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RE: Atop the top

in OCD3 months ago

Absolutely wonderful to see you are up once again and enjoying family life, right at the top, keep going @tarazkp been rooting for you even though not been online for some time.

Watching people move around below in tall buildings always reminds me what we see when looking at ants moving around below our feet, if only they could talk/swear!

Have a great day and really good to read you are on the mend!

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@tarazkp, you've been given LUV from @joanstewart.

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Thanks Joan. I have been feeling more energetic of late and a little less detached from my body, which is a good sign I take it.

The tower observation deck is at 168m. We were talking what it must be like to look down from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 800+ meters. Crazy!

Disjointed feeling is never comfortable, talking of tall buildings neither are they I am not a fan of heights. You tower would be fine for a short spell to take a peek.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the family.