Hive needs to go beyond just free speech and decentralization

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So the discussion thread becomes bigger and bigger :)

It started out on as a comment on how pro-content makers can look at long term engagements on Hive. And what options exist for monetization and long term retention.

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And now this :

I don't think there is much for me to comment on the content of your post. Everything is spot on ! Lets hope blockchains go beyond the story of decentralization and free speech and look at how this can become a place where people can have a good time.

The problem with a lot of the thought process is that the genesis of crypto was born in the 2008 crisis. Thus every crypto project carries a "bitcoin mindset". Some of it is also likely to the recent developments with the Steem Blockchain. Thus the Over whelming need to be "decentralized" and "free". No doubt they are very essential to Hive. But my submission is that they cannot be USPs of a platform.

People need to see how this place can be fun. Today a billion people reach for facebook and Insta when they are bored. How can we make sure a billion people ignore their near and dear ones and keep looking at Hive instead of facebook and insta ?!

I work with a global IT MNC. Whenever i hire people, the cliched question of what are your strengths invariably comes up at some point. If anyone comes up with "honesty" and "hardwork" rest assured you will NOT get that job. Not just with me, but in any decent blue-chip corporate set up.

Honesty and hardwork are basic essentials. Its not a strength, but a fundamental quality everyone who works in a public space should have! Strength is something that is beyond the obvious. Like the ability to lead teams or be a people person or ability to adapt to changing situations.

Similarly free speech,decentralization are fundamental qualities. Not added strengths. These cannot be used to "attract" the masses. Masses are attracted by the possibility of Fun, entertainment, infotainment and having a good time and great time pass etc

Lets take a look at legacy social media platforms. If i put a status that says " Mark Zukerberg is an Ass" . I am sure my post will not be removed. In fact there are communities on facebook with content that would make even the most hardcore fan of free speech flinch. Yet they exist! Its mostly specific political,religious and specific kinds of smut that gets censored. In fact that can happen on Hive too. A nasty or spammy post will be downvoted or flagged so that its not visible.

Most of the world just wants to share pics of cats, dogs, travel, food, family, art, music and personal musings.Decentralization or free speech is not mandatory for that activity. What is mandatory is a billion people on that platform so that the maximum number of people see the post and we can all have FUN. Fun is absolutely mandatory :P

A case in point is the many so called free-speech platforms that came before and vanished without a trace. The only story they could sell was free-speech. That's ok if one wants to rant. But not very useful if one wants to post something interesting and wants the maximum number of people to see it.

The only difference here is that this platform runs on blockchain and there is a payout structure that incentivizes usage. Hive is a great starting point for a pro-content maker.

How can this become part of the journey yet remains to be seen ?!



I just want to make a quick comment to assure you that I fully intended to respond after I read this. You posed great points and sharing my thoughts and research on developing them further will take some time to put together — maybe I’ll have something written this weekend but then again life is crazy and at least a little fun is mandatory ;-)