Dreams, plans. What to do, when madness around.

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Hi folks. There is more and more madness going on in the world lately. Especially in my country (Ukraine). On the one hand, the war, on the other, internal enemies in the form of the government. My brain turns into a cutlet. My city is bombed every day. Fuck. Every day I understand that there is no more way back. Society is doomed. There are things that won't be shown on TV.

And how in all this madness to collect your thoughts in order? For example, write a post. The paper helps to discipline your thoughts a little and put everything on the shelves.

I think it's time to create something new, not try to fix the old. No matter how hard it is, it is important to dream, and dreams will lead somewhere. Now my wife and I want to get away from the system. The first step is to raise money for a camper. This is a completely different lifestyle, but it will allow you to become independent. Tired of the fact that renting accommodation with pets is difficult or expensive and you can simply stay on the street. Solar panels, life offline, more austerity... sounds good.

We are currently considering options such as:
Fiat Ducato 1988

Fiat Ducato 1992

In Bulgaria, I saw these for 7,000-8000 euros. Put in order and you can live) not homeless)

In general, I have a plan like this:

  1. Motorhome
  2. Savings
  3. Purchase of land
  4. Life on wheels and parallel construction
  5. Development of the land, earnings on the land and with the help of the land
  6. Expanding the boundaries

Something like this)

But everything is gradual. Now all my thoughts are directed to how to make money and make the first step a reality.

Every day we work as musicians and I expand more and more in writing music, covering new genres. I have an affiliate program on YouTube. Every day I write new original music for my channel and try to cover as many genres as possible. I know people who earn thousands, tens of thousands of dollars on this, so everything is real.

btw, my channel: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7AFRFZxIDfET05mNFCc2zQ

Now I also plan to return to posting on the hive. After all, this platform has huge potential. What do you know about motorhomes? I would be glad if you share good and inexpensive models in the comments) Also share your dreams in the comments) I wish you all the speedy realization of your dreams into reality.


Hope you can get the funds soon to buy a motorhome. I like vanlife as I get to travel around and see new things and not paying crazy high housing costs.

YES! You are right.
Interesting how to look your)
I'm glad for you that you now can be freer! Yes, this style have pluses and minuses, like lack of space, and water but free life is more BIG plus.

🇺🇦 Our gov-t could be a lot worse

Добре, що все-ж таки не worse, як у зобманутих, но ми, нажаль, близько. Пропихування злочинних законопроектів, побиття людей, які говорять про конституційні права та багато іншого лайна і серед влади і простих людей. Я просто втомився, брате.
Не хочу більш про говернмент. Краще творити нову реальність з добром для кожної адекватної Людини. Гарного дня! І у будь-якому разі перемога близько, ми всі на неї чекаємо.