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RE: I made myself a Birthday gift by purchasing a new Mountain Bike!

in OCD7 months ago

First of all: Happy Birthday! I'm sure you're gonna have loads of fun cycling. And the best part: buying cool features is addicting as hell! It never ends; there's always something else we wanna buy. I loved that valp cap, hah.

I think you made a good choice by going for V-Brakes (easy and cheaper to maintain) and you can always upgrade when you get to the point of doing more hardcore stuff (where the discs will be required). Many travelers don't go for discs too.


Thanks so much! And yeah, I already have a list with all the things I want to buy for "Aiko" 😀

That's also what I thoughts about v-brakes, but we shall see how much I'll need to upgrade it in the future depending on my journeys with the bike

Yeah, it all depends on where you wanna cycle. Isolated places? I'd use v-brakes. In super hilly places? I'd go discs. It's all relative.

Probably it will take a while until I get to hilly places because I still have lots to explore urban so I guess I made the right decision for now 😊