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Hive, I am keeping ph-fund as a beneficiary of this article with all my consciousness, within my rights, and because you give me this authority to decide for myself. Why would you have such a feature if you didn't want me to use it? I believe You will not become the next Steemit where I ran from because they were a step closer to being controlled & centralized every day. Please restore our trust in the Decentralized Social Media that you are!


First Time

I took a break from Steemit for a while and when I joined it back 2 months back, I realized there had been many developments including the fork that gave birth to this beautiful project, Hive. As soon as I joined Hive, I wrote my first piece and I admired how original content was being appreciated here and how people were actually promoting, welcoming, and inviting on this community.

Within the next few hours, my first post that I was so happy about started getting downvotes with some baseless accusations. HiverWatchers apparently flagged me even before I joined Hive and they downvoted my post and left comments what would embarrass me. In fact, their only job was to embarrass me in front of my readers. So like a good, obedient citizen, I joined their discord server to discuss the matter and ask about the reason I was embarrassed with those comments and downvotes. Well, their excuse was, their bot linked me with some group who was doing something way back and they put me on their blacklist since then. The group which I never heard of, the group's story that I never heard of, the hive that I just heard about, and the HiveWatchers who I just received downvotes from...

This was all too much controlling for me and in a way felt like Cyber Bullying just because I dared to confront and ask questions. Then they Undid what they did but never apologized to me, not even privately and they expect everyone else to apologize publically by writing an apologetic post, exactly the same way our controlling teachers would do in less privileged parts of the world! Instead of apologizing, they started looking into my 2017 posts they forked from steemit, and told me "maybe I did deserve those downvotes". Well if anyone did deserve those downvotes, it was you for bringing my content here to your community only to remind me that my content was not liked by you. I closed this chapter of my life by never speaking about it and by staying silent.

Second Time

My second episode on Hive was indirect, however, heartfelt. Another project, a.k.a. (which I love by the way) happened to face the wrath of HiveWatchers and when I started to read about the conflict more, I learned that they did the same thing with them. They undo their stuff, and they never publically or privately apologize. They do not take responsibility for destroying someone's reputation.

By this time, I was looking at my 2 weeks in this community and feeling like being controlled all too much. If it was about Original Content, the original content should not have been downvoted, and when asked, the responses should not have to be disrespectful and angry. Kudos to your efforts for the community, but you can't be always right and when wrong, the same is expected of you as is expected from people who have been proclaimed guilty by you.

Third Time

My third episode of the same sort was yesterday between April 13th and 14th. I just finished writing a piece for Project Hope and received great support. I know it was supported because My content was manually curated, and manually voted and then a curation trail followed.

It was original content, and it got as much attention as it deserved. So the people voting it actually read it and decided to support me.

I soon started receiving downvotes on my post and upon investigation, I found that OCD has some kind of disagreement on certain things with Project Hope.

Now I was officially feeling like my "P.S. Note".

OCD is another community and torchbearer of Original Content on Hive. Their sole job is to promote and contribute towards Original Content, however, they feel like doing a bunch of other stuff too.

So basically, my post was downvoted by the torch bearers of Original Content without even reading my content. I know it was downvoted out of anger because OCD did not even read my post before downvoting it.

I being an obedient small fish of the pond dared to talk to them in their discord servers only to be made to feel little. Out of the two guys answering my questions, one being sarcastic and somehow blaming me for the downvotes and the other one trying to answer properly and telling me they don't like the concept of beneficiaries taking away all my money. We as a community should strive to work together now that we have already been forked not belittled and thrown over and flushed every time we try to reason.

I want to point out why I can do whatever I please with my rewards and money.

  1. I am an adult.
  2. I am using a Decentralized Blockchain platform that claims to be a free speech, chain breaker, social media platform.
  3. It is my original content.
  4. It is my reward that Hive blockchain decided to give me.
  5. It is from the community I wrote this piece for.
  6. It is a donation, not a sale.
  7. Hive allows you to do it.
  8. If this is wrong, then every kind of reward/profit sharing or donating is wrong on the hive.

I appreciate what HiveWatchers are doing, it's hard work and sometimes you get on the wrong foot. I also appreciate what OCD is doing, and they also have the right to be angry for working so hard. But please understand the version of people who are assuring you that they are not buying or selling votes, and they are donating out of their love and compassion for the community.

I appeal to everyone, please come together, and let's make this community more understanding and welcoming. If you are a whale or a shark, please do not eat us small fishes, it is us who run through the veins of this community while you make decisions for us being the brain and hearts of this community.

P.S. I am a small fish, trying to swim on the shores, but sharks and whales keep finding their way to me...



Examples of sensationalism:

In fact, their only job was to embarrass me in front of my readers.

just because I dared to confront and ask questions.

exactly the same way our controlling teachers would do in less privileged parts of the world!

Much of this post reads like propaganda. It's pinned to the top of the PH community page. Only those benefitting from this scheme of robbing its members under the guise of 'good' have the ability to pin a post.

All they want is your money. All you have to do is say no. Then they can 'curate' and give you the full value of what they think your content is worth. Otherwise you're getting ripped off. There's no need to hand over your money to these group leader accounts. They're taking advantage of you. Many members are in on the scheme, posing as innocent members of the community. This community is much like a cult. Don't waste your time here. It's all smoke and mirrors.

This post appears to have been produced by the leader of the community himself.

I dare to confront and ask questions. So now what? Help yourselves.

thanks for your reply.
What you see as sensationalism is the true feeling one gets when he/she is discredited and embarrassed in front of everyone for something they didn't do. However, I do appreciate your time in reading this post. I have no part in the so-called propaganda, and I appreciate my post being pinned, even if it serves one's purpose but let me assure you, this is purely my own experience on the hive. My first encounter (mentioned in this post as First Time) happened when I was not part of PH, and my second encounter (Second Time) is also not about PH.

I started here with NOTHING and didn't know anyone, years ago. I produced my own brand of content, almost daily, for a very long time. Not once did I ever ask for support. People simply enjoyed what I do. No tricks, no gimmicks, nothing but that long list of posts you see in my blog and all those comments from actual people offering organic support.

My first downvotes came from the largest account in all the land. Why? I don't know. But I assume it was because I wrote a comedy piece about the F-word, and there was about ninety of them in that post. At first I was put off but instead I channeled that energy into doing even more stupid things. When there's a crash, people stop and stare, so instead of being a baby, I used the attention to my benefit. It was a blessing in disguise.

There was a time I saw what I'd consider to be unnecessary downvotes handed out to artists and entertainers on the trending page. So instead of pouting and acting like a victim, since my content was blindly targeted as well, I simply wrote a post calling them out. AND WOW did that ever piss that guy off, but who cares! So he started to act like a bully, downvoting everything I did. So what I do? I wrote a post about bullies and how soft and sensitive they are. I took some flak for a few days but eventually, it went away.

Right now this PH community is accusing others of being hateful, because PH decided to get greedy and got called out on it. Do you see me shedding tears and acting like a victim? No. I push forward, without handing out any downvotes (yet), to tell you people you're getting ripped off and taken advantage of. I could give you several more examples of the times I've put my ass on the line to call out bullshit when I see it here.

We worked hard and pushed for a more fair and balanced system. And PH wants to take that away.

NOPE. Not happening. PH thrives on weakness and victimhood. You're the perfect prey. They'll make you feel like you're nothing without them.

the true feeling one gets when he/she is discredited and embarrassed in front of everyone for something they didn't do.

But it's perfectly fine for PH to smear Hive and its members for no reason? NO. It isn't. The place isn't perfect but nobody here with a brain expects perfection.

I've been downvoted over some petty shit in my day. Yet I still managed to make all that money in my wallet and then some, all while my integrity remained intact. So why can't a big community like PH do the same? You folks are paying a coward to hide away, and he props you up to make you look like a pussy or in your words:

I being an obedient small fish

You people are bigger and better than this. PH is nothing without you. You're in control and you're more than welcome on Hive, but this shady shit PH is doing has got to go. They can support you just as easily, the honest way, and still earn fair curation rewards, like the rest of us. There's no need for you folks to be taking a pay cut just because some guy wants to pretend to be God.

Hello Project HOPE community.

Project HOPE has only been voting on posts that set their ph-fund account as a beneficiary. This is a vote-selling/self-voting scheme that attempts to use the members of the community as a shield from downvotes. Unfortunately, removing the economic incentive of this scheme has to be done with downvotes.

I've been participating in countering the scheme as a Hive stakeholder. With an exception or two for a post about a scam, and plagiarism, my hope is that these posts still receive some payout. The goal is to make the Project HOPE/Tipu voting scheme less profitable than curating posts without beneficiary set 50% to @ph-fund.

Voting on Hive helps your stake grow with curation rewards. That's how it is designed. But voting on posts because they set you as a beneficiary is vote-selling. That is more like a cancerous growth. That is why some Hive stakeholders including myself have taken action to stop the scheme.

Lol not your keys, not your crypto.

There isn't even a smart contract enforcing what these "leaders" do. Just words. No binding contracts.

You guys can keep going like everyone who believed @ned until he pulls the rug and sell the so-called "community fund" over the counter, not even allowing for price movement on the open market, which could have at least benefited those who invested.

My grandmother used to say: 你要他們的利, 他們要你的本.

Basically, it means "you want their interest, but they want your capital".

Don't trade in your inheritance for a mess of pottage.

That's all fine and dandy, but there's no need to tag 900+ people to get your point across.

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I am so sorry to offend you by tagging you & others (i know you are talking on behalf of others too)! this probably might be the first and last time I did that...

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Hey buddy,
No hard feeling when downvote comes in just like when Upvote comes. In one way there are articles readers will like and while others will not, It's all about personality and community at large.
I love your open heart to relay this message out but all i will say is, Hive has a lot of community that gives support without looking at what they will get back all they want is to give hope to the hopeless and encourage your time spent to create something. Great to see PH part of the community given support,.

Saying that beneficiaries are "too high" does not make any sense. It is a feature that is there to be used and all users consent to use the decentralized platform as they fit. I don't know much about your past history. I can't judge about those without spending hours digging into old articles. But what I can say is that arbitrary claims about using beneficiaries are simply wrong.

These HiverWatchers have done some good work to tackle problems such as plagiarism and scams on blockchain. They should stick to them instead of driving real communities and content producers away based on arbitrary reasons.

The issue here seems to be bid-botting via beneficiaries.

Beneficiary uses proceeds to lease HP and uses that HP to proportionally upvote those who set beneficiaries.

I remember when I started on hive @josevas217 guided me and delegated me part of his voting power so I could grow now that I find my place in a community and want to support by delegating part of my earnings "they give me negative votes", that's censorship, he uses power against small accounts of content creators to force us not to support a community, from my point of view I don't see it fair at all.

most of us are careful not to break the rules of this platform and I believe that delegating earnings is not a fault, your actions are based on assumptions, it is up to me to decide which user or community I delegate my earnings to, no one is forcing me.

you can try to buy my support in exchange for votes and you will see that my answer is "NO" because my decisions are based on my principles and these are not negotiable, on the other hand if you require my help for a good cause you will see that you have my support, it is as simple as that.

Well, i have been in the same shoes and recently, my downvoters came back. You have pointed out, hive is a decentralized system, i hope yo see the freedom of speech that we have.

Lets make it more welcoming, when anyone defaults or wrongs, they can be corrected in love, not by insults or by being belittled.

Your post made my day

my downvoters came back.

I can stay around if you want :D

You don't have to, i have noted that your downvote was a means to correct me and i have learnt from that. I don't even post up to four times a week now.

You are a good person, i was downvoted by another that i don't know some days ago. That's what i was addressing.


Oh my George!!

As long as downvotes exists, we are all venerable to get downvoted and I know that would hurt.

I don't know what's the solution for this. If those whales or communities are reasonable, you can reason with them but if they are not, they just do that one downvote stoke...ouch!!

I think whales have power you know...and in one way project.hope has supported new comers who write good content to get visibility and votes they deserve.

And see you are not buying the votes na...your donating it out of your writing.

I am sorry dear, it's unfortunate.

Just can you correct that project home to project hope or is there really a community called project.hope.

Well...I guess if you have support of group of people and community who can support you with upvotes to counter those painful downvotes, it's some consolation, maybe.

I corrected already Project Home is now Project Hope...

And no i dont want to counter, i want them to site down and face eachother and not treat us like kids and handle us like they do...

When i got to know about hive i've created lots of interesting articles that barely got support or upvotes i was skeptic about credibility of the platform, how low content post would get big upvotes and payout joining project.hope community actually made my stay on hive fun, i spend my previous time and energy to write good content that are plagiarized free so as to avoid any sort of downvotes, i made all my beneficiary support to the community out of freewill and not as act of vote selling.

i've created lots of interesting articles

No, they are not interesting.

Thanks for not finding them interesting, i'm sure are!

If you disagree, mention me on a particular post you want me to give you feed back on.

Hey i'm not here to compete with anyone just being myself and doing my best.
To deliver the best i can to my audience, if none of my content interest you you are free to drop some comments i'm always open to learn from anyone i come across life is simple and short we don't have all the time/room for endless arguments.
I'm only five months old here from your profile you've been around since 2018 that's interesting, i know little here compare to you.
Best regards.

I'm only asking you to tag me on a post of yours you think is interesting if you disagree. How else would I give the appropriate feedback? Now if you are just going to give me a lip service about being open to learn then shy away from the learning session when presented, don't bother with the facade.

It amazes me... i spent a few months away from here, and guess what... nothing ever change...

Each person has the right to express themselves however they want and as they wish, especially if they do so respectfully.
I make a living with my content, and I understand how you feel because I am also going through the situation of receiving downvotes. And I want to say that with each of these actions that try to discredit me, my desire to continue writing and sharing my ideas increases.

Nobody is going to take that right away from me.

It is my decision who I put as a beneficiary, as well as what content I want to share, and I find it unpleasant that for publishing on dbuzz, for belonging to a community or choosing a niche, I will be blacklisted or suffer sanctions for it.

I take it as a teenage tantrum because true entrepreneurs would make better decisions.

Keep going and keep writing, because believe me, in my vision, I recognize the quality and I count on those who do a good job in making Hive a pleasant place and attracting great new users.

I take it as a teenage tantrum

Why the insults? You, or, your post, was not being downvoted. The reward farm scheme now posing as a charity is what's getting downvoted. Has nothing to do with you or any member of PH, personally. Those are the facts.

The only ones recommending you stop talking are the founders of PH, according to their 'official statement'.

I'll never be able to understand why so many PH members, like yourself just now, can't communicate without adding in sensationalism and disinformation.

Why the insults? You, or, your post, was not being downvoted


By the way that downvote was just given to my most recent comment in this conversation, so you are refuting yourself.

If you don't feel identified, you shouldn't be offended.

And there is the proof that refutes what you say...

I receive automated downvotes and in my most recent publication, the same thing happens.

So it is clear that you do not know what is happening.

And as you can see, this comment also received downvotes. And spaminnator is in charge of Hivewatchers as far as I know ...

Deleted comment because duplicate broadcasting post due to a network error.

I never said I was offended. I simply asked why you'd choose to use insults.

I was talking about the PH beneficiary debacle. Not your own little issue where someone automatically downvotes you for something you probably did in the past and decided against settling the dispute. That's my guess anyway. Seen that happen before. It's usually no big deal. Were you caught plagiarizing or something like that?

Were you caught plagiarizing or something like that?

I have never plagiarized. And I don't really know the reason why that happens, it's not really important. I suppose it must be for publishing a couple of weeks ago on dbuzz because I did not know the platform and I understood that it works in the style of Twitter, and I assume that from there that may happen with spaminnator.

Regarding downvotes, I have received them in my most recent post. If you like, come to my profile and check because there are downvotes of OCD and other stakeholders.

So as you can see, I am not a sensationalist, I just speak with events that occurred and may continue to occur. I hope that you will take into consideration the work of users who really do not have to see in this conflict and we do not want to take part in it either.

But if it is a question of claiming something unfair, then, of course, we must notify it so that you can conciliate about it.


Okay so you said you're getting downvoted, and that's not cool, because you do this for a living. You mentioned the automatic downvotes just now that we can see on your comments, but no rewards are deducted when those come in, nor do they silence your views or ideas. I'm reading you just fine. If you don't know why they're there, you should take it upon yourself to find out.

And what you just mentioned here with the downvotes from OCD and others is what I explained initially. You, nor your post or the content is what's being downvoted in that case. It's the reward farm now posing as a charity that's getting downvoted. Has nothing to do with you, personally.

You, nor your post or the content is what's being downvoted in that case. It's the reward farm now posing as a charity that's getting downvoted. Has nothing to do with you, personally.

The point is very clear, but everyone decides to place the beneficiary that one wishes.

In my opinion, it would be better to find a solution that does not harm users who participate in a community or place a particular beneficiary. And in any case, the most objective thing would be to talk with the person responsible, trying to minimize the collateral damage that others are suffering.

And it is very personal,

Because they are messing with the money that I need to earn a living weekly [which means that thanks to this problem I am no longer receiving money that I have destined for food, payment of services, and other things, so it is something very personal against me. They are messing with my money], since I am ceasing to receive it, for a situation for which I am not responsible, this is a matter between the accuser and the accused, the rest of us shouldn't suffer the consequences, don't you think it's @nonameslefttouse?

HiverWatchers again — why I'm not surprised?

BTW: there has been a 2nd fork from Steem and it's a far less toxic fork:

Mind your, Blurter only forked your wallet and not your postings.


I don't know to to say because am speechless but trust me I am behind you.

So like a good, obedient citizen, I joined their discord server to discuss the matter

I never bothered. Was pretty clear to me that Hive wasn't any better the Steem.