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Hello, friends! Let me introduce myself: my name is Irina (or Irchen), I live in the second largest and most European city of RussiaSt. Petersburg. I have created an account for Ecency about six months ago, but I decided to write only now. Why? The fact is that I learned from friends that it would be best to start my virtual life here with an introduction post. But I always had problems when I needed to tell something about myself, especially in writing. I read a lot and can keep up a conversation on various topics, but if I have to talk about myself, I always feel awkward. I was advised to familiarize myself with examples of introductions written by other people. I started reading, and my problem only got worse: people talked so interestingly and creatively about themselves, their hobbies, dreams and accomplishments… I decided I couldn't do that in the same beautiful way. I still think so, but I'll try anyway))

So, as I said, I live in St. Petersburg. I adore my city, so it's not surprising that most often it becomes the hero of my photos. Yes! So I mentioned one of my main hobbies — photography! I can't say that I'm a good photographer: I still have a lot to learn. However, I must note that I'm better at taking pictures than writing)


And this is my faithful assistant - Nikon D80 SLR camera. We have been together for several years, but only a few months ago I finally started trying to shoot in manual mode, and before that I usually relied on the automatic camera mode.


And this is a selfie that I took with my other camera - Fujifilm Finepix T300.



And finally, a couple of photos taken by my friend's smartphone. This is how I look, and now I want to show you how my favorite city looks in my photos.


Peter and Paul Fortress. Since its foundation in 1703, the history of St. Petersburg began.


Pleasure boats in summer take tourists along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.



St. Isaac's Cathedral is the main church of St. Petersburg. Under its dome there is an observation deck from which you can admire the city.




Nevsky Avenue is the main and busiest street in St. Petersburg.


Monument to the founder of the city Tsar Peter I. Behind the sculpture is the Mikhailovsky Castle, built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries.


Panorama of Vasilievsky Island


Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea


Night falls on Petersburg. The skyscraper in the background is called the Lakhta Tower.

I am attracted not only to cities and architectural monuments, I also love nature very much, and I often photograph flowers, trees, and animals... Here are some examples from my photo archive.








Let me introduce you to my pets: I have two cats (male and female) who were once homeless. One of my cats (black one), unfortunately, is blind: these are the consequences of a viral infection she suffered. But I decided to take it, despite that. And there were no problems: the cat not only quickly became friends with my other cat, but also very soon learned to navigate perfectly in my apartment.





I have many different hobbies: I like to read (without genre preferences), listen to music (mostly classic rock of the 60th and folk-rock), watch movies and TV series. As for activities, I like to ride a bike and a scooter and I like to walk (of course, with a camera)). And I also like to do something with my own hands. For example, I crochet, decoupage, and so on. I like to give new life to old things and create new ones) Here are examples of my handmade works: Christmas decor in glass jars, decoupage of Christmas balls and flower pots.





I also really like taking black and white pictures. I think they often turn out to be deeper and make you look at things from a different angle.





I hope that the Ecency community will welcome me, and that I will find many new great friends here (maybe I will also meet someone from the old ones, who knows))

Thank you for stopping by and reading and watching it!

Your Irchen


Nice to meet you here 😉 I like so much your post, you write about yourself very well and your photos are beautiful: your nice city which I visited, the cute animals like your cats and the squirrel!, the soft white and black photos, and your interesting selfies... Great! See you around my friend!

Hi! Thank you for helping me in my endeavor here. I couldn't have done it alone) Thanks again! Gracias!

Welcome on board.

Thanks! I still have so much to learn, I still don't quite understand how I should act here)

Hi iirchen,I observed that you seldom write but love to take pictures of beautiful pictures around you. I feel you can join PhotographyLovers community and share your works there. If there are other things you would love to discuss here is my Discord tag anissignature#6178

This is my first post, I would write more often, but I don't have such an opportunity yet, because there are restrictions for beginners here. I am happy to join the community of PhotographyLovers.

Welcome once again. I'll be looking forward to your post.

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Hi Irchen! Nice to see you around here, welcome to Hive!

Hi! It's great to meet you here! While I was making the first post, I wasted all the resources and opportunities to comment) I'll have to learn to be more economical))

Don't worry. I know how it is about resources at the beginning and for those of us who come from Noise and Read it is very easy to exhaust them by commenting;)

Hello @iirchen! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first blog here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

Really enjoyed reading your introduction blog and going through your photos. It says a lot about you. I would recommend some communities that I think you would really like based on the hobbies and passion you've shared: Photography Lovers, Wednesday Walk, Haveyoubeenhere, Hive DIY, Hive Pets and NeedleWorkMonday. If you find to like them, subscribe and check out other blogs there too. Make sure to read the rules and guidelines per community.

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Thank you very much! I have already subscribed to many communities, including those listed by you. I try to read more about Ecency to better understand how everything works here. Now, as I understand it, the most important thing for me is to accumulate voting power in order to be able to vote for people's posts. And be more economical with my resources.

nice to meet you and to read your interesting introduction :-)

Glad to see you! I finally first accumulated resources and planned a second post for the morning (I wrote it for several days)) Tell me, please, is it customary to write big posts with a lot of photos here?

Glad to see you too
yes somehow the big posts with more images are getting more attention from Curators here.

The photography community is the best space for you, while you are on hive blockchain welcome to hive @iirchen

Hello my dear friend!

You’ve written an amazing introductory article, you can see how well your first article did!
I'm so happy you're here!
And now at least I know you're a pretty woman.😍
Your city is amazing and all your photos!
Congratulations, my friend! 🙋‍♀️

Thank you very much, dear Juditka! I was so happy when I finally published the first post, I read the comments, even managed to answer a couple, and didn't notice how my resources turned into 0)) Now the resources have recovered and I have prepared a second post, but, unfortunately, my upvotes do not mean anything yet((

Hello, dear friend!

Yes, it is very difficult to work here in the early days, an answer greatly reduces the power of HIVE.
I was only able to write a post for the first week and also every 3 days.

It will take a long time for your voting power to strengthen.
You should ask for support or HIVE force, there are such opportunities somewhere.