The Submerged Church

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Hello to all the nice and wonderful day I wish you...
Today I want to show you part of our walk to the submerged church of Zrebchevo Dam, which is in



The church is really underwater but because the year was very warm and dry the water of the dam has receded and the church this year is not submerged but it is clear to what the water was





The history of this church His name is St. Ivan Rilski. It says that in 1965, during the construction of the Zrebchevo dam, the villages in the district were moved or, in this case, submerged... Because of the dam, it happened to her, but no one dares to desecrate the church and axis it.





And so it has persisted to this day... And anyone can go to visit her except when she's really submerged then you'll need a boat or something else moving And so it has persisted to this day... And any one can go to visit her except when she is really submerged then you will need a boat or something else that moves on and over water 😁😂
I hope you enjoyed it.
I wish you all the best!!!


Yay! 🤗
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Interesting place