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RE: Irchen - Introduction Post (30+ photos)

in OCD5 months ago

Hello my dear friend!

You’ve written an amazing introductory article, you can see how well your first article did!
I'm so happy you're here!
And now at least I know you're a pretty woman.😍
Your city is amazing and all your photos!
Congratulations, my friend! 🙋‍♀️


Thank you very much, dear Juditka! I was so happy when I finally published the first post, I read the comments, even managed to answer a couple, and didn't notice how my resources turned into 0)) Now the resources have recovered and I have prepared a second post, but, unfortunately, my upvotes do not mean anything yet((

Hello, dear friend!

Yes, it is very difficult to work here in the early days, an answer greatly reduces the power of HIVE.
I was only able to write a post for the first week and also every 3 days.

It will take a long time for your voting power to strengthen.
You should ask for support or HIVE force, there are such opportunities somewhere.