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Hey everyone!

First off, I want to let you all know that this'll start of as an experiment. We'll see how it goes for a few weeks and decide further after that how well it's received and the effects of it. Truth be told we've attempted to do another onboarding initiative in the past but it was more of a closed circle with few people attempting to do so, it started off well but interest dropped off and other things started to happen at that time that overshadowed it.

Now we're at a point with Hive where this can be done platform wide and I'm going to tell you why I believe that and what measures we're thinking of taking to prevent any sort of abuse.

Referral rewards

In the past we relied mostly on post rewards of compilation posts highlighting the new content creators/users that were onboarded as content to generate rewards for the efforts of the onboarders. Now with @hiveonboard and @peakd offering referral rewards I think this will be another added incentive to get out there and get new users onto Hive. If you haven't used Hiveonboard.com yet, I'd highly recommend you go, login with keychain and check it out. I tested it the other week and it worked like a charm for the person signing up.


The website is great, the "referred accounts" section shows you data like beneficiary % from accounts you've added, their RC condition and activity. Similar to Hiveonboard @peakd now also has this feature if you go to "tools" and then "my referrals" you'll find yourself on this page.


Something you may notice straight off the bat is that peakd.com let's you set the beneficiary cut yourself, but for this initiative we're recommending max 10%. Remember that this is something the new user can remove at any time.

One of the incentives would be the beneficiary rewards for this initiative. Granted they get curation, read more about how we want to deal with that part and at the same time avoid abuse.

Post rewards

On top of the referral/beneficiary rewards for the onboarded users and "guaranteed curation" on their first posts, we'd also want to offer post rewards to sweeten the deal. Posts about the initiative would not be repetitive copy-pasted spam, though and require some additional work from our side once a week. No one wants to see the same (this post for instance) on trending once per week and automation to receive that much rewards. What we propose instead is that after this first week we'd start doing compilation posts highlighting some of the new signups. A short description after reading their introduction posts or what they like to post about with images of their accounts and links so that our readers and the trending attention can see if it's users they'd be interested in following and supporting on their Hive journey.

Some of the post rewards would go to the authors compiling as that may take effort but the rest would be left to reward the referrers the next week.

Avoiding abuse

As you may have been thinking at this point already, people are going to try and abuse this through sockpuppets and identity theft. For this the only solution we think is necessary is that the referrer asks the new sign up to also include a link in their first post/or a comment under it to one of their socials where they have been active stating that "@username" is their Hive account. This has been one of the main ways I've been able to verify newcomers to avoid an identity thief from pretending to be someone they're not. There's nothing worse than a legit creator later finding out someone's been profiting off of their work.

We realize that this is an extra kind of annoying step that may shoo off new signups but I think just mentioning the way rewards work and how fast newcomers can earn their first crypto here and that identity theft is often involved they'll understand why this is necessary.

Anyway, as mentioned this'll be an experiment so let's see how it goes!


Invite new users to Hive
Use a referral link if you like
Give them some HP or tell us in a comment here when they've created an account if you can't delegate HP to them yourself
Post their first post in a comment here so we can curate it
Tell them to add a link to a comment on their previous social media site where they verify that this is indeed their Hive account
Send them over to our Discord if they have more questions and you don't have time
Earn these post rewards + guaranteed beneficiary rewards
Keep it going

Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on how to improve upon this, we'd gladly hear you out and appreciate it.

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@acidyo, here's my onboarded newbies. You said in the OCD chat to comment it here.

I have onboarded quite a few of my friends using my own RC over the course of a few months. They're now creating content under my guidance and I'm very happy they're thriving really well here. Thank you very much for the support. I'm planning to reach out more because my strategy seemed to work. I painstakingly guide them one by one. I assure you, they're one of the best content creators here.

@kayceeports2020 - https://peakd.com/myhiveintro/@kayceeports2020/my-introduction-to-the-hive-community

@josejirafa - https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@josejirafa/my-introduction-in-the-hive-community-who-is-josejirafa

@queenielee - https://peakd.com/myhiveintro/@queenielee/kiwinie-travels-hive-intro-there-and-back-again

@glecerioberto - https://peakd.com/myhiveintro/@glecerioberto/a-dive-into-hive-the-start-of-my-journey

@francisjurado - https://peakd.com/myfirstblog/@francisjurado/hive-horizons-an-account-of-thoughtful-expression

There are still some who haven't made their introduction post yet, but I'm working with them to have their post uploaded soon.

Thanks and great job! For this onboarding experiment we'll just be accepting the one's who made an intro post after this was announced and if they post their intro post later it'll count for that post's post rewards instead.

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Oh! I see. I'll invite more then. 😄

@hermanoskutter signed up for #Hive with my referral link. They just published a great introductory post. Curate him!

Also you can validate his identity on Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/hermanoskutter/

Thanks! ✦

using my @peakd referral link this guy has joined hive successfully and have published a small intro post..

Great idea!

I have been inviting some people recently but they still haven't made their first post, some haven't made an account yet, but soon they will. However, I have been delegating some HP to the new users that I find and that have ran out of RCs. I'm also curating their posts with this account and with some of the accounts that have been trusted to me. I've also found a lot of great posts with a low rewards thanks to my friend @ilazramusic who shares them with me.

I have enough HP on this account to help at least 5 to 8 people and support them with votes (depending on the quality) so they can have their own HP soon.

In my latest post, I talk a little about this.

Also, I can volunteer to help people in Spanish or English but I prefer one on one interaction, I don't like group chats... eddiespino#1698 is my Discord or also on Twitter: @eddiespino.

@freidimar18 is a user that has started with a lot of strength, I noticed that she ran out of RC so I delegated to her: https://peakd.com/@freidimar18/posts

I will keep looking and supporting new users that have great content.

@aurauramagic is not a brand new user but this post is amazing: https://peakd.com/hive-130845/@aurauramagic/eng-esp-pixelart-contest-5-galaxy-or-concurso-pixelart-5-galaxia I think you might like it.


@aliento gracias por tu mención. Además muchísimas gracias por el apoyo! 💕

¡Por nada @freidimar18! Sigue creando contenido y si tienes dudas puedes comunicarte conmigo a través de una de las opciones que puedes encontrar en mi perfil: eddiespino#1698

I wish you luck with this! I have exhausted all of my friends already but may try to put something else out to attract others.

Great initiative!

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I think this is an excellent initiative to encourage those of us who are new to Hive and who have been creating content for this platform for some time.

Yesterday I made my presentation of identity through this community, I appreciate the guidance, support and motivation provided. https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@wilflor/my comenzo-en-hive-wilflor-my-start-in-hive-wilflor

Great idea! I was actually thinking about asking if there was some sort of referral option ready because I aim at giving a course to introduce people to hive in the near future (if the second wave won't hit before that, that is). This instantly gives me the opportunity to help them out creating accounts. Thanks! I logged in on hiveonboard.com and it looks super easy to use.

Let's make hive thrive!

Oooh this is good to know! My daughter has promised me to start blogging tomorrow!

I like this. I am calling over @hiveblogshare and @hivelift, two initiatives that are designed to market quality Hive content outside the hive. Specifically with a view to attracting new users.

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First of all @ocd this is a welcomed initiative, it would offer the newbie a better start and I appreciate.

I reffered this person @hemanuell and he has also published a introductory post here: https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@hemanuell/finally-here-introduction-to-hive

And with such a start would be motivated to do more. I'm also quite new on Hive so I'm low on hive power and unable to delegate to the account if you can help with that it'll help him have a better start. Thanks

Great initiative, ive already add @lauramica a month ago. Without noticing about the referal system /=. Btw, she is doing an outstanding work, ill delegate some HP at the beggining but she growth herself preety fast. Of course we talk a lot about how hive system works.

Now i add another two persons. Plus one account for myself. Is part of a new project, is not a "person" ( @nerdboard).

Another of the newcommers do some short post about something he is working on. But he is kinda a filmaker, but doesnt add many graphic material to his post. Or didnt understand the "effort required" to have some success here. And another girl who make great clothing but isnt apear yet (add some profile photo and thats all)

The site of hive boarding is really cool and it impresse me. Im also trying to add a few friends, with not much success. But im like a crypto evangelist, cant help it, cant stop.

Even when i was away. Never stop spreading the word of Jivesus

Very good idea. Thanks for the information. I will try to delve deeper. Hopefully I can understand about this.

Fantastic idea.

Nice jobs

Very good initiative, in fact the job of attracting more members to the hive is up to all of us. I think it's okay to have identity verified as it's very annoying that hard-working content creators get less rewards than abusers who take advantage of other people's jobs.

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Great idea! I am going to try this today!!!