5k PB 🥇 day

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I just finished a 5.061km running that lasted about 0hh:26mm:18ss !


Results from last week's Run and Roast Event

We had Run and Roast last week. This was the first event that I've registered as a runner, and it was very fun. I ran 10k and break my own PB. Out of 130 runners, I've finished #114. This looks awful(🙃), but considering I started running at the age of 33, while living an unhealthy life for a decade, I'm still very happy about it.

Anyways, today is 10 degrees with sun and no wind. This was like the perfect oppurtunity to attempt a 5k PB. I ended up with a very high heart rate in average, however, also broke my 5k record. (Pace: 05:12).

My target is to see 04:59 in pace, next year. Slowly getting there. Any runners out there, how long did it take to go below 05:00 pace levels for you?

[PB= Personal Best]

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I got into running in my late 40s and am now mid 50s. I am running a similar pace to you at around 26min for 5k. I really want to get under 25. I may have done it once at parkrun when I turned up late and missed the start. I overtook a lot of people, but my official time was about 27 even if my app said it was much quicker. A guy in his 70s ran 23:40 at parkrun this week, so there is potential to improve.

I can do short stretches under 5min/km, but need to build the stamina to keep it up. I think intervals should help with that. Need to get the legs used to going quicker.

Good luck with your quest for speed.

Thanks for sharing your experience, great numbers for your age group, congrats! :)