Wait, What? A Slug in our Room!

in OCD2 years ago (edited)

While I was sweeping the bedroom, I noticed a small worm-like creature crawling on the floor. On its head are antennae looking stalks. So definitely it’s not a worm.

I examined it and it appears to be a slug.


Slugs are snails without a shell. They live in damp places like under the plants and decaying logs.

They have 2 pairs of tentacles (looks like antennae) that are used as feelers or to sense . The longer pair has the eyes on its tip. While the smaller pair just below the big ones are used to smell.

They have two pairs of Tentacles

Tentacles are located in their head

These tentacles retract when they sense danger or when threatened.

Tentacles retract when threatened

Aside from retracting their tentacles, their body also contracts and hardens. Like a log!

Look, it plays dead!


When turned it upside down , it looks like this -


Their feet secretes mucus when moving, to prevent damage to the tissues on their feet.

Are slugs harmful?

No. The typical garden slugs are non toxic making them not harmful to humans. However, they have parasites that can cause sickness when they are eaten. As to the plants, they eat decaying plants and rotten roots. They can become pests when they over reproduce since they will also eat the stems and leaves, after consuming the decayed parts and they are still hungry!

So why is there a slug in our room?

Well, I have plants just outside the bedroom so maybe it crawled and passed through the door. Smart huh 😅