Hive blockchain receives massive media coverage from the borehole inauguration in Ghana.

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Hive continues to be the first platform in my knowledge with blockchain operations to do this fantastic marketing with the newly inaugurated borehole project in Ghana. Throughout the previous years, much promotional work has been done with blockchain in various forms. Each one of them had a significant effect on the path we are promoting. It thus perhaps the most spectacular advertising produced by hive in such a short amount of time.

In order to undertake this empowering initiative, hive advertising is necessary to help share the key values of the hive blockchain with the rest of the world. I am grateful to you @guiltyparties, @taskmaster4450le, @doze, @ranchorelaxo, @ocdb, @trafalgar, @resonator, @acidyo, @ackza, @v4vapid, @canadian-coconut, @haejin, @blocktrades @adetorrent, @daveks, @felixxx @bhattg @newsflash @zuerich, @lichtblick, @dswigle not forgetting @collinz, @anaman, and @awuahbenjamin plus several others for putting up plans and activities to promote the hive ecosystem via such powerful programs. Matter of fact, the just inaugurated hive borehole project in Ghana has evidenced and illustrated as many key projects would undoubtedly accomplish the hive ecosystem's advertising aspirations in places for which lives are effectively empowered.


News coverage

Now, I'd like to provide a report on the news that almost everyone in Ghana is discussing about currently. It was planned for the launch of the hive project in Ghana to invite several media agencies to cover the ceremony. Five out of the seven major Ghanaian media firms expected to attend the opening ceremony showed up. People were thrilled to have them join us on these to inform all Ghanaians about the amazing things made necessary by blockchain technology.

Due to the implementation of the potable water project, news outlets in Ghana that covered the hive project started to publish a story upon that. This caught the eye of many media agencies, who offered to participate in this activity by passing on information about hive's amazing project in Ghana's Ashanti region. This however has increased the number of media outlets sharing the news about hive in Ghana.

Just as in the pervious project, several of these media sites have contacted us and expressed gratitude for our assistance in serving a community utilizing blockchain technology. We have put together a list of thirteen (13) media organizations which have broadcast on the successfully finished hive project at Agona Bedomase, Ghana as of today. The following are links to the key press outlets and the news feed on the hive borehole project at Agona Bedomase in Ghana.






africanews arena.PNG


choice news.PNG










my gh page.PNG




nigeria news.PNG





Whats next?
I'm showing a strong joy at the rising acknowledgment of Ghana's hive ecosystem. In the piece written by the news organisations on their digital news platform, we included a brief description of the hive ecosystem, and also a link to guide all viewers to the hive ecosystem. The major news outlets who approached us of hive project pointed towards something really amazing to showcase with all hivers on the this blockchain.

Notwithstanding this short description we provided in the several posts, they enquired about the hive whenever people approached us. Almost major news organization have committed to connect with us at a subsequent date for a one-on-one interview on respective television and radio stations to provide extra details about the hive ecosystem with their followers and audiences. The above is perhaps the most extremely exciting news to hear about the borehole project just as it happened previously.

Let me proclaim not only has our hive empowering effort delivered water to the Agona Bedomase village in Ghana, however it has supplied hive again with required awareness in Ghana. In this regard, we hope to plan a press interview in the upcoming weeks to provide more details on the hive ecosystem. This advertising effort fulfilled an important purpose by allowing us to notify a large number of Ghanaians about the hive blockchain. While doing so, I hope to urge all Ghanaians on the hive ecosystem to significantly organize themselves, as we prepare further empowering programs in Ghana to attract many individuals into the hive ecosystem.


Project : Construction of borehole system
Location : Agona Bedomase (Ghana, West Africa)
Sponsor : @valueplan
Project manager : @mcsamm & @collinz


Changing lives with hive.


Great job. My hat is off to everyone who is involved this is. Here we see brass knuckles, fingers in the mud life changing actions. This is what it is all about.

Through Hive, you were able to tap into a global community to help you solve some local problems. Let us keep this going.

With the right promotion across Hive, we can get more involved in helping not only to fund this but raise awareness.

I presume this is a common problem across communities in Ghana?

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It really is. Promotional activities like these are crucial to getting people closer to hive. Together, we can reach more with hive.

If we could replicate the same around other developing regions funded by DHF, we could have an amazing amount of free marketing with many new users onbaord HIVE. We are already donating 833 HBD/Day for Ukraine.

With the amount of HIVE branding we have here, asking for 1000 HBD/Day from DHF is more than a fair ask IMHO.

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We can build a strong promotional content here in Africa through a life changing initiatives with hive DHF. Thanks for bringing this up and your support.

That is amazing and super cool. Politicians stand around blowing wind and Hive is out there changing lives.

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Thats all politicians are good at. We are improving lives out there.

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What better way to spread the word about Hive, then show people what the community is capable of. Over the past years we know how many lives Hive has changed and this is not over. Congratulations for your efforts!

Thanks. This won't be the last time. Hive will continue to have real use cases out there to impact lives.

Amazing work and congratulations to everyone involved!

While the speculators and rich country big finance players are playing their stupid, dangerous games and crypto prices tank along with everything else, the real work in creating a decentralised future is being done at the ground roots, in Ghana, El Salvador, Nigeria etc.

Bitcoin and Hive, as the only truly decentralised blockchains are gaining more and more usage in poorer countries.

The economic pecking order of the world is not set in stone - it is due for a big shakeup.

Those poorer countries that adopt Bitcoin and Hive will become rich and those rich and powerful countries that try to suppress or block or even control crypto will fall behind.

Remember, 100 years ago Argentina was the richest country in the world!

That's good yo know... The early adopters are to make a big difference here on the blockchain. Impacting lives with blockchain in countries like Ghana is so commendable. Thanks for sharing this piece with us sir.

I checked out the statistics for some websites on Similarweb. We must have had at least 10K impression from the news coverage. This is great free marketing from press overate. Great job! Wish you the best on your future ventures!

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Always grateful to you @bhattg

wow this is really great thanks for the update. 🤩🚀
Hive will soon to the moon.

!giphy great


We're gradually exploding...

So WOW. Really impressive work what you are doing.
Rehived and @pshio is on its way.

Wow - what an amazing job you are doing there !

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I'm grateful. Thanks so much.

Congrats! Good work with great success and promising future for the younger generations of the community! Blockchain to change the world!

It has come to improving lives around the world.

I was very happy to come across the news,,Indeed Hive is going everywhere

We're task to involve the many people who are interested in coming on board.

THIS IS AMAZING! Perhaps we can support more projects liek this to help people and get some exposure for HIVE.

We would be glad to receive more support in making hive know through empowerment projects like these. Thanks for your support sir.

That's awesome news! Congratulations on the project. This just shows how Hive can impact people's lives. Your project and it's publicity definitely brought more eyes to Hive. Cheers to more successful projects like this.

Cheers to hive blockchain. Thanks for your support.


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