A VERY restful holiday season

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This Christmas our family got hit with the Flu, the days leading up to Christmas day was spent sleeping a whole lot, sanitizing our home, and did I mention sleep? It was not how we envisioned our Christmas season...but hey! We don't get to choose how life goes

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Picture By Me

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Picture By Wes

We spent a lot of time snuggling our animals, and hanging out at home.

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Photo By Our Daughter

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Photo By Me

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Photo By Me

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Photo By Me

Christmas day we were out of the contagious zone with the flu, so our son and his cute girlfriend were able to come over and hang out with us for a bit. Everyone opened their gifts and we just hung out, it was all I wanted and I am so very grateful our kids were together and we had that time with them. Our kids are our everything!!

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Photo By Me

Dec 28th I started to get a super sore throat, and thought it was so weird I was getting sick symptoms after I had just gotten over the flu. Dec 30th, I sounded terrible, I was sooooo freakin tired and my boss sent me home to sleep it off....well...I went to the Dr to have my lungs x-rayed because they were heavy. My lungs looked good, but while I was there we decided to test me for COVID, just to rule it out. About an hour after I got home from the dr, I was called to be told I was positive for COVID...again....for the third damn time. Yes..yess..I am vaccinated. I cried in the bathtub, if some of you remember we had COVID in Jan, and nearly lost our daughter in February from MIS-C (rare illness after COVID in kids that shuts down all vital organs) she survived..but we have NO idea how her body will react to COVID again...I was and am very scared. Wes took Addie to get tested, because she will still sick from the Flu and needed to rule out that we had all gotten COVID. She was positive, shortly after Wes started symptoms and we were having another COVID "party" at our house. We are leading up to the timeline of when MIS-C will show it's face. It's terrifying. So, our New Year's Eve was spent being in bed at 8 PM, from the 30th of Dec to Jan 5th I slept my life away. Thurs, Fri, Sat, and now today I am finally feeling better! My oxygen is sitting pretty in the high 90's, and my energy is coming back. Wes has still got the cough, and I have pulled a muscle in my back from all the coughing. Time will heal us, and we will soon find out what reaction our daughter's body will have.

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On Thursday Jan 6th, Wes's sweet, loving, adorable, and goofy grandpa passed away. He was the grandfather to 24 grandchildren, 47 great grand children and 2 great-great grandchildren! He and our grandma were married 66 years, and created a beautiful legacy of generations of children! He fought a long battle of Parkinson's disease, and his body was tired of fighting. We are grateful for his presence in our lives and am glad to know that we have the lasting memories with him that we do. We will lay him to rest on Tuesday next week.

The end of the year 2021 and the beginning of 2022 have started out rocky...but it's how life rolls. We will continue to roll with all the life events that come our way, we are all working out on our Tonal and keeping those endorphins going! I can't wait to see what we all look like in the next few months!

Have a happy upcoming new week, be safe, and STAY HEALTHY!


Hopefully 2022 is better for us cause 2021 sucked

I love the look of the wood panels behind your Christmas tree.

Thank you so much!! I stained all of them myself and Wes had a friend come and put them up :) I was so happy with out it turned out!

Well, you all did a killer job with it. Looks amazing and evolves the vibe of that space in a big way.

Thought for a second you were my colleague from that first picture. She has pretty much the exact same Facebook profile picture and you even look a little alike.

Covid really needs to keep you guys alone now. I hope it's only uphill from here.

That's awesome! And I agree. I think we have had our fair share for a while!!

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Great Post. Keep writing...