Blockchain musician star interview with stick up boys PART 2

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Blockchain musician star interview with stick up boys PART 2

Hello and welcome to blockchain musician star, where you will meet musicians from Hive, especially from the rising star community @hive-195370 and musicforlife @hive-175836. This time we will continue the interview with @stickupboys a great musician, charismatic and funny. You must have seen one of his gifs, in the video you can learn about his musical career and his experience, enjoy it.

First part of the interview:

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Great interview - I particularly like the idea that ANYONE can be a Stick Up boy!

Big up the @stickupboys !


Thank you, me too! We are stick up boys

Yes! We ARE Stick Up Boys!



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Nice one !BRO you did a really great job and thank you so much for asking to interview us! !PIZZA

Thanks to you, I'm glad everything went well, it was a pleasure talking to you and may the successes continue.

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