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"Happy" Mascot of our project hope

Each of us who make up this excellent Multidisciplinary team that involves knowledge in various disciplines and that each of those disciplines are contributing our knowledge from our space to the topics we like the most.

Those of us who are part of the Project Hope team live in Venezuela and our CEO Piotr lives in Europe, we are all professionals in some specific area and we are passionate about the same topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, economics, psychology, robotics. , philosophy and especially cryptocurrencies.

Screenshot_2020-02-22 Steemit.png

But who are we?

I will start with my good friend @Juanmolina for those who do not know him, he is a system engineer, he is also a great musician in his blog you can find all kinds of topics related to the project approach, but particularly you will find publications related to his music, he has some good musical covers here can appreciate his great talentConfesión, King Changó - Cover (Remastered Drums), We have an engineer and a great musician.
His life in music and in his blood leads technology as a good content creator.


I present to Euclides @fucho80 a great man of God, I study to be an educator but he could not finish that praiseworthy profession, however I get a degree in Theology and he is currently a Pastor in a church, he is a great noble man, like all of us learning Every day something new, an excellent content creator and leads an alternate project @hope.venezuela to help people in his community and the church where he is a pastor. I admire your great dedication to your Faith to your family to your church and to this great opportunity that Steem offers us and this project.


My dear professor and colleague, Mr. Pedro Brito @pedrobrito2004, he is a professor at the Central University of Venezuela teaching the subject of Research Methodology, in addition to sharing the passion for the issues we discuss in our community, we also share something that I consider great and is to educate and transmit our knowledge, it is a great honor to have Pedro in the team.


I present my namesake José @jadams2k18 is a professional like Juan, is a System Engineer, they share the same profession. Great writer with fantastic stories and very well developed, his passion for writing and for the blockchain has no limits, an excellent gameplayer of steemmonsters and other games created in the Steem blockchain.


From me I will only say little but precise, I am a public accountant, by vocation I am an educator, in another prestigious university in Venezuela, It is called Universidad de Oriente UDO its acronym. Proudly married with two beautiful daughters, constantly *** "In constant evolution" *** learning every day Blockchain totally passionate about technology and artificial intelligence and philosophy, I also carry a project called steemfamilyhi with the account @topfivefamily to support good writers in my country with a daily dynamic called #toptres.


"Happy" Mascot of our project hope, I think we are the first community that presents its pet, it is (little puppy dog): I travel with @crypto.piotr and Piotr's wife, from Malaysia to Poland and between them they keep him healthy and strong. you can visit his instagram Happy.maltipoo


But absolutely none of this was possible without the help of an excellent direct and CEO that bears the username @Crypto.Piotr.


Image created by @sawcraz.art

Friend of all.

It is the mastermind who drives this team, thanks to his support for the way of his leadership, many of us are better and better on and off this platform, the unconditional support we have received from Piotr is selflessly and that support It has helped us to transcend from Steemit to outside the platform by carrying out philanthropic labors from many aspects, each one from where we live. Our goal as a team, are definitely common to our commitment to each of the participants of our team and to all who are gradually joining to share our interests.

I invite you to be part of the project is very easy you just have to subscribe to our community and share the passion for artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, economics, psychology, robotics, philosophy and especially cryptocurrencies etc. .

Community Steemit Project HOPE Id hive-175254

Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.

Please Visit Our Website

Join Our Telegram Channel

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Imagen creada por @sawcraz.art

Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In constant evolution".

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Dear @lanzjose

I absolutely love your introduction to our team. Seriously amazing. Post resteemed already.

ps. you forgot about our project.hope mascotte (little puppy dog):

He's name is "Happy" :) Travelled with @crypto.piotr all the way from Malaysia to Poland and is helping me to stay sane and normal :)

IMPORTANT: Link to project.hive community is wrong - it direct us to beta version.
Correct one: https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-175254


Wow. Wow. Wow. We really do have a great team @Project.hope. I never really knew that we even had a professor on the team. Above all, we have well educated and rounded leaders. Thanks for sharing @Lanzjoseg and thanks for putting this great team together @crypto.Piotr.

 3 years ago  

Hi @gandhibaba

We have actually 3 professors within our team. @lanzjoseg, @jadams2k18 and @pedrobrito2004. Also we have one pastor (@fucho80) who is taking care of small church :) Quite a nice combo, right? :)

Cheers, Piotr

 3 years ago  

Greetings guys!

I worked at the Bolivarian University of Venezuela as a professor of Basic Informatics for a year.
In my years of university studies, I was a "preparer" (the university paid me a scholarship to teach my own classmates) in physics and computer science as well.

 3 years ago  

Wow, I was also a math and statistics preparer.

That was in my second semester of college, they also paid me to teach my classmates.

Wow. You're great. Interesting.

 3 years ago  

Did you see how many things we have in common?
We are Venezuelans, University Professionals, Family Guys, talented writers and above all: we are super handsome guys! LOL

Wow. Brilliant! You're a great guy. You guys are really well educated.

Wow. Brilliant! You're a
Great guy. You guys are really
Well educated.

                 - gandhibaba

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

 3 years ago  

We are simple and humble people, dear friend.

@Crypto.Piotr thanks for sharing the additional info. Cheers!

Yes, I used to be a teacher too. At the university and some schools.


 3 years ago  

I love it @lanzjoseg

Already pinned this post on top of project.hope HIVE.

I've noticed that you wrote "Community beta.steemit". Beta? Why beta ? ;)

Also both links to our community are wrong (both redirecting user to beta version of steemit).


 3 years ago  

Hi friend @crypto.piotr.

Thanks for the comments, they have already been corrected.


I loved reading the hope project, those images are spectacular and the pet happy a beauty, I fell in love with the pet. Project HOPE @lanzjoseg. Nano is my team mascot. They are clearly a spectacular team

@crypto.piotr, @project.hope, @cyberspacegod, @achim03, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @neavvy, @juanmolina, @jadams2k18, @machnbirdsparo, @honarparvar, @guruvaj, @alokkumar121, @edgarare1, @flash07, @djennyfloro, @gandhibaba, @reverseacid, @yonnathang, @mariusfebruary.

Me ha encantado leer el proyecto hope, esas imagenes son espectaculares y la mascota happy una hermosura, me enamore de la mascota. Nano es mi mascota. Son un espectacular equipo.

It is great to meet all the members of this beautiful project, I am grateful for the support they have been able to give me in my blogs. I want to congratulate not only your work, but also the fantastic illustrations in this blog. A hug for the creator of smiles (Happy) I did not hesitate to follow him. Greetings, many successes to all.

 3 years ago  

You do a valuable job @equipodelta. The Venezuelan community has received a lot from you. Thank you.

 3 years ago  

Hi @equipodelta

Thanks for those words of encouragement, I congratulate you for all the great work you do in the Venezuelan community.

That's really nice to know about your core team and so well presented.
Honestly I am not much aware of your activities outside of Steemit, so can't really comment on that, but still I am sure you must be doing something meaningful, keep up the good work. I am here for any assistance ever required in any way.
I am still getting used to the community thing. Yesterday I made a goof up, so going slow on it.
Wishing you guys loads of success and a thriving community :-)

 3 years ago  

Hi @nainaztengra, thanks for your words.

One of my activities outside of Steemit is to promote this platform in spare time within the university where I teach.
Another way is that I also use the platform to publish students' grades, every time I do an evaluation.

Link: Notas del 1er. taller y 1er. Parcial Gubernamental Periodo 1 - 2019, Sección 40 y sección 98

Thanks steemit I also do social work, I never write about it, because what I do with my heart I do without advertising.

In the midst of my own needs I have always known that, where one person can eat, two people can also eat.

Greetings I wish you a good day, from Venezuela

Good job guys. I wish I had the time to delve more into your project, and perhaps contribute in other ways than delegation alone. Good luck 🤞

 3 years ago  

Thank you for your encouraging and supportive words @nomad-magus

Your delegation helped us greately to start up with this project. And for that I will be always grateful :)

Cheers, Piotr

 3 years ago  

Dear @nomad-magus

Thank you, thank you very much for your support indirectly, even if you don't believe it with your delegation, it helps many people like me and everyone on the team.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Dear @lanzjoseg, i am supporting your community as much as i can, because unfortunately this coronavirus is hurting my business and now i need to recover from it, of course it was worse if i was infected too, but the situation is not nice, how is the situation in Venezuela?

 3 years ago  

Hi @intellihandling

Would you mind sharing with me in what way is coronavirus affecting your business? It's obvious to me that most of people around the world will be affected one way or another. And many businesses will fail.

I for example co-own an online store where we sell laptop and phone accessories. All made in china. Soon we will have nothing left for sale :/

I wonder what's your business and how is it affected?


Dear Piotr, i started a quite big business in China in a chemical factory near by Vietnam, but now all is holded and my work cannot be completed and of course got my money back.
Now i am in Italy and i am looking for some work to survive, but now the situation here is going worse, thats why i am so concerned about this virus, thats why i made this post:

 3 years ago  

I'm sorry to hear about your trouble buddy

I'm also suffering like crazy. I'm co-owning 3 small online shops selling laptop accessories and it's all made in china. Shit times ahead

 3 years ago  

Dear @intellihandling

Thank you for your comment, that is already a great support for me to know that I dedicate a little of your time in reading my publication, it is great and I know that for many others like me it is also great for everyone to read our publications.

Thank you for asking for Venezuela, thanks to that question I will make a publication, but keep saying, that the situation in Venezuela is getting worse. the criminals who occupy positions in the government are increasingly degenerated with the population. They use very cruel methods.

One of those methods is to cut the water for many days even weeks, and they do so consciously.
These kinds of things do these rulers, against the population.

I am sorry to read what is happening to your company, because of the virus.

What an amazing team. It is impressive to see different people form different fields coming together for a single purpose of growing a community and investing in people.

 3 years ago  

Thank you very much.

Definitely have got a great little team! Fun fact, Piotr is one of the people that kept me on the platform in the beginning. I was trying to find some traction and wasn't entirely successful. I wasn't planning on giving up exactly but I was certainly slowing down on my activity. I found Piotr's posts and found my first of many communities here on the platform, and have since tried to stay in touch every so often. You've got a great leader at the helm, he's an excellent organizer of people! I try to help you folks out when I can with the meager votes that I have, so keep it up!

 3 years ago  

Love that fun fact @cmplxty :)

I try to help you folks out when I can with the meager votes that I have, so keep it up!

Perhaps you could consider joining our project.hope hive: https://steemit.com/trending/hive-175254

I would gladly support your content with some stronger upvotes whenever I can. Especially if you would decide to post within our community (assuming that topics will be related to our interests :)


Its nice to know about your core team and what you are set to achieve. I will pin this post.

 3 years ago  

Hi @kebieri123
Thank you, we are doing the best we can to boost steem, thanks for visiting my post. I hope you can visit our community.

Thanks for introducing this team. Great to see some real people and what they do.

The ideas for this community are awsome - I really HOPE we make a better world to live in by working together and utilising technology to the world's benefit.

 3 years ago  

Hi @awah

Thanks for visiting my publication.
This is our goal to publicize on different topics related to everything we like and unites us.
I hope to see you as part of our community.

Hello dear @lanzjoseg, thanks for the description, very successful.

Great publication a very good introduction to our project, I am an admirer of your work, you are a man with a great vocation of work, very disciplined, an exemplary man with the family.

I am very happy to work with this great team, they are exceptional in everything, it is a privilege to have met you here.

You have all my respect and admiration, thanks for this gem!

 3 years ago  

Friend @fucho80. This publication is dedicated to you and is to make known who we are in our project.
It is a great honor to be with us.

Greetings to your beautiful family.

Gracias amigo, me alegra mucho haber llegado a esta plataforma, esto me ha dado muchas satisfacciones.

 3 years ago  

Dearest friend and brother José Gregorio:

You have managed to move me with this post.
I hope that other people understand the feeling of brotherhood that unites us. It is much more than just work, it is more than just writing and publishing. Between us there is a beautiful friendship.

I feel happy to belong to this beautiful team.

Thank you for this very emotional post. I loved it!

Your friend, Juan.

 3 years ago  

Dearest friend and brother Juan Molina

In this digital world it is very difficult to have a friend. But this project has shown that if you can digitally have good friends. It seems a lie that living so at the same time is far away.

But here we are to help us in a small digital distance.

Greetings friend.

 3 years ago  

Yes brother. That feeling involves the whole team.

Thanks for the presentation :)

I have enough appreciation for all the help they have given me to learn to work on this blockchain and for sharing with me their experiences to correct me and prevent me from making more mistakes than would be acceptable.

 3 years ago  

Thank you friend @pedrobrito2004 for your noble words.
I am always at your service to help those who need it, and if it is so that I can correct some mistakes, count on me. It's a great honor to have you on the team.

 3 years ago  

My support, we must take steemit to the world. #steem #posh #steemit

Great introduction to team thanks for sharing this our beautiful community project.hooe it is important to know the lead team this helps to improve our knowledge

Great team ! any road map for 2020 ?

 3 years ago  

Great question!

Maybe our coach@crypto.piotr, could answer it.

 3 years ago  

What a nice post! What a nice presentation! What a great Team!

A big hug to all of you...

 3 years ago  

Thanks friend @achim03. You are also part of our team.

Thank you for all the support you give to many Venezuelans.


 3 years ago  

You´re our real friend! I appreciate you @achim03.

Thanks for the introductions. I'd met @crypto.piotr quite a while ago, and have been following ProjectHope since its inception.

It's wonderful to finally see the "faces" behind the most prominent names involved in the project, and to learn more about you all and how you are involved.

All the best!

 3 years ago (edited) 

Dear @majes.tytyty, Sir.

Thanks to your Vocab Practice series, I was able to obtain grammar resources to improve my writing a bit. That was how I met you.
Over time I learned to appreciate you much more. You helped me once when I got sick. You are a gentleman and a great person.
God bless you.

Thanks for your kind words. I did not realize how much I had helped you, so I appreciate hearing from you. I too have always looked forward to your input.

All the best!

 3 years ago  

I appreciated it.

 3 years ago  

Hi @majes.tytyty

I'd met @crypto.piotr quite a while ago.

Wow I hope to have that great honor of meeting him and his wife and the mascot of our team.

And have been following ProjectHope since its inception.

Thank you for following us and thanks for the support.

You are also part of our team. by people like you this project goes on.

Greetings friend.

My pleasure. As for the "Piotr family," I met Piotr a number of times, and I met his beautiful wife once. I never met the mascot, but I'm sure he is also a wonderful being. :-)

I loved this community from the first day, having different people from different fields having the same goal.

Nothing beats investing in humans and that is what this team has been doing. I am glad to be a member of this exciting community. If you want to have a taste, then write a post related to the community purpose and you will wish you had loving people like this since you came into steemit.

 3 years ago  

Hi @futurekr

Thanks for your words.

Having different people from different fields having the same goal.

I give you all the reason in this sentence.

Thanks for the paoyo. friend.

Thank you @langzjoseg for introducing the members of the great @project.hope team.

 3 years ago  

Hi @hairyfairy
Thank you for visiting my publication, we are at your service for any questions, I hope to see you as part of our community.

Good to know a bit more of you. I am myself a Sys Eng too... but I play a role into a particular side of the IT, which is HPC (High Performance Computing).

Diverse team... That's usually a really big advantage. Looking into the future, seeing a team grow like this, it would continue to help diversifying the skills of the team, such as on, finance and others.

Some of you already have "in some extend" knowledge with "government"/"politics", so that will become in handy, on the growth continuation of such team.

I will be around as usual =) Blockchain is my hobby (fortunately for me, I can make of it a hobby).

 3 years ago  

Thanks for support us dear friend @forykw.

 3 years ago  

Hi @forykw

I am only pleased to know that you will be close, thank you for all your support for all of us in this community and in this family of friends that we are creating.


Thanks for the memo and this nice introduction post guys! It’s good to know who are the core members of this project. Good luck and keep up the goof work!

 3 years ago  

You´ll always welcome to Project Hope.

 3 years ago  

Hi @lion200

Thanks friend. for visiting my publication and for your good wishes


Excelente me gustó mucho son venezolanos, me gustaría compartir con ustedes tengo unos amigos, que me gustaría aportar por mi cuenta sus conocimientos uno es músico, el otro es dibujante de retratos y el otro profesor de la Universidad Central tiene varios libros que ha publicado, me gusta mucho su proyecto de esta comunidad.

 3 years ago  

Introduce him to us, please.

Excelente me gustó mucho son venezolanos, me gustaría compartir con ustedes tengo unos amigos, que me gustaría aportar por mi cuenta sus conocimientos uno es músico, el otro es dibujante de retratos y el otro profesor de la Universidad Central tiene varios libros que ha publicado, me gusta mucho su proyecto de esta comunidad.

@lanzjoseg Extraordinary👏 great people all.
Reminds me of the first time I joined the PH community. At that time, if I am not mistaken, there were only 112 members, and now there are more than 300 members.

Thank you for introducing yourself to us. To get rid of my curiosity why 2 people with names

@achim03 (MOD) @thetimetravelerz (MOD)
not introduce himself?
@aceh.point and @block.token

There are many highlights in this publication where they introduce this fabulous team.

The first thing that caught my attention when I started reading the post is that the content that will be taken into account is largely educational, including the economy, philosophy and the study of cryptomoney.

The profile of each of the users that make up the team inspires a lot of commitment, there are systems engineers, public accountants and educators, I think there will be a lot of harmony and respect within this project.

I can tell you that I am an oil engineer by profession, I worked for 3 years as a drilling operations engineer at Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and I am currently a university professor at the Universidad Experimental Sur del Lago Jesús María Semprum (UNESUR) located in the south of Lake Maracaibo.

I hope to be able to contribute satisfactorily with my knowledge in petroleum engineering and calculus in the publications that I bring to this promising project. The topics that I am dealing with may be related to petroleum economy, calculus-oriented education and mathematics, and since philosophy is included I will gladly publish topics on philosophy that also fascinate me.

Any recommendation or guidance to me from the #ProjectHope team would be greatly appreciated, I would especially like to thank Mr. @crypto.piotr for orienting me to the guidelines of this community. Greetings

 3 years ago  

Please, dear friend @carlos84, bring us your valuable work.
Feel free to share in our hive.
I see that you already know the guidelines to participate. Welcome!

 3 years ago  

Dear @carlos84

Excellent friend and colleague, it is good to see the professionals who are inside this platform, please we would like to know about your work and if it is related to what we are passionate about. We hope to see that work.


Greetings friend @lanzjoseg.

They are a wonderful team. I can attest to their work and dedication in every activity they do. Willing to help anyone who needs it.

Thank you very much to Mr. @ crypto.piotr for giving me the opportunity to be close to you.

Successes and that the project continues to grow as it is doing. Greetings!

 3 years ago  

You´ll always welcome, dear friend.

 3 years ago  

Hi @yonnathang

Thank you, friend, for your words, and thank you for also being part of this project.


Hey @lanzjoseg!

I've just shared this wonderful article to twitter... my alt account on twitter because my primary got hit with dmca copyright complains out of bad fate I assume. This shows what is wrong with all centralized social media platforms. Bot's reacting to "reports" and a platform being willingly obedient to regulative stuff, in this case mostly coming from the EU, in anticipatory obedience.


However, enough of that! Of course I upvoted (well tbh I'm all over the project.hope curation trail via steemauto...) and I've resteemed this article here!

Brilliant team you have there and gawd such a wonderful project!



 3 years ago  


Thanks friend for posting my post on twitter.
Also thank you very much for stopping by and leaving these words of encouragement, and for all the support you give us to our project.

It is a great honor that you visit my publication.


Hi @lanzjoseg,

it's my pleasure Sir! I enjoy the publication in this group very much!


 3 years ago  

Hello Friend @doifeellucky.

Did you meet our puppy pet?
Curiously, I met you for a post about your pet. I never imagined at that time that you also wrote about the main themes of our community.

I thank the destination that you accepted my invitation at that time, because now you are one of the few members that participates in all phases of the project. You are a delegator, writer, trailer and over all: good friend.


Awe Juan!

Hugs back my friend! I really love what you guys are doing here! It gives me hope, how fitting for @project.hope, that you can do wonderful things on this great #steem ecosystem!


 3 years ago  

Thanks Man!

I pray for the people of Venezuela to resolve conflict and find your way out of poverty and social communism. Many of the topics of interest here will put the knowledge in the hands of the right people to reshape your economy and bring hope to tens of millions.

 3 years ago  

Your words are full of knowledge and give us hope.
Thanks for the support, I really appreciate it.

 3 years ago  

Hi @affiliate3pct
Thank you for these words, my friend ... all of us who are still in Venezuela and who are good people fight every day to get out of these communists, it will not be easy, but I hope that we will achieve that.
From my square meters every day I tell my students that Venezuela will be better than before, that this nightmare will pass.

The hope of the Venezuelans libre is very great.


#ProjectHope this is a wonderful project that is based on the wave of our new world that is directed towards the hope of a world in need of helping our planet and all people . The most important thing to see is The entire world will prosper ahead through the abundance of riches of help and hope . All the best ahead to all.

 3 years ago  

You´re so kind. Beautiful words. Thanks!

You are welcome and all the best to you and through-out towards the great Hope for all the world that help is on its way, #ProjectHope

heheh, Piotr promoted to CEO && mastermind in one go :p

moving on up in the pond ... so when is the Piotr-for-witness campaign ? :D

Still strong in Venezuela , i see ... it's all out of the news but i assume the situation overthere won't have actually changed much. Such is the way of Media ...

with network-marketing shifu at the wheel i suppose you'll see some dollar coming in lol

great !!!!

Nice to meet you! Proud and happy that it is Venezuelans who carry this initiative forward. I congratulate you and encourage you to continue sharing with us your ideas! Thank you!

 3 years ago  

Hi @esthersanchez.
You are always welcome.
Talented musician, that you are. Countrywoman of mine, by the way.

Hope for Best this 'project hope'
I am also fan of knowledge and want to know the new.

 3 years ago  

Feel free to post using our hive. You can join our group of talented members.
Maybe you could set up 20% of your payment for @ph-fund and receive more rewards.

Helllo Guys! I am happy that project hope is really pushing through! re steeming here!

Hello there! Guys!

Wow! Thanks for the mention :D

Btw, I just found out that it's spelled systems engineer, with an "S", I've always written it in the singular... hehehe

Hmmm... I'm the only one hairless of the group (The bald one)? T.T

thank you all project.hope team member and I joined this this project team.

A complete team with various fields of scientific discipline will make the strength of the project hope more solid. This is a form of work synergy that will be able to provide many influencers at every step. I am sure with a solid team that will be able to brave all the leaders and achieve success.
Thank you @lansjozeg, @crypto.piotr and all the team.

Since the first day i joined project.hope i haven't regretted my actions. Having a community that work with the goal of improving it members in the midst of several other communities that do not care is a great one.

It is nice to also meet the team behind the project. They are often very active on members posts and they keep this community alive.

It is certainly a great team, and the support for many beyond the platform is evident. This project promises to be even bigger, I am happy to be here Professor @lanzjoseg.

No doubt that this would hardly be possible without the presence of @crypto.piotr. I hope someday to be able to agree with everyone, I have faith that it will happen at some point.

By the way, really the images used are simply great, it's a great artist who made it, congratulations for that. @sawcraz.art you are big artist...
I think it's the first community that even has a pet he he he
My respects to the team.
My support.

Project HOPE is a good communities

Hey @lanzjoseg, here is a little bit of BEER from @cloudblade for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Excellent team. I hope the successes are more every day.
Best regards
@crypto.piotr and @lanzjoseg

Bueno, he leído todo el contenido incluyendo sus comentarios. Estuve en el discord pero hablé solo, jajaja. No entiendo mucho de que trata, pero veo muchos paisanos dentro y voy confiado.

An excellent presentation of the team, @lanzjoseg.
I leave my support with my best wishes for growth
dw Project Hope
And Happy is beautiful!!

Great work. And that KS can't wait to see the new future of this world and what we can create...

Killer work. Voted sharing and following you. Appreciate your efforts and vision.

Hello, @crypto.piotr. This is a great initiative from you.
I have been away for a long time.

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