PROJECT HOPE is seeking support during these difficult times

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obraz.pngThere has been so much said lately about the recent conflict between Justin and 'Witnesses'.

And I've been watching these events unfold with eyes wide open.



... Almost terrified to see what's happening to our beloved STEEM blockchain.
At this current stage, the upcoming fork seems to be absolutely necessary. And many users seem to be willing to fully move to a new HIVE chain. Some will choose to stay on STEEM. Others naturally, will probably try to hang around both chains to see which way things progress towards.

Myself (together with @project.hope) will belong to that lastest group.

Within the past year I've invested so much time (hundreds of hours) and I've spent almost 10k steem in building project HOPE community and today the future of this project is full of question marks. I'm seriously worried that this money and time may soon turn out to be a waste.

Ultimately, I'm hoping to be able to carry on with @project.hope and maintain growth of our community on BOTH CHAINS and I will be seeking support for our efforts.

SUPPORT OUR GROWTH and secure yourself some PASSIVE INCOME


If you found yourself in a similar situation and you're planning to be active mostly on the new HIVE chain (and at the same time are holding on to your current staked steem) - then perhaps for the time being you could consider delegating your SP to @project.hope.

WE SHARE 100% curation rewards with delegators (in form of WEEKLY PAYOUTS), so you could consider it to be a form of PASSIVE INCOME.

This would allow you to focus on building engagement on a new chain. At the same time it would help our HIVE/community to go through these difficult times.


You can find more details directly on our website

Also click here if you would like to learn more about our project vision and goals goals and vision.



I'm fully aware that not everyone out there enjoys delegating his/hers own steem power to others (since it's freezing our assets for one week). And to those users ,we've launched our own curation trail.

We trigger this curation trail on average of only 4-5 times a day and once all upvotes are being placed, solid ones (around 300k SP) follows. We do that to ensure those who join [our curation trail]]( will enjoy decent curation rewards coming from their own upvotes.


So far, I seriously hate 2020.

I thought that 2019 had been challenging and difficult. How I wish to move back in time. The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted us all greately. An upcoming economic tsunami is on the way. And seeing all our efforts on STEEM blockchain possibly go to waste is hearbreaking.

I really hope that this post will help us receive some extra support, which would help project.hope to go through these challenging and uncertain times.


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Passive income (details):


Hey @crypto.piotr, please remove me from your spam memo list. Thank you.

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Of course @reazuliqbal.

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I actually think that hive is the best answer to the stalemate situation we had. I offers new opportunities and there are already more exchanges that promise to support hive than we had on steem.
Being able to work both blockchains offers new possibilities. They might develop in different directions but with the delegated steem power project.hope has it can really play on both chains. With time we will see whether it is necessary to focus on hive more than on steem.

Most of my funds are already delegated to project.hope and all my accounts follow the curation trail ;-)

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Hi @achim03

I actually think that hive is the best answer to the stalemate situation we had

Very true.

Blockctrades admited that they were working for few weeks on building

so it's almost obvious that it was plot organized by few powerful users to create conflict against justin and make people move to their new chain
for that reason I believe soft fork was nothing but provocation

witnesses complained that justin want to kill steem blockchain, but they themself are doing it now
and planning to dump all steem, without giving chance for smallers users to power down and sell their steem and rescue part of invested money anyway, all we can do is - adjust

I don't know who is real enemy here. I see it as a power struggle

Anyway we are already in this difficult position and all we can do is to adjust.


Hello my dear friend

I know these are difficult times and I may not notice much difference because every day it is one difficult situation after another that I live continuously in my country.

I know that from your point of view (the entrepreneurial and business point of view) it can represent a loss. But it has not been, you have helped many people to survive very difficult situations. Including me among them. Your support has made a significant difference in many ways.

It's like the story @awah mentioned about the man who threw the starfish that ended up on the sand back into the sea. Maybe his effort didn't make a difference to the conglomerate of starfish that were left to dry out on the sand, but it meant a lot to those he had saved.

Project Hope is a community and if this community has proven anything it will prevail over adversity. Whether it's in Steemit or Hive.

I am sure that those who are driving, running, pushing, propelling, supporting Hive, don't want to lose money either, but neither do they want to lose their freedom and decentralization (So it seems).

I know it's tedious having to publish on both platforms, even more commenting and replying comments in both ones too. But, the excitement is in the air and I believe (as well as many others) that Hive has a bright future.

Hey! Look at this:

It does not look so bad ;)

We will thrive my dear friend

Stay in touch :D

Hey, thanks for mentioning my story. You are right. @crypto.piotr has been saving the starfish - one by one. He made a real difference.

This is the best comment I saw today. @crypto.piotr has certainly done a lot of service to the small time Steemians. He certainly made a difference.

I appreciate your kind words. Thank you :D

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Dearest friend Piotr:

The only way I can see this situation is as a new opportunity for success. There is no other way.

Sadly, the situation in Steemit became too conflictive and there seems to be no opportunity for reconciliation.
So, what to do?
If this new window called Hive had not been opened, we would have to face an uncertain future with Steemit.
While we can't be sure what Hive will be like, there is at least the benefit of the doubt.

I think that the modality of publishing in both Blockchains will be adopted by the majority of users. At least until the preference of the majority of the population is defined.
This would involve a double effort since there should not have been duplication of content, although there is a publication modality that can be implemented.

All of our delegators who are currently committed to Project Hope will keep their SP on the new blockchain. In fact, the delegations will remain (as Hive developers have promised). Curation Trails will also remain intact.

I believe that the commitment of Delegators, Writers, Subscribers and Friends with Project Hope, goes beyond delegation. It really has created a feeling that unites us.
This feeling will prevail.

Your friend, Juan.

Dear leader @crypto.piotr, it is hard for me to see you unmotivated, it is very difficult to think that the man who raised many people from the floor feels hopeless, the road continues and we must continue rowing in the same direction.

For me, Project HOPE is not a decision I have to make, it is a commitment that I made a long time ago and where this project takes me, I will be there until we reach the expected success or until our effort is diluted.

But I think we will be successful whatever the path we take,

Cheer up friend, I'm still here, I'm with you.

Hello my friend @crypto.piotr
Changes and challenges are part of life but keeping ourself motivated and continue to focus of goal is important.
Chain is new but we are same awesome community and I am confident that we will make the new place even better.
My support to @project.hope will continue and it will increase with passase of time.

The Covid-19 outbreak has impacted us all greately.

this is surely a biggest problem and we are trying all our ways to stay keep ourself safe and healthy.

Take are my friend and new HIVE is just a day away so lets move ahead together and enjoy the new beginning. Thanks.

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Three roads one destination.

Three paths one destination, if I know that there are actually two paths one is Steemit and the other is Hive.
But I will place a third path, which I think is the most important and that path will be the decision of our destiny, either in steemit or in Hive, and I am sure of something I have not come here to abandon everything ..
I will continue with this project until the end.

Friend @crypto.piotr, and all of us on this ship called @project.hope Project Hope will continue sailing in this ocean of opportunities.

Always your friend.

See all of you to the other side, the Hive.
Will continue to support the HOPE Project.
Power to decentralization!

hi friend

changes are often difficult and this time is no exception. Life climbs the fence and we must decide whether to jump it or not. At least we should try. I am with you @crypto.piotr and with @project.hope because I am sure that the community will succeed and everything we have invested will not have been in vain. I think a double success is coming and that from this situation several very strong whales will emerge in both blockchain and in our project.
I am sure that in about 7 days (surely sooner) we will know the destination, I am optimistic and I know that we will be fine.
I recommend that you read my most recent publication because there I discuss techniques that help us overcome this type of crisis.

Head up my friend, in the long run, the decentralized social platform like Steem/Hive is a great place to share your thoughts and work on what should be realized. Surely, there will be tough times of uncertainty especially in the next few weeks or so, but just try to be optimistic. 🤞 Community will prevail.

Let's hope that all our work on Steemit does not go to waste. In the long run, the new HIVE platform may in fact perform even better than Steemit.

Above all, I'd like to encourage you and all others to consider this as a new opportunity. There's no point in getting discouraged or giving up now.

Even with the recent discord, the community ( or the various communities) remain strong. Onwards!

It's been a very strong start to the year. The important thing is that the project has a team committed to doing things right, with you at the helm. I'm sure we'll get through this.

Perhaps saying encouraging words at this time is difficult, but I can only say that you have my full support.

@tipu curate

I understand @crypto.piotr these are really hard times... but what happens would happen. There is always risk in these endeavours, please cheer up.

Market conditions have to undergo a recession anyway, once in every 10 years...and I can see exciting times ahead for crypto though there is going to be as you said a tsunami of sorts about with economic crisis...but post 2-3 years you will definitely earn dividents, crypto boom kind of dividents,

Also your initiative to help so many venezuleans and even support good content is most appreaciated.

I wish you strenght in these hard times, it will pass sometime and we will survive any strom for sure.

And thankyou for all the support your provided at Steem platform, this helped a lot.

I am glad you would be at hive, coz I don't want to be on steem, even if it is profitable and stuff on moral grounds, so will see you at HIVE too!!

I followed your curation trail and will be active on both blockchains.

 3 years ago  

Appreciate it greately @chesatochi

I will do my best also to be active on both chains.

Cheers, Piotr

twice as many rewards

 3 years ago  

Hi @thehive

Meaning? Your comment is to short for me to fully understand what's on your mind.

Yours, Piotr

Make sure you and Project hops take advantage of both chains.Just remember to change your keys on Hive

 3 years ago  

Thanks for prompt reply.

Do you think that using same keys can be dangerous?

Esstenially China has your Steem keys now. They will on the Steem chain. Basically Justin Sun has access to all Steem Keys. and always will as long as he has Steemit Inc.

So the account on the new Hive blockchain it is advisable to change those so they are not the same. New Hive chain server

 3 years ago  

I'm not sure if Justin has an access to all steem keys. I don't think this is how it works @thehive. You cannot get an access to everyones wallet only because you're becoming largest stakeholder on the chain.

Surely changing password is good advice anyway :)

Steemit Inc has access unless you change them and use an alternative front end like you are doing with Steem peak, If you have not changed the original keys. Then Steemit Inc needs your keys.

Mate... it depends what keys you used. For most people that generated through steemit (possible, and its wise to assume that yes due the hostile way). But it really depends from where you generated your keys and what keys you used against the front end.

It's a good topic, thanks for touching base on this. Will add it to my FAQ later.

Host a show about it Hive

Me2 buddy.

I might delegate all of my sp to project hope after the launch of hive

 3 years ago  

That would be cool @cwow2 :)

I have a few leases out and about, which I will get back now and then. Then I can delegate more

Thank you very much :D

I am glad that PH is supporting the HIVE blockchain. The trail is very active and delegation is fantastic too. Let's relax we will be fine. Cheers!

 3 years ago  

I feel your good vibes of peace.

Thanks friend.

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Hi @crypto.piotr

We are all experiencing dark days but we will recover and grow strong again. That is what community is all about. Taking care of each other.

I will support PH on both chains as I am one of the undecided. Let's see how it goes. I can see a lot of momentum towards Hive but it is not without risk.

I am surprised that Justin has been so quiet the last few days. Why is he not laying out his own plan?

Stay safe my friend.

Hello great friend, I hope that your project continues to grow and yield the wonderful fruits that you have worked so hard in the company of your team. I'm sure everything will be successful. Strong hugs in these hard times for everyone.

I will think about this, and I am unsure as to where I will end at this point. Hive has yet to be started, there is hope for that chain, but it does not become active til Friday. I dis like the idea of following curation trails and will initially try to distribute my votes on steem block chain, I can see my comments seriously declining if Hive content takes off, right now it is all wait and see.

Thanks for inviting us to the discussion. After I read the article from @mahdyiary

I'm not really interested in continuing to or supporting it.

I just looked at a friends account and he had 0 Steem Power. The delegation from Steem was gone.

I'm shocked. The way it is users might not have a choice but the change to Hive.

Thinking of it: Sending Steems SP to null might be a mistake. We will need SP to delegate to all the new account so they keep functioning.

PS: I cancelled my delegation and powered down. However on Hive I probably power up again and I might delegate again. Depending on how it goes.

 3 years ago  

The newly created accounts received a delegation of 15 SP from Steemit.
As they published and gained their own SP, the delegation from Steemit was reduced.

The fact that an account has 0 SP is quite unique.

However on Hive I probably power up again and I might delegate again.

I hope we can count on you at Hive.
See you on the other side.

Your friend, Juan.

As they published and gained their own SP, the delegation from Steemit was reduced.

That was so in the past — before Justing Sun. Did Justin Sun change that and pulled the SP from plankton accounts?

Does anybody know the answer to that question?

Dear Piotr!! It's perfectly understandable how you feel, many steemians have put not only huge amounts of time but also great economic resources in the platform. It's hard to see those funds vanishing in air!! We just can have hope for now that the value of Hive continues to get stronger because now we all have the same amount.

For Steem is predicted a terrible future because of the new owner of Steemit that belives firmly he posseses the blockchain itself. Maybe that will be the final outcome. Great fluctuation in prices is predicted. I believe there will be great steemians giving battle here for what they've created through years.

I've always been thinking in steem as a long, long term investment, finally Steem is also computational power, so I'm not interested in participate in the comming speculation. My funds that are not so much, will reamain in place and I have some projects for posts to organize all my old publications in some kind of "Biblioteca".

I believe this chain will remain attached to the choices of the Tron fundation. To publish creative works here as mine, has not much sense in this moment, but anyway, we'll see what happen. For now I'm pausing automated votes (you may consider that probably SteemAuto will stop working in Steem) to recover VP, have been some spinning days. I'll restart tomorrow and maybe doing all the changes in delegations next week!! Of course I'll consider your project.

I wish the best for all your efforts and those of the Team, the best of the futures for your work in both chains!!

Hive/Steem On!!!

 3 years ago  

It would be very interesting to see your library of publications.

Thanks for your support, we are waiting for you at Hive.
See you on the other side.

Your friend, Juan.

I think there are lots of things going on at the moment. Throwing in the HIVE situation, it doesn't make it any easier. I think it will work out in the end though. In my opinion, HIVE will have a stronger path in the future.

  1. it has lots of good developers that are staying with the chain. Some of the best developers here on Steem will continue their work on HIVE, which will have an important impact for its future.
  2. It will have far better name recognition. The Steem blockchain is known in the crypto-sphere, particularly of late, but it is not well known to people who aren't familiar with the space. In the long run, having the HIVE environment is going to be a much more successful area to run a crypto business. The Steem name is too similar to the steam gaming platform so it’s really difficult to talk to gamers about it, for example.

The scenario is difficult for sure, but with people like Justin and Ned controlling massive amounts of the tokens on the chain, it's been a recipe for this to happen for a long time. I'm glad we are finally able to shed those negative actions and perceptions.

For the next few months I will be curating only on Steem, if anyone is left that I engage with, and focusing my attention on the HIVE chain. We can of course recommend to anyone on the Steem chain to come over to HIVE through our interactions. I think the HIVE chain will have a large presence in the beginning and level off, but then continually grow for market cap.

 3 years ago  

We can of course recommend to anyone on the Steem chain to come over to HIVE through our interactions. I think the HIVE chain will have a large presence in the beginning and level off, but then continually grow for market cap.

This is the way to follow. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Your friend, Juan.

Actually this is a good idea, over the past 30 days I've initiated power downs then stopped it (twice), delegated, then un-delegated with no clear vision as to what to do. Already in the process of un-delegating but once that is clear I'm happy to support your project.

STEEM Blockchain has been I breathe of fresh air for me, the social aspect is where I am the happiest. The politics go way over my head, then again I don't have a business mind so there has to be some sane reason why things happen, not just this TRON thing but what has happened over the last 2 years with every change.

All I have ever wanted to do was create/post content and upvote things I like. I will definitely take you up on your offer.

I will comment on this later @crypto.piotr. I have a busy day of work today.

Funny that via the notification on @esteemapp I alraedy see HIVE bring sent as transactions instead of STEEM =) (just UI thing ok, don't worry).

@crypto.piotr I have been on steemit for quite a long time and i find it hard to leave steemit that easily so i will be on both ends sharing equal strength but with different posts which will be quality posts. I will not want to get flagged for cross-posting. I hope you can handle to stress accompanied with getting support for both chains and curating posts on both chains as well.

The COVID-19 case is becoming high and i just wish it could end. The world needs a break from this virus.

I am with @project.hope all day.

Hi, just to assure you that I will not remove my delegation from PH regardless it is on Hive or on Steem.

Difficult times so hang in there my friend

Thanks for your support :D

My current plan is to fully migrate to Hive - I have a hard enough time keeping up with the posts on one chain! I also believe that Steem has been too compromised to survive while Hive has a real chance to fulfill the promise of Web 3.0.

As to what I will do with my legacy steem, I simply have not decided. Part of me wants to dump it all and convert it to hive. However, if I decide to hold on to it for some odd reason, delegating it all to PH would be very high on my list of options :)

Keep good cheer. We are going digital as a human race. That can only be good for us. I would be more afraid if the transition was easy to start out. Blockchains are not easy to implement and business/governing organizations will find that out eventually.

Also, I believe I have delegated my paltry stake. Let me know if I need to make an adjustment.

Depending on my activity and what delegation Steem Engine tokens will accept for token distribution, I'll delegate my steem 100%. Can't say when though

I have been traveling all of last week and this week and I am even more confused. All I can gather is that, people are happy with hive and I can see why. I also don't know what to do, I think there will more clarity in a week. I will send you the delegation, I am barely able to post or do anything. And 200 SP is enough for what I do. Good luck. I think both chains may survive and I think Steem can still flourish is Justin Sun wants that. He might be able to change economics behind the chain and bring in marketing. Time will tell.

I support project.hope community continuously. Either on hive or on steem. I will keep supporting the community.

Dear @crypto.piotr, it is a difficult time now for the real world and the world of steemit. I will not be staying with project.hope both on steemit and on hive.

I feel pretty optimistic about the new HIVE chain( Although I don't like the name very much :) just doesn't sound cool like Steem to me)... so I'll move there as soon as possible. I'm not an expert in this blockchain stuff, but from the little I learned and experienced here, and even more so because of the intuition, I think (he, he, well ... more feel than think, actually) that this fresh start will turn out to be absolutely great in the long run.

I am here giving all my love and prays towards project hope as it is an amazing project that I recommend everyone look at!

Hey @crypto.piotr, I still did not get why you want to stay or what motivations you have that supports the thoughts of staying.

You have made an huge effort on bringing a super diversified crowd around. That is lots just alone.

Let me know if you have any confusions, queries, etc... I am happy to chat even on DMs via Discord, you know that. Might not be instantaneous... but I will get to you.

@justinsunsteemit, @steemitblog, it will be good to take a look at @project.hope on steemit.

@crypto.piotr, i stand with the project hope community.

I hope we get the support we need...

Accept delegation below 1k?

Through the entire conflict, I looked with folded arms and even if i have my opinion about this whole drama, I will rather keep mute and watch time reveal certain things, it's really good to know that the project.hope community will still be on steemit while they are also active in hive.
I like that idea.

I will support your curation trail since I just removed all STEEM delegation to initiate powerdown but it will last for 13 weeks.