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"Are you all ready?"

I sat at a dining table staring at the people in front of me with a stiff look. The atmosphere was tense. An emergency light is located in the corner of a cabinet that has a large glass in the corner of the room and another on the dining table.

Rahul and Ajay looked at each other with a look of confidence.

"I'm just ready, bro," Ajay said casually, but from the tone of his voice there was a little worry.

"I am also ready.", Rahul said while upholding his sitting position. Looks a little nervous.

I'm ready too.

Ajay nods.

"Okay, once again I explain the method of playing. The tip of your index finger both can only touch the coins of this hundred thousand money, not pressed. The position starts from the circle that has the picture of the house here. I read the spell. yourself in the direction of the circle that says Yes here. Remember, both of your fingers can't move the coin. "

I saw a paper available on the table. The paper is full of pictures of fifteen hundred money-patterned circles with letters written by hand. The last three circles at the bottom say Yes, No and have a house picture.

Ajay looks busy attaching his cellphone to a mini tripod and then placed it in front of him. Do not forget he installed a small microphone at the top of his mini tripod.

"Okay, everything's ready, let's start now." Ajay's voice gave a signal.

I nodded, and Rahul too.

Ajay immediately presses a button.

"Hi guys, back with Ajay in my vlog The Explorer . This time I am accompanied by my friends who will give something special for you all.", Ajay said slowly and heavily while staring with a serious look.

"Right now we are in the Red Delima apartment, an urban area. You who live around here must know this apartment and the story in one of its units." Ajay deliberately stopped his sentence and gave a little pause.

"Yes, we are in unit 606 where a woman committed suicide by using her scarf in red."

"And since that time, unit 606 has become haunted because it is said that the people who live in this apartment, the ghost of the woman in the red shawl is still haunting in this unit."

Done Ajay spoke suddenly I felt a cold breeze passing in front of my face. Rahul rubbed his hands together into his arms.

Ajay resumed his words.

"And tonight, at exactly 12 o'clock, we will try to summon the spirit of the woman by using a coin jailangkung.", Ajay then explained how to play the coin jailangkung just as he had explained to me, and Rahul.

"And after the woman's spirit comes, we will ask about her life and why she committed suicide, interesting right ....." Ajay looks enthusiastic.

I looked at the wall clock in the room. Exactly 12 p.m.

Ajay signals that the game will start soon.

Two index fingers immediately touched the coin which is currently in the circle with a picture of the house.

Ajay chants the jailangkung summon spell with full concentration. His eyes looked at the five hundred immobile coins.

"Jailangkung, jailangkung, come not picked up, go home not delivered, come now"

Not long, the coin slowly began to move toward the circle that read Yes.

Cold air felt throughout this room. Tense atmosphere.

"Are you the ghost of a woman who committed suicide here?", Arya tried to communicate.

The coin suddenly moved forward a bit then returned to the circle that said Yes.

"What is your name?"

The coin is slowly but surely moving towards the letters of the alphabet written on the paper.


"poja.", hissed ajay.

"Why did you kill yourself?" Ajay asked again.


"Guys, it turns out this woman named Dara committed suicide because of a breakup.", Ajay again spoke to his handphone.

Rahul suddenly spoke.

"Ajay, why don't you just tell me to go back to the jail, there's no need to ask again, my feeling isn't good."

"Yes, yes, this is what I want to send back, my feelings are also not good Mo."

Ajay chants the jailangkung spell again.

"Jailangkung, jailangkung, come not picked up, go home not delivered, return to your realm now."

The coin moved slowly back to the bottom, in the direction of the circle that said the letter No.

I see Ajay, and Rahul is shocked.

"Poja, why don't you want to go back? What do you want now?" Ajay asked in panic, her voice trembling.


Suddenly Rahul screamed in terror as she looked at the large glass in the cupboard in the corner of the room.

Ajay and I were also hysterical looking at the glass.

I immediately pulled my index finger from the coin while staring at the glass. It turned out that my reflection was reflected from the glass. The image of a woman wrapped around a red scarf around her neck.

Source: Pedro Figueras / Pixabay


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