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Ruben Cress - ©2020

Hey all,

Haven't been photographing for such a long time, so being able to catch this shot was surprising for me. Together with @lackofcolor, we went to "De Veluwe", it's a huge area that only consists out of nature and animals that are roaming around. Yeah, the weather is pretty damn good these days. Finally! So, it's a good time to stretch the legs and enjoy the weather while it still lasts.

I thought of bringing my camera, and just a 500mm Rokinon manual mirror lens. Because this lens only uses mirrors it's hard to get it as sharp compared to lenses that only use glass. Getting this shot this sharp was like, wtf how did I pull that off? You see, the bird was pretty far away, flying, and I only had a manual prime 500mm mirror lens with no adjustable f-stop settings. Lel. I forgot to tell you it is a macro lens. I just wanted to experiment and make some artsy stuff that I perhaps could use in one of my artworks.

Unless you were a bird expert, you could tell it was a Honey Buzzard. I thought it was just a Buzzard, but this specific one happens to be protected/endangered in the Netherlands. At first, I thought he had a twig or something in his beak, but right now I'm starting to think it just flew off with a delicious snack. What do you think?



looks like it caught a snake :) Nice one!!

Thanks Roos! Yeah, I thought so too. Snacke for ze bird!