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Hey everyone! Some big announcements today in the spirit of improving communities, before we get to the changes some words on what we've done this far and the effects we've seen of our curation.

If you wanna dive right into the changes scroll down to the next header! The changes might be even more interesting if you are the owner of a niche and unique community looking for some curation to drive traffic to it!

OCD is one of the earliest communities which already started out during the beta phase. We are proud to have the biggest genuine subscriber count of any community out there and it's been a blast seeing all the diverse content being posted through us, curating what we liked and wanted to see more of and seeing a sort of "natural selection" evolution occurring. We believe communities are and will be a very powerful tool not only for content discovery but also to building strong and lasting relationships with more engagement and a stronger sense of a true community on Hive. This was a difficult decision for us to make as we've seen a lot of improvements of content over the last few months but for the greater good we believe this is the right step forward to help drive traffic through more communities and bring out the best of what this feature has to offer for our platform.

Actually I think I'm gonna cut it short here and spare you the details and cut right to the changes, feel free to ask in the comments if there's anything you're wondering about our decision.

Community Incubation

Moving forward we will be focusing curation less and less in our community: OCD and instead more on genre specific communities. We are looking forward to open partnerships with other community leaders who are looking for some extra curation and at the same time drive authors from ours to theirs if what they post belongs in that community. Currently we are assisting a few communities with this already and will be using even more of our voting power towards them. Some of these communities are: Hive Gaming, OnChainArt, Natural Medicine, Alien Art, The Ink Well, Photography Lovers and now also AskHive. We have already seen some of these evolve nicely with content and are happy to help them even more in the near future.

If you are someone who has a niche community you've recently started or are looking to start one, now would be a good time to do so, get in touch with us through our Discord and see how we can co-operate! Our immediate plans are to open up channels for each community leaders and their curators where they can nominate posts in their communities for curation.


One thing we are very proud of and happy to see so many actively using is our #posh initiatives where we encourage content creators to share their posts on Twitter to drive more traffic to our front-ends and more readers to their posts. We will attempt to encourage other community leaders to also make the most out of Proof of Sharing and reward those using it with bigger votes than what they would have received had they not shared it.

We are also looking forward to evolving these initiatives further with their own token or point system. With the ENGAGE token we had a simple distribution method through comments to engaging users and put some buy pressure on the market so the tokens had some value and along side it we are also planning on creating a POSH token in the near future while including other platforms to share your content on aside from Twitter. The POSH token will be distributed based on engagement on the other platforms as well on top of viewcounters on Hive.blog/PeakD once/if they are made public. Needless to say this is still a bit off in the near future and if we get lucky we may even have SMT's waiting for us to maybe further advance token functionality and usecase!


Our initial plans with our community were for it to be a place where newcomers go to to share their posts and/or intro posts and get recommendations on which communities to join depending on their interests and post content. While onboarding and a tipping system is still a bit off reach we do plan on making the most out of it once it's here. We believe things will move a lot faster here on Hive now and are looking forward to that.

We will be updating our sidebar with the communities we will be focusing curation and encouraging posters to post in the genre specific communities instead.

Moving forward there will still be room in OCD for posts where authors are unsure if they belong to a community but we hope that won't be the case with more and more communities coming alive for any and all posts much like there's a subreddit for everything these days. One very good point someone very close to me also made is that communities might be something new users look at as soon as they join the platform and we all know that many don't like reading FAQ's so if we can help them get started and join the right communities than that's a good thing to focus on. Other than that we want to also get back to approaching and inviting content creators to our platform as there's so many out there who've yet to hear about it and realize the differences between the advantages we offer compared to the centralized giants that exist today who even by adding cryptocurrencies will never be as fair to content creators as we are (in my opinion).

Other than that I'm sure there's plenty of other things we'll think of that we can help on the platform such as getting back to curating other languages as well while we're growing our stake to be able to cover as many posts as possible!

If you have any questions feel free to ask here or contact us in our Discord server and feel free to let us know what you think about the announced changes. :)

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This is a great move in helping to curate people across a whole different spectrum of communities and content, while at the same time giving people the ability to post directly to the community they are a part of. Hopefully we will get more people posting in the communities they are a part of now and not just posting to certain communities for a vote.

This is great news and thank you for the support of the Photography Lovers community. If you are interested in joining, just click the hyperlink above and subscribe. We all look forward to seeing what great photos you post to the community.

Great things coming!

If you're a community mod/leader or you have a project for a community and you aim to collaborate with OCD and at the same time, unite the Hive community and work towards the same goals, reach out to us whether on the OCD discord (link in post) it by DM to @acidyo or me.

is the collaborate here means @ocd will help to curate on the community made by other users even tho the community leader doesn't have power at the time?

Yes, as leaders and curators in a specific community, feel free to join our discord and talk to us and we can see how we can help. Of course some effort already put into the community is always a plus but new ones starting out will get a shot too!

That is freaking awesome! thank you uncle mew, heading up to the Discord asap 😆

In Indonesia we have only just begun, and are eager to raise the community, and work with OCD

I will try !

Te escribo porque leí este post y ya que tengo una pequeña comunidad como tú bien sabes desde hace 2 años en Discord, con mas o menos 300 personas, y tú has sido patrocinante durante unas semanas en algunos concursos de música (espero lo recuerdes),

Considerando lo anterior y puesto que desde hace un mes tengo mi comunidad en HIVE llamada @kantos-comunidad y ya lanzamos nuestro primer concurso con bastante éxito...

Me encantaría ser tomado en cuenta como una COMUNIDAD de habla hispana a la cual OC pueda apoyar con recursos, ya que están descentralizando mas las curaciones y que como me has comentado en reiteradas ocasiones, no cuentan con curaduría formalmente para spanish.

Pudiesen ser concursos de Música o de Literatura, o Freewrite... Espero te guste la idea.

Quedo atento a alguna posible respuesta.

Un abrazo Eric, Feliz día donde te encuentres.

<3 Yes, great direction to go in. We want people to start using communities and not chase upvotes by only posting in the big ones. Great example of how to use influential stake!

I was literally just replying to someone about this very thing where there should be a drive to improve content discovery on specific topics, otherwise there isn't really any point on communities so this is great to see!

I'm posting my music blogs now in hive-193816 aka Music which is run by @uwelang, @andyjaypowell, @djlethalskillz, @musicgeek, @qsounds and @edje

There's also now a niche electronic music community that just started - hive-164853 aka EDM by @daltano.

So I think these will also be good ones to support as I remember you were looking for music curators previously, don't know if you've reached out to these folks or not so sharing what communities I've just come across in the last couple of days/weeks 😃

I have mentioned @uwelang's music community as one of the two I had in mind @nickyhavey. I think it is worthy.

Hey hey @slobberchops - that is fab and nice - much much appreciated.

Nice one mate! Thank you - if we can draw more music fans in who can interact (in many ways) with musicians or just share their favourite tracks/playlists in a blog then holy shit... the potential... one step at a time, otherwise I'll explode in a cloud of electricity and excitement!

Thanks for the mention mate - much appreciated @nickyhavey

You got it man, keep it up, I'm working on bringing a few more adventurous musicians to share their music in the Music communities too!

kudos on the mention nicky! this is great

You got it man, keep up the good work!

I think it's the right move, I follow other communities but I tend to post here almost like default.

The communities will benefit from this but it's also a better way to build a following when you're posting to a group of people who like or understand better what you do.

I completely support this and I will be sharing my next post (whenever I finish it) to an art related community.

This was really starting to bother me, especially after the comments, I saw from @soyrosa and I don't really blame her either. There's so many using the ocd and gems communities in the hope of a vote that people don't want to use any of the others.

So this has come at a good time for me, and I'm glad you are doing this or the community aspect was going to break.

I hope gems can do something similar. As for the participating communities, I will contact you about two that I would like to be added if possible.

I talked about Audience and not Rewards as the most important factor, but YES, they are clearly influencing how people are 'choosing' their communities. I hope this change is going to make a difference and more niche communities can 'apply' to bigger stakeholders like OCD/Appreciator/etc to spread the rewards across all of the awesome topics people enjoy talking about.

First of all, lovely to see this effort being made by OCD to help other communities gain traction. I definitely believe it's good to have the ideas of communities grow and be more spread out across the eco-system!

As I am sure you know I am the founder of @pinmapple (@steemitworldmap back in the days) and Haveyoubeenhere. As @pinmapple is a broad tool for people wanting to GEO-tag their posts, we really want people to be entirely free to choose the community they post in. Yet we do have a strong curation effort going on for Travel content coming through the map. Every day we go through all posts pinned to the map and feature the best content in our daily #traveldigest. The best content is currently being rewarded with an upvote from @pinmapple and our top 3 can currently count on an upvote from @theycallmedan as well!

We also have the Haveyoubeenhere community, where posts coming from our app are being posted too (as it has a higher focus on traveling). These posts are also pinned to @pinmapple automatically. It's still in its infancy, but we're actively looking for ways to grow it. All content is in a streamlined format, which makes it easy on the eyes for readers!

I will get in touch to see if there is a way we can find a way to work together with @ocd for either or both @pinmapple or Haveyoubeenhere. Any support from @ocd could definitely enhance not only the Haveyoubeenhere community but both the @pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere projects even more and the entire Travel community that benefits from these!

The travel community is one that consistently delivers high quality but sadly we've seen some authors drifting away due to lack to support. Hopefully this initiative, plus the restart of @trendthis, and the work that @Pinmapple and Haveyoubeenhere are doing will encourage travellers to return to Hive

Hi! I am an admin for the Weedcash network, and Co-Founder of @canna-curate, a curation account that supports cannabis content on Steem, and now Hive. We have always relied on giving people up votes in return for a delegation to help our manual curation efforts. This is something I eventually want to stop doing, and focus entirely on curation of great cannabis content, without relying on delegation for upvotes. I am not sure how a partnership would look between us, but I am really open to it!

Here is a list of communities I want to get recognition for from the OCD Team.

As you can see we have some great content coming out, from a diverse group of people. I always wish my up vote is worth what people deserve, but a comment can go a long ways.

That's awesome news hopefully the OCD guys are on board

@jonyoudyer and I have also joined forces curating quality cannabis and psychedelic content on the @canna-community trail: https://hive.vote/dash.php?trail=canna-community&i=1 Following the trail is the easiest way to support the cannabis/weedcash Community on Hive: https://hive.blog/trending/hive-195708 The idea of the trail is for the followers to earn curation rewards while also supporting quality cannabis and psychedelic content.

I’ll up my delegation, since my voting power is always drained lol. But hell yeah man, it’s great to see our community grow into what it has!

We'll meet you at our discord server!

Sounds good and hopefully it will help strengthen some of the niche communities that are struggling with rewards. Distribution is important and that includes content topics - but having a place to "hang the hat" can really help people. The niche communities can also support those who are unsure what to post as they prompt users to get involved - kind of like the competitions can.

Hopefully the support is appreciated by the communities and users that will benefit and I look forward to seeing what comes of it - although, OCD was the community I spent the most time in ;')

We were just trying to get away from you honestly. xD

I am going to post daily in every community OCD support. All of them... Daily.

I'm just gonna write a spin-off of everything you post and cross post to all of them every hour.

That's the spirit!

is @tarazcrown still available?

All the alts will join together to become the most powerful extractor:


Feathered Friends
Is a community for All things about birds-photography, art, stories. It is an active community of nature lovers.

Shadow Hunters
Is for original content photos featuring shadows and hosts a contest each week to spread some rewards around.

Both of these communities would appreciate some OCD attention! ❤️

Hopefully we'll see you in our discord server to talk more about this!

I am not a big Discord user, since I would much rather spend my time on Hive, but I'll stop by if you think it is the thing to do! ❤️

Awesome awesome awesome! I actually were about the make a post about this problem but super cool to see you guys taking this step!

I started outdoors a few weeks ago, which is a community for us people who loves to get lost in the wild and enjoy the nature to the fullest whether that might be hiking, camping, climbing etc. It's kind of broad but still specific enough

We are about 59 members as we speak and in the early beginning. I kind of encouraged people to join in just to get the stone rolling. But of course, growth is hard when it is the most profitable to post on giants such as GEMS and OCD. Despite that, I'm still trying my best to make people join in and reward people who post there with my own small stake. I really appreciate you guys going to diversify into other communities.

I would love for you to take a look and see if it's something you would like to help grow! I'm also gonna contact your discord channel of course. Even if you don't choose this community it's still great to see @acidyo and company taking this step!

I would love to see a colab between OCD and Outdoors, two of my favorite communities :)

This gives me an idea to perhaps start a small community of my own here! I still am not quite sure where I fit in yet - part dev, part gaming, part art haha...

Anyways, love what you guys are doing. I just re-delegated 2500HP to @OCDB - keep up the great work!

Good move, thanks for the heads up! Nice choice of outside communities you are looking at, though I would like to see some dedicated support for musical content (I have a lot of musician friends I would love to onboard since that's what I studied in undergrad.)

The POSH initiatives are cool and can't wait until ENGAGE is a thing again on this side as the comment sections are too often a barren, empty plain. :-D

To be blunt, we need to overcome the relatively (in comparison to STEEM ATH) unimpressive price action by a multi-pronged approach.

  1. Onboard core users who like the concept and are not too bothered what the rewards are because they like the communities they discover.
  2. Create community-led initiatives to increase the distribution of HIVE (similar to the donations given by many to make the Huobi giveaway possible)
  3. Focus development of front-ends towards simplification, gamification, speed, and convenience. Add encrypted private-messaging.
  4. As activity increases, price increases; as price increases, activity increases. The hardest part is beginning of the exponential curve before network effect kicks in.

Great to see. Would love you guys to throw @sportstalk community in as well since the sports token has now moved lock stock and barrel onto the Hive-Engine.

Sounds like a good move, and a generous one, spreading out the rewards a little - I can see the need for it too with some of the deserving and underfunded communities. I like the proof of sharing on social media concept too, drive more users to Hive.Blog - make it rain!

For more engagement in other communities, it is must be needed. Not only that #hive is missing many whales, and whales can make the best for each and every community. They should come forward like @ocd and curating more and more quality posts from each and every community.

Here I'm nominating @bdcommunity for your kind consideration.

So write posts on other platforms and use the #posh tag, is that right?

Let's say I write a FB post, then share that to Twitter, then use the #posh tag on both, will that work?

The original has to be on peakd or hive.blog. :P

thanks for the clarification!

Or on Esteem? Many of us access Hive from our phones.

There's a whole community for Beer @acidyo, Beer. All they talk about there is beer and it is a beautiful place to be in. Check out the community over here for the love of beer and all things awesome.

Also check out the Naija community as well. 😁

Keep up the hard work you've been doing mates. I know it must be hard to keep it up, mostly when HIVE is growing exponentially. Any help you need from this server, even if it's little is more than my pleasure. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come!

These are really good changes on the community. I have a new community for Devs here and would like to get some support. :)

Oh that's nice. I would like to know more about your community. 😀

Great, we can have a chat on discord, and we could do stuff together.

Same here :)

Perfect! :) Will be hitting your dm soon.

Really great to see. Thanks for all your work and supporting OnChainArt and other communities.

Looking very Kewl @ocd and thanks for the good vibes and support its very much appreciated, Clubfungus and its associated communities have supported music artists and built up a good support following over many years on Soundcloud Bookface groups and twitters bridge and ventured over to Steemit to try do the same but without much success in bringing many artist over. This split with two blogs Steemit and Hive makes me feel like i dont know which Blog to post at anymore. However if anyone wants some extra free support on SC check out the Clubfungus and Subwav pages all music genres accepted and there is even a Music competition running currently for anyone interested you can win money and maybe buy some Hive crypto. Cheers stay safe everyone! Peace :)

Artist community support pages:




I need to get my introduceyourself community going. I wonder if this would help it?

Be so amazing to encourage people to post to communities they are part of instead of just going for vote. Love idea of POSH tokens.. driving marketing together! Xx

Hopefully we'll see someone from this community on our discord soon!

Thanks for the update @OCD team!

     I think this change will be for the better. Things are changing so fast on the blockchain, it's hard to keep up at times. Anyhow, I hope things settle down one day so this becomes a safe and predictable place for content creators.

     I think this is a step in the right direction. I've thought of making a community myself, but not sure if I'd find the time to manage it properly. Anyhow, keep up the good work on the chain. You've always got my support!

Hey, @ocd, et al.

I'm all for communities, and you all can do what you feel is right. Thanks for letting us know.

That said, I don't personally fit into any of those categories. I enjoy taking photographs, but for me, it's not as much an art form as it is a way of enhancing the post or story I'm telling.

As it is, I'm not sure what specific communities I might fall into, other than one about food on a weekly basis. Otherwise, I could be all over the board.

The main purpose of communities in my mind was to sort out content discovery. It wasn't necessarily to have big community accounts upvoting, though I don't have much of a problem with that. Getting higher HP upvote is one of the big reasons why I'm still here.

I also haven't quite figured out cross posting. It should be as easy as adding a tag, but from what I can tell (since I don't even know how to do it), it seems to create an additional (and seemingly unnecessary) announcement post that ends up being upvoted, too.

Thank you for what you've done so far. I will just need to see how I fit in with this new path.

I wonder if GEMS would be a good option for you too, if you don't feel like your post has a pertinent community area. They seem to be going strong. I think OCD will still be any option for you as well. I feel like Acid is saying that if there is a pertinent community that it should go there rather than in a more random one. I'm guessing they will still support something that wouldn't fit elsewhere. The communities are a bit of a maze, but I hope you find homes for all your content. 💙

Hey, @minismallholding.

Well, that's very kind of you. Thank you. :)

I've been a member of GEMS and OCD both. Other than OCD has a trail and seems to have more of a community feel, while GEMS appears to be mainly one of the big three, I don't know if there's much of a difference in what they've accepted, and when they've actually upvoted, and then how much. It's all been kind of a mystery to me how that all goes down.

Ultimately, though, I think communities is the way to go, if crossposting can be simplified (or someone can help me understand how it actually works), and more people with HP can get involved (you have a few whales, some in betweeners, and a lot of minnows and plankton), then the whole system has a chance. Otherwise, we'll just end up loading up on one community or the other, and our content will all reflect that niche subject.

Again, I'm good with communities. But are we just supposed to go to the niche community that has no oomph at all, and therefore forego rewards? I mean, I want engagement and eyeballs on my post, but I'm on HIVE, rather than anywhere else, because I can earn rewards. I would think most of us have that as a priority among others.

Yes, that last paragraph! I think this is what OCD is trying to remedy, the niches being invisible. I think as hive grows we'll need more projects like OCD and curie, too. Either that or really work to get some clout in the niche community accounts.

@lemouth @mobbs : See if this is relevant to #STEMsocial ?

Hehe! I already had a chat with acidyo about it yesterday. Let's see, let's see ;)

Wow, big developments! I'd love to tie in our new concept and community to this called BuyTopics - we literally, buy posts from users in our communities and they write them. If we could add a little oomph so to speak to the posts we can really get the ball rolling for everyone involved! Love to talk to someone about a partnership for sure 👍

One thing community owners may not be aware of is that their community does have a wallet, that the account can vote on post that people post in their community, this may give a little more incentive for authors to start spreading their post out. I have been actively trying to spread my post out to various communities as I believe they can form a solid backbone to the HIVE Block Chain.

The reason so many post in GEMS, OCD, and Curie is because they are known place to maybe get a good vote, So as the owners learn and build an HP balance in their community perhaps people will migrate to posting in communities a bit more.

I am concerned a little bit about the cross-posting, and I do think that Authors should not be doing it, but if a community owner cross-post something they feel fits well with their community then I see no real issue with that. (other than my accidentally voting on a cross post that is from a still active post).

If when I ever get to an HP level where my community can leave a $0.030 vote on a post I may actually start looking for authors.(not really, mine is just for testing purposes).

I step in the right direction I believe. The curation style is growing with the HIVE. I really think defined niche communities has to be the culture so we as individuals can further target niche groups to onboard and support. When ReggaeSteem > ReggaeJAHM was started we knew we had a highly defined niche which would also mean less users, but we wanted to represent the Caribbean region and culture, making the blockchain a versatile space.

Here is our Reggae and Caribbean content Community called ReggaeJAHM


We want to onboard and support individuals from the Caribbean region as well as individuals who love reggae music and culture as this is a market that has yet to really explore the use cases Hive has to offer.( It is not an easy road but an interesting one) Looking forward to collaborate and bring the swarm where they belong.

I second that, @OCD support for the ReggaeJAHM community would be a game changer.

that is cool to know. looking at the availability of the communities evolving more on hive it is helping content creator to learn more and discover their niche

I know it's front-end specific, but communities should be more visible for users and not hidden in a sub-menu somewhere; the way I see it, is right on the front-page of a website, where I don't need to shift my eyes to reach them and subscribe to them.

It's nice seeing curation going niche oriented, the previous method was dismantling smaller niche oriented groups. So now, it's not only easier to find content, but those on super small groups get more visibility.

This is a good move
I believe this will help communities grow and bond by sharing content on similar subjects. This should drive content creators to produce posts focusing in on a particular subject that brings the community closer.

I think this is a positive thing. Upvote chance was the glue holding the community together. The content is just too varied. It's neat, but more of a tag than anything. And for now you have POSH.

Excited about this opportunity. HiveAfrica is the first African community on the hive blockchain. We hope to build a healthy African community on the hive blockchain.
It's a very young initiative and we will be glad to have your support.

Really great news.This is the right move for us.

Great move I must say. It has been difficult to get anybody to post in the Nigerian Hive community, even though a lot of content from members would have been much better placed in the Nigerian community were trying to use to attract and encourage Nigerian authors. Adding our community to the list of considered communities will go a long way in encouraging people to post there and will also attract more Nigerians and more engagement in our community, rather than a situation where these quality posts get lost in a sea of unrelated posts.

Great to see the new direction guys, but don't forget the LeoFinance community!

We've got to start focusing on building Hive by onboarding outsiders, not just sharing our content within. This change of direction in your curation efforts will hopefully help encourage your army of writers who use those generic tags in search of upvotes within Hive, to actually get their work out there to a bigger audience.

Communities help the onboarding of specific groups of people from outside the current Hive community. By helping to curate quality content within communities, you're encouraging people to create on Hive and often share it with a group of like-minded outsiders. The idea is hopefully they see the value of Hive for their specific niche and are then more likely to then come to Hive themselves.

An interesting concept and opportunity for growth of @Hive , sharing the wealth, encouraging engagement as well as sparking content producers to publish.

Amid all this recent turmoil and changes, I'm finally getting my head wrapped around what direction to take with our FreeSpeechCommunity - https://hive.blog/trending/hive-168088 delivered here from steemit…to better help with the overall growth of Hive in general.

I'll be moving funds from the old platform shortly in order to beef up HP here, from personal account and most likely solicit delegations from any other interested parties :>) @hive-168088 members and non-members alike.

I'm also interested in a mutually, beneficial relationship with other ' Hive Communities' leaders and members as well.


Let's talk more about this on our discord server!

Sounds like the perfect approach to me. This way posts are more likely to be lodged in the pertinent community rather than people favouring a more general one because that community doesn't have the clout to support great content.

It's not a big community yet, but I wonder if the right encouragement will get people posting more, so I will probably try to contact you re the @HomeEdders community. Is there a specific channel which is best to use our should I contact you or someone else directly, Acid?

Greetings dear friends of @ocd, I have a community that I am reactivating recently, whose name is the @erarium project, this community is created in order to impart knowledge based on issues related to monetary management and trading specifically, Although it may have similarity with the Leo Finance community, we only focus specifically on these issues, therefore, the curatorship is based only on Finance related to risk management and trading, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, since by Of course it is an asset with which you can invest in the financial markets, for this reason, I am writing to you in order to obtain support in this regard, to bring education and curatorship to our community both online and offline, from this way our objective is to find many traders who share all their experiences and analysis through us to guide them and in turn they get a vote positive that motivates them to continue sharing their content. I am at your service and attentive to your comments.

Our community is native Spanish-speaking, but we can also curate content in English, the link to our discord is this: Discord

Great posting

We just start begins Indonesian Hive Community here and were many our friends support by OCD at this time, but the problem was if our many friends could'nt english very well and whose to chosen their content to be curating. I hope Indonesian Hive Community could join OCD in this project.

Awesome changes! Can't wait to discover more communities to post into :)

I am a moderator of this community https://peakd.com/c/hive-146620/created
is an italian speaking/writing community
We are surely interested in your plans, can you support our community?

That's a great move as there are some communities who run challenges and the like but struggle for support. For me personally it's the right thing to do by posting to the community relevant to my post subject but do appreciate the wide spectrum of genres that find themselves at home here in ocd AND I'm truly thankful for the amazing support from yourselves. This move is wonderful news!

Great move. OCD community was my first point of call when I posted but it is great that you will be curating outside it more.
I will be posting and upvoting on onchainart going forward.
Thanks for being the fairy godmother of Hive.

This is great initiative

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