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Finally, after a long wait, the communities arrived at STEEM, and I must say that they represent a very favorable change for the platform, adding some functionalities that did not exist and improving the existing ones in terms of ease of use.


Initially for some it can be somewhat confusing, however, once you get familiar and explore all the functions, you realize the significant advantages that come with this "new version" of STEEMIT.

I offer a quick and practical introduction to the new STEEM BLOCKCHAIN ​​communities, I invite you to join me on this tour.


In the work I show you, I focus mostly on the communities and their new functionalities.


When we enter the main part of the front end of the steemit platform, we find the different functions offered by the platform, first we enter the BLOG part, in it you find all the publications that you have forwarded, then you find the answers to your comments, the communities and the notifications, being these last two functions on which I want to focus my explanation.

The notifications are some of the innovations that the platform brings, representing one of the very useful elements that arrived with the communities, making navigation and interaction with other users easier, for me a very successful inclusion.


When entering the section of communities, we will find in the upper left part of the interface, all the communities to which you have subscribed, by clicking on any of these names you have access to any community, either to read the publications, comment, vote, even to post from one of them.

I generally publish in the Project Hope community and I will access it to continue showing you some functions.


Once you are in the community you chose, you will find the following in a very organized and pleasant way:

On the left side of your monitor the number of communities to which you are subscribed and at the bottom of it a text that says EXPLORE COMMUNITIES, which we will access after this, in the center part the publications that are in trend of this community or those that are anchored at the beginning, on the right side of your monitor all the information regarding the community.


Once you enter to explore communities you are in the central part all the communities located by ranking, if you scroll down you can find the community of your choice and the position in which it is according to the ranking of communities.

At the time of this publication, our Project Hope community is ranked number 11 of the constituted communities, for me a very good position.


Then there is the position of the communities by number of subscribers, and by the time of this publication our community occupied the position number 17, with 338 subscribers, it would surely increase rapidly.


In my opinion, the grouping into communities facilitates navigation through the platform, very missing elements were added in the ecosystem, notifications, creation and publication in different communities was like condensing in a small space all we need to publish and interact with the other members of the communities.

Let me know your opinion!

PROJECT #HOPE An Initiative to give hope!

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This is a really expository and an all-encompassing beginner guide everyone would like to read to have a first hand ability to explore this chain. Nice work.

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Do you know what I miss? The option to enter my "Feed".
With these updates, this option disappeared.
Although you can add "/ feed" in the address bar of your browser to access.

Nor can I find the option to change my avatar image and cover image. I don't know where they went ... lol

Finally I invite you to review steempeak. Have you seen it lately? It is super renovated. The "Explore" option they added is sublime.

Here you have a printscreen so you have an idea.

This is how it looks


Friend the option of "my feed" is just when you enter the communities, in the upper part where it says "my friend", there are you enter and you get the publications of the people that you follow and follow you.

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Thank you my friend.

Excelente trabajo

Gracias amigo!

Good summary and very good idea to make a post of explanation of how to enter the use of communities.

Thank you friend for your kind words.

You're Welcome!

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Solid introduction @fucho80.

Resteemed and upvoted :)

Thanks leader!

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@tipu curate

Thanks for sharing this, it really going to be helpful.

Thanks for sharing this, it really going to be helpful.

Hello my dear @frederickbangs, thanks for being here. I hope it is useful for some people who benefit from this publication, that is the ultimate goal

great introduction, i found it interesting

Thanks for reading and dropping this comment.

From what I have read in your post, this means that communities like this will really favour newbies like me.
I have joined projecthope and i really hope that it treats me right (smiles).
Thanks for sharing such an insightful post.

I have joined projecthope and i really hope that it treats me right

Hello friend @eni-ola, welcome to this community I hope you feel comfortable sharing with us, that we can read your work and interact with that content.

Welcome and thanks for joining the project.

Very useful information shared great for beginners who want to start using community features on steem blockchain.

Very useful information shared great for beginners who want to start using community features on steem blockchain.

Right friend, I'm glad you like it and I hope to help those who start in this medium.

Excellent approach to the new changes that have taken place, in particular I have the same philosophy as you, in the sense that every change has a sense of demand in terms of adapting the environment.

The only detail that I get to these new changes in the interface of steemit is that to enter directly to the part of followers, you must first enter the communities, then click on any of the communities, and at this point is that you can enter by clicking where it says My friends, I don't know if suddenly there is a faster way to reach the followers (my friends), but good is the only detail that I have achieved to the changes of the interface, greetings @fucho80 and in general I think that the communities thing will give a little more organization and sense to steemit in comparison to all those messy tags we were working on.

Correct @carlos84, I think this brings more organization, in my opinion it facilitates the work. With regard to the Feed (friends) it is the only way there is, apparently, just as you have not found another.

Thank you for your valuable comment.

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Wow friend that well this publication I gave resteem so that other people also understand, Greetings.

Thanks for the support friend!

hi @fucho80

Your information is very useful, it is a good guide for them to learn to move within the communities section, concise, light, easy to read and fast, good work.

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Thanks for taking out time to give out such detailed explanation, really helpful.

Thanks for taking out time to give out such detailed explanation, really helpful.

Hello, thanks for being here, I am very happy that this publication can be useful.

Thanks. Resteemed to look for look at a later. I've been mean to explore communities.

Hi, I'm glad to help you.