love with the different love languages. But you, what do you want to do with cuddling? I You’re a very bad girl😂😂

Go and sleep.😂😂

Everyone is bad, even you.😂

You were just dropping words of wisdom up and down. I resonate with everything you said. Funny enough I've not even studied myself to know my love language. When I love someone anything the person does bursts my head,lol.


😂😂😂wahala ooo. This is called, madly in love.

I can study you, at a fee.😌😂

😂 😂 Yeah, at times I feel like I'm mad.

When I'm not a course. But wait, how much? 😂

😂😂but it does down eventually.

You’ll be my course. Just 10HBD

Yeah it does. But once in a while it comes up again.

You’ll be my course. Just 10HBD

I don't want 😂 😂 😂

Yours is good.😂

You might want to reconsider

I am not considering anything 😂. Unless it's free sha 😂. I don't have money


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I believe every relationship has it dynamic.... It's a matter of knowing what works and what would not work for you... However, you've made an interesting point.

What works for one relationship is likely not to work for another.

Thanks for passing by.

Every women love constant love language is word of affirmation. We always love to be complimented if only the guys knew 😂

Who doesn’t love being complimented? Not me!
It makes us happy.😅