Introducing PeakLock, Keys Management and More...

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Authored by @asgarth

A new version of SteemPeak is now available. Some of the features mentioned below have been available for some days, but with this post I (@asgarth) will try to do a recap of all the latest changes. Keep reading for more details ;)

The new release is now live at


1. Introducing PeakLock

Due to the amount of requests we got from our community we decided to add a new login option. Now it's possible to login with your private posting key on


There is an option to also store your Active key. But in this case you will need to unlock the account with a 'pin code' every time you want to use this key to sign a transaction. Please read the details on the login screen before configuring a new account.

2. Keys Management Page

Finally it's possible to check/change your private keys on SteemPeak. And also update the recovery account associated with your account. The new page can be found under the 'Actions' menu in your own profile page.


A list of what you can do on this new page:

- Validate (identify) a private key
- Show all your keys using the master password
- Change your keys 
- Change recovery account 

3. Burn your share of cross post rewards

We added a new option to burn your part of a cross post rewards. If the user doing the cross post is also the post author this means burning 95% of the total rewards (5% beneficiary is still set to the community owner account)


4. More API nodes are available

There are more API nodes options available:

- (NEW)
- (NEW)

Please consider supporting the projects/witnesses behind those nodes as they allow SteemPeak to be a more decentralized platform.

5. Show community rules when writing a new post

When writing a new post in a community it's now possible to check the rules directly in the Publish page:


6. Some minor updates to make your life easier

  • Using this link will redirect an user to his wallet page
  • Improve rendering of some images in the posts
  • When on an hive-000000 topic page there is now a link to the corresponding community
  • Reduce the number of API calls to get the Steem global parameters

7. Some minor bug fixes and minor improvements

As always some minor fixes and improvements across the website ;)

Support the @steempeak witness/proposals

Now is probably a nice time to remind you of the ways you can support the development of @steempeak.

Recently we submitted a proposal to the Steem Proposals System (SPS). You can review the proposal here and directly on the proposal page.
If you agree to the proposal and you think the points mentioned add value to Steem consider supporting it using the above links or directly with this link.


We also run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:

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Great work team 👏👏
Excited every time you add new feature. By the way PeakLock is the most exiting one for me 😃

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I love SteemPeak

I don't care how many times I end up saying this on your posts. The SteemPeak team is crazy good. This update is awesome! Lots of crazy new features I never expected to see!

GG team :^)


I have used steemit sice nearly 3years and I was so used to it that I really never thought about a change to an other frontend.
But when I did so a few weeks ago I was flashed how good steempeak really is. The overview, the build in wallet and all this additional options and stuff...I just love steempeak now!

Great move! The Steemit website is a relic from the 1990’s, Steempeak is the best front end I’ve found! Plus they are always updating and developing.

Love the PeakLock idea, well done

Seems as if it will be a very beneficial update. I do like the way you are all trying to improve and make easier the user experience when accessing the Steem Block Chain. For four years there was virtually no changes to the steemit front end, I have found a lot of very useful tools and short cuts on steempeak. Thank you for making life a bit easier on steem block chain.

Good job guys, managing keys on mobile was terrible until now!

@steempeak, Fantastic updates as per.

Just wondering if there is a way to have post templates specifically for Community Posts so I can have my tags already up for the genre of posts I do?

Already on the TODO list ;)

Somehow I knew... 🙃🙃

Finally someone to show how it had to be done from the beginning! Awesome job, @steempeak, you are now my favorite interface :)

Great work. I am extremely happy to see the ability to set account recovery available, given the danger to the community of leaving Stinc in that role given our present situation. The longer I use Steempeak, the more valuable it becomes, and the happier I am to benefit from your effort.


I've started using steempeak more and like what I see so far..

The more I use, the more I like...

Great platform. You always bring something new :-).
I appreciate that my proposal to "burn" the reward for CrossPost fell to fertile ground.

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Hi guys, is there a guide on how to recover an account? Changing the recovery account is one thing, but what from there?

Yes, but it din't cover the recovery process, just the changing of the recovery account.

We are not ready to handle this yet, but when we'll add this to steempeak we'll include a short guide for sure ;)

thanks mate, it is appreciated. I think it would be good for everyone to have an understanding of what needs to happen, as it will bring a lot of peace of mind and better reactions if required. I know that I am fuzzy in this area :)

Hello, I did that with alt and wrote my experience not so long ago, I believe ausbitbank linked mine.

Cheers. Thanks.

Thanks for implementing this! Makes transitioning from Steemit possible for me.

Thanks for reducing the need to use the Steemit site. Steempeak just keeps getting better.

This is a really great update, thanks a lot for your awesome work, changing the keys can be very important now that things are very turbulent.

For a second there I thought this was like a physical lock lol, really digging the idea of peaklock though, keep it up!

How good steempeak really is... Success is always for @steempeak

I really like the PeakLock features.

Good job peak team, keep it up.

Testing SteemPeak, wish me luck!

@gonzo is it really you?

I better be, because if I wasn't... Well... That would make me a body snatchin' synth.

Very nice work guys. You have become my favorite place to post. Thanks for all the work.

Fantastic job, @steempeak, thank you very much :)

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You can create an option of adding node instead of updating it multiple times.
Whatever love this update

Not really. There are just 3-4 full nodes that can support steempeak or other complete frontends at the moment. Not many nodes have also an hivemind instance and the account history plugin enabled. So I have to manually check them before whitelisting ;)

Your the best. Please consider to one day make a shop and sell some stuff so we can buy it and use with pride =) Or introduce a steam peak super friend's badge.

I never engaged comfortably on Steemit. Only since discovering Steempeak have I started to feel like I have a voice on Steem. I’ve been collecting BAT via Brave for months and was able to send a little chuck to you guys in appreciation for this fantastic interface. I humbly recommend others consider that as well. I also noticed an option to set steempeak as a 5% beneficiary so I ticked that, too, because that’s how this works, right? If we all want our community and coin to be valuable/valued we need to support each other’s efforts and you guys are putting in the work.


Also, don’t forget to f**k Ned! #fuckyouned


hey nice graphic, society balancing civilization, sounds like u would enjoy telos and what they've created out of DPOS family tree branching out of steem.

lol soon i think we may even get telos on steem front ends . as a backup for users ... multi chain

i think dstor can be huge for hosting steem front ends or even steemd etc

With all the #steemhostiletakeover stuff, we may all end up migrating there by the time it’s over. 🤷‍♂️
Sounds like a place I’d like to check out regardless. 😁

Glad that you guys are making steempeak a fantastic front end and I use it instead of Steemit. Notice this peak lock today but wasn't aware about it. Will read about it in details so that I can use it.
Appreciate your efforts to keep on bringing innovations.

Love the PeakLock idea. It is a subtle way to keep Steemians on SteemPeak

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Next update should be more communities support 🙏🏻. Would be nice to have a communities feed like on steemit with all subscribed communities together sortable by new, trending, etc. I do see that subscribed communities are at the top of the page when I tap over from the drop down menu which is a step in the right direction 😃

Is this what you are talking about?


Yeah! I don't see it on mobile though... 😔

You are right ...It's a bit hidden on mobile. I'm trying to find a better place for it. Meanwhile click the 'Explore' menu and then Feed. It will be there ;)

Do you think changing the recovery account is mandatory to change it now?

That's mostly up to the users. Personally I don't think it's 'mandatory', but if you have an account that you trust for this probably it's worth to change it now.

I use it all the time.

This is my preferred Steem frontend: thanks for doing it better and better! 🙏


Well, I don't know if this is intended, but if so it sucks, because since the update, pictures that should be normally next to each other and were next to each other before are now displayed one below the other.

Hope that will be changed again.
Yes such small things can upset me mega. :)

Can you share a link to a post with this issue. I added 3 image in a row in this same post and it worked quite well.

Yes, of course.

Here are the pictures among themselves as it should not be:
or here

And here the same contributions on the Steemit interface, there they are side by side as they should be:
or here

Tried it on two different PCs. In both browsers: Brave, Chrome and Firefox. Always the same problem.

Thanks. Will be fixed shortly ;)

Thanks very much.

Your search feature is really bad tho.
I dont stop typing and if I do for 1 sec, it updates and then it doesn't register when I type the next letter, because it updates.

So I also just ends up typing the users name into the browser instead x)

Do you mean the search box in the top bar?

Great update and good work!

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I have been using steempeak for last few days, and overall experience is good. One improvement I suggest, provide option to mark the notifications as Read along with View All, instead of going to the View All page and doing that. Because all I see, it happens behind the screen ( probably an ajax ? ) , so it should also be doable from the pop-up ?

Use this icon ;)


There is legit no need to use steemit ever. Steempeak and Esteem is way better

slick moves :)

Hey @steempeak, here is a little bit of BEER from @stuffbyspencer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Great work!

Any suggestions for the recovery account anybody?

Steem ♨♨♨ On ! ♥ @steempeak

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Uhhh nice! Need to try it! :)


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!giphy nice

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giphy is supported by witness untersatz!

Congrats for rolling out PeakLock. No more stIncy steemconnect :-)

any chance you'll add RSS feeds to communities? Makes it easier to follow/share stuff

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