Stand with Ukraine: my fundraising post

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Just like millions of other people around the world, I am totally heartbroken to see what has been happening in Ukraine, just a few hundred kilometers from my beloved Czech homeland and also from Poland where I am currently based. Here in Central Europe, we have our own experience with invasion of the Russian Army and we thus have the utmost understanding, sympathy and solidarity with the Ukrainian people.

I am sure all of you guys know what is going on there, you can actually follow the events almost live from the posts of some of Ukrainian fellow Hivers like @zirochka, @blind-spot, @torem-di-torem and others. It´s extremely sad and heartbreaking read though.

Here in Poland where I am currently staying, the support for Ukraine is perceptible absolutely everywhere. Numerous demonstrations and charity initiatives have been held here in Krakow, people send everything from foods and clothes to the refugee centers, the government opened the borders for and take care of all of those who were lucky enough to escape Ukraine. The hostility towards the Russian Army and the president Putin is incredible. It does feel like if the people of Poland could join their Ukrainian fellows and fight against the invaders side by side, they would do it right away and with pleasure.

Here is a few shots that I took earlier today at some of the demonstrations held here in Krakow.














As the title of this post suggests, this is also my fundraising initiative. The entire author reward from this post (both the liquid part and HP) will be converted to fiat money and sent to some renowned and credible charity organization to be used to help the people of Ukraine. I will also add some contribution from my own pocket of course. Next Sunday, after the payout of this post, I will take care of everything and share the details with you in another post where I will inform you about how much money we raised and where I sent it to.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and for your support for Ukraine. Remember, those guys are not fighting just for themselves and their freedom but for all of us.

Btw two of my friends here on Hive are currently running their own fundraising initiatives too. It´s @onlavu with this post:

And @craftingwithreny with this post:

If would be great if you could support those two posts too. The authors will also send the author rewards from those posts to Ukraine.

Edit: If you want to make some extra donations beyond your upvotes, you can send liquid Hive or HBD to me with memo "standing with Ukraine" or something like this and I will add it to the total amount raised.

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those guys are not fighting just for themselves and their freedom but for all of us.

This is soo true! Thank you for all that you do for us, dear @phortun, and all people in Poland! 💛💙

I wish we could do more @zirochka. Stay strong and safe guys! Putin cannot win this war!

Wish the best for Ukrainian people!


Thanks for your donation! Much appreciated.

I am doing the same, as soon as I get a name to send it to. Hopefully I will get that this morning so I can change my blog payouts.

God bless you. Truly.

Awesome! So kind of you! I am really happy to see so many people here on Hive looking for ways to support the people of Ukraine. We are such a loving and caring community :)

I'm very happy to see people putting together these support initiatives and I will gladly add my little upvote to help.

Thank you very much for your generous support (both your own vote and the Ecency vote). Much appreciated :)

!LUV and Support for Ukraine. Let's hope for peace and harmony. !PIZZA

This is really good initiative. People are for people. I welcome your initiative. Hopefully Ukraine will get rid of this aggression soon.

Thanks man. I´m really happy to see how caring and helpful people here on Hive are.

Jsem rád, že zjednodušuješ způsob, jakým můžeme přispět. Poslal jsem sice jen drobné, ale myslím, že i další, kteří by jinak nepřispěli, díky pohodlí převodu mezi Hive peněženkama něco přihodí.
Nechápu, co si Putin myslí, že získá takovouto ofenzivou.

Díky moc. Každý dolar se počítá.

".. just a few hundred kilometers from my beloved Czech homeland"

I'm so worried for all my Czech friends, many of whom live in border towns with Poland or Slovakia, which are like a few hundred km from Ukraine like you said.

Here in London there are daily demonstrations as well. It seems the entire world is on Ukraine's side, even most Russians in Russia. Makes me wonder why the Russian people haven't ousted this dictator already before this gets totally out of hand.

Thanks for stopping by man. Yeah, I remember you have friends in these regions. From what I have seen and heard so far, there is this mixed atmosphere in the border regions as people are scared but at the same time exremely sympathethic to their unfortunate neighbors from across the line... Crazy, sad times... Not sure about the feelings of most Russians though. Putin controls their media and his propaganda is very strong, I am afraid many Russians thus have a distorted view of reality.

Let's hope that everything will end as soon as possible, and everything will return to normal, I am from Romania, the country with the biggest border with Ukraine, the war is here at the border of my country, everything has gone crazy, from my county have left a lot of aid to those in need.
I live quite close to the Ukrainian border.
A lot of people around me are scared of what is happening very close to us.

Thanks for sharing your actual experience, I can imagine... Us Czechs don´t have a border with Ukraine but our Slovakian brothers have and I follow the happenings on the border over there. And here in Poland as well. The solidarity of all the nations around Ukraine (except Russian and Belarus of course) is just so inspiring and heartwarming...

I am so proud of East Europe now taking in their brothers and sisters and even thinking about the beloved pets. They really have set an example.

Yeah, absolutely. There are these horrible war scenes and tragedies on one hand but so much courage, love, care, help and solidarity on the other...

I even saw a girl with her pet rat in a shelter underground, you know I love ratties and they've been like kind of my totem animal, for me it meant a lot to see lots of people have carried around their pets even in the most dangerous circumstances... It's all too scary though, how everything is unravelling... uneasing...

They are fighting for their lives since days. Putin threatens with his nuclear forces now. The world needs to stop this madness. Ukrainians show what bravery means to the whole world. They are heroes!

Yeah, I know. I am afraid this psychopath has already lost his mind but that doesn´t stop the Ukrainians from their heroic fight. They are heroes indeed. Thanks for stopping and for your support.

He has nothing to lose anymore...the people of Russia need to stand up, together with the world.

I hope they will but he controls local media and his propaganda is very strong, I am afraid many Russians have a distorted view of reality...

That's why we need to get the word to every Russian in every way we can. #informationwar

You have my full support!

@tipu curate 5

Thank you Andy! Your support will be greatly appreciated in Ukraine ;)

All I hope is that normality should return to Ukraine,,I stand with them at this hard moment

Thanks for your kind words and for your support. Means a lot.

It is a wonderful initiative, dear @phortun!
Hungary also helps a lot of Ukrainian refugee citizens, I called the helpline a few times.
I will also visit the posts of the others, you are a very good person, nice to meet you here!

Have a beautiful Monday!

Thank you Juditka, very kind of you :) Yeah, I know that Hungarian people have also been very solidary with Ukraine. It´s important to do what we can do to help where the help is needed. Have a nice day too.

You've got my cents, brother. I've met Ukrainians and Russians all over the world and it's really sad to see what an absolute madman can do to such fine people. I just hope we don't see an anti-Russian movement growing, as I'm sure most Russians don't support this madness.

Stay safe.

Well, that´s a tricky question. The propaganda and censorship that Putin runs in Russia is incredible so it can be extremely difficult for common Russian folks to get the real picture of what is going on. Putin presents the war as "liberation of poor oppressed Russian minorities from the jaws of Nazi Ukraine". He is an absolute psycho...

Yeah, that's what I've heard when I began to research the pro-Russia arguments. A Brazilian communist party (pro-Russia) claims the attack is justified to counter-attack the imperialists (Nato/Globalists). To be quite honest I think both sides are wrong and have a great dose of manipulating public opinion. In this madness I defend the common folk who don't want to deal with politics; we just want to life live peacefully.

Common Russian folks are ok. They may be manilupated with but they are safe. Common Ukrainian folks are hiding in shelters and being killed on streets of their very own cities. They are not ok and they are not safe.

Exactly. No offensive is justified.

It's a very beautiful post. You have written well and all the pictures look really amazing thanks for sharing.

Thanks for checking it out.

All prayers goes to Ukraine as we keep on wishing that peace comes on time before things goes out of hands over there.

I am afraid things already are out of hands over there but let´s hope that the heroic people of Ukraine, supported (in various ways) by pretty much the rest of Europe will handle this.

Numerous demonstrations and charity initiatives have been held here in Krakow, people send everything from foods and clothes to the refugee centers, the government opened the borders for and take care of all of those who were lucky enough to escape Ukraine

This is really nice coming from the Polish people and I just hope all this issue comes to an end between Russia and Ukraine.

We all hope my friend, we all hope... Thanks for checking out the post.

So sad totally unnecessary there is enough room on this planet for everyone.

Yeah. Vaclav Havel, our former president, once said: "Russia has always had this problem of not knowing where it starts and where it ends."

Just hope it ends soon it's not needed people have suffered enough with the pandemic and still are.

There is no winner of any war. I hope the Ukranian people will have the self-determination about the future of their country, not by EU, NATO, USA and Russia.

Right. There is nothing easier than asking the people of Ukraine themselves to decide if they want to be a part of Russia or a sovereign, independent country. And we all know what the answer would be...

I am sorry about the tags guys but this comment is just for me to keep a track of the donations, thank you so much for your generosity ;)

@knowhow92 3 Hive
@greenmask9 3 Hive
@trangbaby 10 HBD
@jjprac 2.5 Hive
@theithei 3 Hive
@krakonos 5 Hive
@bodie7 2 HBD

No worries @phortun. Thanks for the support for our Ukrainian friends :)

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all wars are about money

I just wrote a piece that has little success but truth is not for sale unfortuntately

So NOW Putin Is The New Boogeyman... And Ukraine on Fire (The Oliver Stone Documentary You May Have missed)
Ukraine's dirty past exposed... Is a "renewable energy" war around the corner?

The new boogeyman? All I see here is a president-dictator trying to attack and take over a sovereign independent country...