My first introduction to the Hive community.

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Hello Hiver friends
I am Khoa, I am 34 years old this year, I was born and raised in Da Nang city, this is a coastal city of central Vietnam. Speaking of Da Nang, visitors can immediately imagine that it is a beautiful coastal city on the banks of the romantic Han River, with a charm that is hard to match with other coastal cities. Nature favors Da Nang with primeval forests, along with a system of beautiful waterfalls and streams. Da Nang is located near three World Heritage Sites: Hue Ancient Capital, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary, which clearly shows the role of Da Nang city in the region, as a place to welcome world tourists. Not only is the center of 03 world heritages, but Da Nang city also has many beautiful landscapes that tourists can hardly forget after visiting this city. It is with these strengths that since I was a high school student, I have oriented my park to become a tour guide later. The first years when I started working as a guide, I worked for 8 years at Viet Travel company. This is one of the largest travel agencies in Vietnam, with this job I have been to many countries in the region, along with famous tourist destinations in the world. After 8 years working at Viettravel company, I made my own decision in 2018 when I started working as a freelance tour guide, the number of guests that I usually guide is from China and Korea. Country. Tourism can be classified into many different types, depending on many factors. Domestic tourism and international tourism are two types where the main difference is. Domestic tourism involves residents of a country, traveling within that country. While international tourism involves tourists visiting different countries. This is the key difference between domestic tourism and international tourism.
















I got married in 2016, so far I have been married for 6 years. My wife and I have 2 princesses, my first daughter is 4 years old this year and our second child is 2 years old this year. Before, my wife and I rushed to work. There are times when I only see my wife and children once a month. But since 2020, when the epidemic appeared and spread globally. My work has been seriously affected, I have been completely unemployed for more than 2 years. My major is Chinese and Korean. When I was unable to lead a tour, I signed up for additional pedagogical training courses to teach foreign languages. Since I didn't have enough money, I found more jobs, like translating texts and online novels. , construct interpretation. I also work part-time at online Chinese teaching websites to earn money to support my family. But also very fortunate during this time, my family has had a lot of time to be close to each other, understand each other better, raise our children together, and that's exactly what I lost in my running years. race for work.














In 2020 and 2021, which are years of loss and pain, people all over the world are suffering the same fate, daily suffering from a small but extremely destructive virus. We have missed a lot of opportunities, lost a lot of plans, including our plans, everyone has to work from home, some people have to work in a small room with four narrow walls. should lead to mental obsessions for many months, overworked bodies plus money pressure keep weighing on small people, making them always in a state of stress. And I, like so many others, always feel suffocated, constrained, and uncomfortable when things are still not going as planned. When I read the newspaper, I see information about an increase in infections in the community, people who died because of the dying Covid monster. Everywhere my heart is a little sore, a little sad, a little painful. I always feel helpless.








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One thing that I feel very happy and excited about in 2022 is that Vietnam will open to tourism from March 15, which is good news for many tour guides who are about to return to their passionate work. his passion. After two years of not being able to work, it feels like being born again. I am very happy for me and my brothers who are doing tourism. Last time, not only me but also many people struggled, affecting their income. Tourism is open, I am very excited, I am also preparing everything, waiting for the day to come back. For the first time in more than 2 years, I will explain what I have suppressed for the past 2 years. I don't think too negatively, as long as I have a heart, responsibility, and passion for my work. I will make it through, consider this a challenge that every tour guide has to go through, not just me.

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I have learned and known about the Hive platform through my friends @whynotcamp and @trangbaby, in my next posts I will share about my travels, passing through each country and new lands. I have learned many valuable things for myself, and coming to the community, I also really want to share and learn many interesting things in life. These are some of the pictures from my travels, I am also a person who loves photography. For me behind every photo, the photographer has to convey to the audience a new message, about the beauty of what he wants to share and that is my message when coming to the Hiver platform. Thank you for reading my intro.


Welcome you to Hive community. Hope you will have a lot of fun here 😊

Wow, I guess you're also from Vietnam. This is my first post in this community.
Nice to meet you 😃

Welcome to Hive and what a great post and gorgeous family. Hoping Vietnam opens up soon and business can get back to normal.

Best wishes :-)

Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to returning to work after more than 2 years, hoping that from here to mid-March everything will go smoothly.
Nice to meet you, greetings from Vietnam

Welcome to Hive, @khoacr7! It's nice to see you here. Looking forward to your future posts. 😁

Stellar introduction there. @trangbaby is good people. I’m glad the country is opening up. If Japan opens up I will go visit Vietnam…otherwise I will get stuck in Vietnam and lose my visa in Japan.

Welcome welcome. Don’t be discouraged if your next post is less successful than your introduction. That usually happens. If you have any questions about hive feel free to ask.

I've been to Japan once, your country is amazing. Time to explore your country is my happy time. If you come to Vietnam to travel, please contact me or my travel agency is doing.
Nice to meet you, greetings from Vietnam

Hello, @khoacr7! This is @anggreklestari from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive Blockchain! Congratulations and welcome!

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Hello there. I read the beginner's guide and the platform's rules. I created the content, and the content reward will be determined by the article I wish to share. Plagiarism is a bad thing, and I am well aware of the rules. I'm looking forward to my time on this platform.
I wish you a wonderful day.

Welcome a to Hive! I’m sure with your experience there will be a lot of sharing wtih us!

Wow that's great you're also from Vietnam, nice to meet you 😃

chào mừng anh đến với Hive nhé, hi vọng anh sẽ có khoảng thời gian tuyệt với Hive

Thanks em, có gì mọi người giúp đỡ mình trong thời gian khởi đầu này 😀

Welcome to Hive! You will have a great time here! :)

Thanks you! nice to meet you

chào anh nhé. bài giới thiệu ấn tượng quá a

Cảm ơn em nhé, hình như em trong team Zalo phải không? Rất vui được quen biết em.

Dạ a, trong team luôn a

Welcome! I'm Nguyen.
The pandemic hit everyone hard, hope this new year comes with great things.
You're so talented and speak so many languages, also very well-traveled. Hope to see more of your posts. 😍

In the foreseeable future, I'm also quite excited; I hope everything goes well. The epidemic slowed us down for two years and taught us many critical lessons during that time. I shall promote Vietnam tourism to worldwide friends in the following articles. Thank Nguyen. 😀

Hi @khoacr7, nice to meet you
Welcome to Hive!

Hi anh, such a great intro post and welcome to Hive. It's a pleasure to have you here and am looking forward to your travel articles 😍

Thanks for joining us, and hope you have a great time here and happy blogging bro :)

Thank you Trang I will do my best. I will share the interesting things I have encountered on each of my journeys with this community.

My pleasure anh :) Looking forward to your upcoming posts :)

Welcome onboard @khoacr7
Your little daughters are pretty.
Big regards to them both.
Hive is challenging and fun.
I await to see more of your nice contents on hive.

Welcome once again

Hello, I'm delighted to meet you all. Greetings from Vietnam ✋

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chào mừng anh đến với Hive nhé, hi vọng anh sẽ có khoảng thời gian tuyệt vời tại đây ạ

Xin chào em có gì giúp đỡ anh thời gian khởi đầu nhé 😀

Those ancients buildings looks awesome 👌

Hello, I'm from Vietnam, nice to meet you 😀

chào mừng anh đến với cộng đồng chúc mọi điều tốt đẹp ạ

Cảm ơn em nhé, không ngờ là cộng đồng Việt Nam mình lại có nhiều người như thế này, anh đến từ Đà Nẵng có gì

Hehe nhiều lắm anh ạ . Em đến từ hà nội anh nha

Anh sống ở Đà Nẵng, hy vọng sẽ được giao lưu làm quen với mọi người trong thời gian tới

Chào anh đến với Hive

Chào Em rất vui được làm quen với mọi người 😀

Welcome to the,world champ

Hello dear friend, nice to meet you 😀

Welcome khoacr7! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

I've been following it, and it's rather intriguing. I'll find out more in the coming posts.

Welcome to Hive! You are tough, coping with a long period of time of unemployment can be harsh for the mind and soul. I am happy that you will be able to earn a living again from tourism as you have a family to support. Your daughters are adorable!

Thanks you so much, Things have become desperate during the past two years, which have been a nightmare for the global tourism business. But I treasure this period since it has allowed me to learn important lessons and my family to live happily and better understand each other. Seeing them grow up motivates me to keep going.

Hi welcome to hive blessing 🤗❤️

Hi there, nice to meet you 😀

Welcome to Hive!

Hi there, nice to meet you

Hi Khoa, welcome to Hive. Your photos of our country are amazing. Thank you for doing your best to introduce Vietnam to the world. Wish you all the best and have fun blogging on Hive

Hello, Dora. Nice to meet you
I've joined this platform with the intention of being the one to share information about Vietnam tourism with everyone; it's an honour to be a Vietnamese.

that's awesome to hear. Keep up the good work.

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