Just married...

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Hello, our dear friends! Yes, we did it! We had a long way to do it in the new country, because of the war in our country. We planned to do it in Ukraine, but when we came to Bulgaria, we thought: "Why should war interfere with our plans!?".

We trusted the universe and did it.

For this wedding to take place, your support also helped us, so I want to thank everyone who supported us, special thanks to @castleberry, @ocd, @j85063, @ocdb, @sketch.and.jam, @mipiano, @roelandp. Your upvotes help me to pay some government paperwork, heh) So you also take hand to our wedding))) It would be nice if you can be our real guests. But who knows, maybe one day we sit at one table))








Don't be scared! The seagull stole the bride's shoes and threw them from a great height! It happened when we were taking pictures on the beach. So now we have a story to tell))



Congratulations! Great pics!

Thank you! Cheers!

 10 months ago  

Congratulations my friend! I'm super happy for you and the creation of the next chapter in your family's story. Glad i didn't miss this post! It's amazing to hear how Hive has helped if even in a small way! =) Cheers and have fun!

This is very wonderful. I am very happy for you that finally you tied the knot with someone you really love and care so much about.

Congratulations and happy married life.

Cheers 🍻

Cheers! Thanks!

Congratulations 👏👏 What a beautiful couple! All the best for you guys!
Ps: Seagulls, rats with wings!

Haha) Thanks!

Congratulation @gulia.peito

I wish you and Tanya good life in Bulgaria :)

Hope you are doing well, now with this new step, the new start in Bulgaria is even nicer.

Beautiful people here in the photos 😎

hahaha, and the shoe, well, things happen :D

Thanks for wishes dear!
Yea, now its strange family story)))

What a beautiful pair! 💖
Congratulations on creating a lovely family! 🙂

Thanky you so much!)


OOOO! Long time no see!) Thanks dear!

I am really glad that your dreams did not hinder you. I congratulate you. Good luck with your wedding. 👍🌟

Wow congratulations to both of you😀 looks like a lovely place and that's an interesting story with the seagull. All the best and maybe one day we might meet in person.

THanks! Cheers!

Happy married life!
Wedding photos look prettier when it's outdoor 😍

Congrats, happy for you two. Great photos as well :-)

Thanks my friend) Also would be nice if you was you gues) Heh) Maybe one day)))

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Congratulations! You two look amazing! Isn't a sign of great luck in some cultures if a gull steals the bride's shoes? (Or am I just making things up 🤣?) Anyway, to pull off such a fantastic wedding in spite of all, it should be a sign that you can stand any adversities that may come up in your marriage. Best wishes!