Our Marriage became older by one more year

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Completed 17 years of togetherness



Yesterday was our marriage anniversary and this completes 17 years of togetherness. As we grow, responsibilities increase, but then we also need to enjoy and live these moments. Earlier we planned to go for a dinner party, but since both the kids have exams in their school, so we had to postpone the party to the week end. Coincidentally there was a birthday party the day before in the apartment society, so it was easy to convince the kids.







As kids are growing , so our responsibilities, and there are times, when we have disagreements, but then we settle it at the end of the day. There is a saying "Marriages are made in heaven", and I often see it to be true in the sense that, the couple is always complimentary to each other. I mean, you will see both the partners having opposite characters in a successful marriage. What do you say ?

The day was mostly a quiet day, but then one of her very close friend (from school times) delighted us by visiting us at home and spending some nice moments. And interestingly July is the most celebrated month for us, having both of our birthdays and marriage anniversary. And even my HIVE anniversary falls on this month, yay, completed five years and counting....



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Happy 17th anniversary @sanjeevm, you wife is beautiful, wishing you many more happy years together💞

I mean, you will see both the partners having opposite characters in a successful marriage.

I totally agree with this statement, they say opposites attract not so & really is the perfect union!

Thank you so much, as we grow older, we learn to adjust to each other.

Congratulations on being married 17 years, in today's hectic society, being married for that period is an accomplishment. Many couples throw in the towel before really giving their relationship a chance to grow. Working through the hard times makes for a stronger relationship. So many people figure that the grass in greener on the other side, but the grass is only as green as you make it.
Opposites do attract and it's those dissimilarities that make for a very interesting marriage.
Life is about being able to adapt to situations as they arise.

True that, adjustments are the key to success.

 3 months ago  

Congratulations on your 17 year union!! It’s really beautiful seeing marriage stilled honored and valued as times have changed so much. I hope you two have many more wonderful years together.

It’s true what you say (at least in my case). My husband and I are complete opposites yet we work so well together. We’ll be celebrating our 16th anniversary this November. 😊

Also, Congrats on your 5th year with Hive! Hive is my social diary too ~

Well, we believe marriage is an institution, life has got different phases, and as we grow older, we truly live for each other, which is reflected in our life, isn't it ? There will be a time when our kids will grow and settle with their family, and then, its only the husband and wife complimenting each other. Congratulation on your 16th in advance, seems we have some common ideologies.

 3 months ago  

…and as we grow older, we truly live for each other, which is reflected in our life…

This statement right here is part of our testimony. We have grown so much in learning to put our own wants and needs aside for each other’s. Marriage has grown me into a woman I never would have recognized years ago lol. I had so much to learn and still have much more to go.

Yes very true, which is why we feel it’s important for us to know how to have fun together now and enjoy each other’s company even while the kids are still at home.

We do share common ideologies. 😊

Thank you! Hopefully we can do something fun to celebrate this year!

We have grown so much in learning to put our own wants and needs aside for each other’s.

That is what I would term as true love, which happens only after several years of marriage.

Sincere congratulations to you both from Thailand. May I say your wife is very beautiful and that combination of the dark blue sari with the green is most becoming.

May you be blessed and enjoy health and happiness together for many more years.

Thank you so much for the wish and blessings.

Today's era, when its materialism has led people to perceive interpersonal relationships, as if you are buying a good, has led, in certain European countries, two out of three married couples to divorce. A marriage has lasted so long I consider it a great blessing and I wish you to be strong and loved to celebrate all 20, 30 and 50 years of marriage

True, even slowly the number of separation is increasing here in India. Unfortunately, there is no statistics or initiative that intends to stop the trend.

Happy anniversary, I'm sorry it took me so much time, I had little to no time but finally I got time to comment and telling you i wish the creator give your marriage the blessings of a long-lasting love, and happiness together, big hug for you both and hope to see you get 40 or more anniversaries with your Wife :)

Ya, I am sure, we are together till death.

That is so beautiful :)

Congrats my friend! You two are such a lovely couple :) Best reards to your wife as well. Greetings from Europe!

@tipu curate

Thank you so much.

CONGRATS! 💪😊😉👍 such a good looking couple!

and what a month for u!..

Happy anniversary, that is wonderful, 17 years marriage

And may you and your wife be together for many more years, many blessings

Congratulations and goodluck for the future! You have a very beautiful wife, I must say.
Wow, July is really loaded for you, your kids must love the month cos there'd be a lot of celebration for them just after your local traditional celebration 😃😋

Ya, kids are very happy, who doesn't want treats :)

My warmest congratulations for 17th wedding anniversary. July month is a celebration month for your family as well as Hive anniversary.

Thank you so much.

Congratulations sir and I'm sure more anniversary would be done

Of course, the real fun of life begins as we grow older.

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. The achievement gets bigger all the time !

Wow congrats @sanjeevm this is really awesome and I pray for more blessings to come

A big congratulations to you @sanjeevm and your wife for the 17th year weeding anniversary. That's a great number and still counting. I hope the joy and happiness that has been binding you guys together will continue to be with you. Have blessed day and my regards to your wife as well. NAMASTE 🙏


You welcome

What n auspicious day to celebrate the grand occassion....🥳🎂🥂

Congratulations on marriage anniversary. I wish you many more years of togetherness.

Happy Anniversary

Thank you so much 🙏

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congratulations friend on your 17th anniversary it was certainly a good idea to postpone dinner for the weekend and for your children to go to school. For me, the most important thing in a couple is communication, so I hope there will be many more years of you together.

Many more years until death..

Congratulations for 17 awesome years of togetherness. Many more to come

True, we live with such understanding.

Congratulation on your wedding anniversary, I wish your bond become stronger and stronger with every passing year!

It actually gets stronger with every passing year. First I used to speak more, now she is speaking, though not more than me, and there will be a time when I will only listen :)

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Congratulations on your wedding aniversary. Wishing you both many more good years together.

Marriage is based on strong beliefs and faith because you support love care and rely on one other. Warmest greetings and best wishes for you both.

Congratulations! Two months is the most I could get from a relationship...

Then you will have a hard time at old age :)

Congratulations for a successful and peaceful marriage

Sometimes its violent :) but then it settles quickly.

Yes that one is for sure, the is always violent that is why you need to me mature enough to control it

I wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary. I am praying with you that this bond of your love will remain intact till death.


Wishing you a very happy marriage anniversary dear. You both make a perfect couple. Take care.

Thank you so much.

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Congratulations, might be a little late but is the intention what counts, in my country where an anniversary is celebrated is supposed to be something big and for the whole family, and i love to see your smile, both smile so naturally that is clue of the happy married live you have, big hug to you both and the blessings of the creator be with you and help you reach old age together with love in your hearts :)