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Good morning friend's and great community, it is a privilege to write you an introduction of myself and i hope you find it comforting. I am paul divine james (udah) i am 25 and i reside in the city of Abuja here in west Africa (nigeria). We have three siblings including my twin silas divine james (@didijames) i study law in the university of Abuja while silas is an engineer and he is currently down in the southern part of the country managing a business of his own.



I am a lover of football and i love field games even tho i dont really play football. I play board games like table tennis 🎾 and 8balls. I love reading books, love teaching, music is always like a comforter for me and i can play the piano too.
I love tourism, going into new places and exploring new locations. Lastly i am also a lover of photography and i own a Nikon D7000 that was a gift from me to myself haha.


I am more of a leader and a teacher, my job is to create new leaders and good thinkers through teaching and social gatherings. Also call me a motivational speaker because i have just the right amount of energy to speak courage and to impact knowledge in any area of one's life.






I work with the more leadership academy team here in abuja you can check them out on
The more leadership academy is a team of great teachers and sponsors who brings out the best in you and leadership through great teachings and financial support in businesses too.



I've always heard of hive as a blockchain token just like most other coins out there but i never knew it was such a wonderful space for people to host and make interaction in it like a social media. All thanks to @protokkol as he brought the knowledge to me and he also introduced @didijames my twin. He discussed alot of features about hive to me and i was eager to give it a try and now im here on the platform with my very first post into this community as i introduce myself.


There is a lot i can offer here on hive as a teacher, bringing to us words of wisdom and encouragements being able to put things right for anyone who needs encouragement and support to stand back up through teaching and learning.

I also love photography and it is one of my favorites thing to do, i will be more than happy to share my work's and shots with us here on this platform. A few of my shots





Looking at it, i found out that hive can be more about supporting others, you support people and they support you as well if im not wrong and i will surely do my best to support people's post and also work accordingly to the rules and regulations on hive and i just wish i can see the list of its rules so i will know where i stand.

Also want to plead for the support of hive in anyway they can and i will also support hive in everywhere that i can through reading, posting, commenting, engaging and participating in contests and alot more.


In as much as everything goes perfectly well here, telling how long i would be here on hive will be a very difficult question to answer because i will be with you all on this journey till we arrive at our destinations and meet our goals.

Final word of thanks to hive, the community, second twin @didijames and @protokkol . I will be happy to hear from you all and learn more about hive. Thank you for the great privilege as i rest the peak of my pen and say thank you!.




Nice one. I like twins and identical ones for the very fact it's adorable trying to identify who is which. I see you guys have some notable differences.

But choosing didi attached to your names seems sweet😂
Welcome to Hive James' twin.
Do well to explore and ask questions when you get lost, trust me it's very easy to get lost here and be overwhelmed sometimes lol.
Not scaring you off though.
You can as well check out our boss @starstrings01 blog for more insight and how a newbie can grow here on hive.
Follow his Hive Bootcamp guide and you will do just fine😉

Sure we do have some differences and he's quite taller than i am.. in height alone😂

😊 this is so adorable of you @zanoz thank you so much for the kindness and offer, of course im still learning alot here and I'm sure to learn more from us all. Once again thank you 😊

It's obvious. And then you are much lighter in skin tone than him.
You are welcome

You are @didipaul
You are welcome to the most reliable hive community blockchain . Looking forward to what you have for us. Enjoy yourself,don't plagiarize and explore. Best of luck!

Thank you peterale i really appreciate your kind welcome.

The Son of the soil😁. The leading winner man, Ikenga one, you see the way I'm hyping you abi😄... Its good to have you here our esteem leader and therapist, i honorably welcome you into the Blockchain sir. It is my sincere joy to finally have the twin on the the Blockchain and i assure you an astonishing journey with us here on hive.

Feel free to explore and make new friends with us, we are one family here on the platform so cheers.

@didijames I've always told you paul is a better writter 😄anyways welcome on board paul & silas i think i deserve a special tag for bringing this duo on hive 😂😂😂.

And i can see that you both have great insights in terms of photography. I am pleased to see that☺️ and they are lots of space for you to drop your black and white or colored image works. Im happy to have you once again @didipaul you sure know where to find me in case of any other questions or difficulties 😊.

I've always told you paul is a better writter

Hahaha😆😆😆😆 richy you're not wrong tho, but we are all good writter's and you know.

Lolz.. Thank you so much @protokkol.

Silas is also a good writer and somehow he even does better most especially in authoring.

Silas is also a good writer and somehow he even does better most especially in authoring.

@protokkol did you hear that?😆

😂.. @didijames and @didipaul see, you guys should not bring this your twin fever here o😂😂😂🤣😂

Hello, @didipaul! This is @anggreklestari from the @OCD team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive Blockchain! Congratulations and welcome!

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The important thing is Hive is a bit different from other social media platforms since you are monetizing your blog. You can't include content that you don't own without sources. For more information, check this post: Why and How People Abuse and Plagiarise.

If you have questions or concerns, you can hop into OCD's Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Have a great day!

Okay i think i understand you very well and thank you @lovesniper and @anggreklestari i will be happy to learn more about hive so we can all sail smoothly. Thank you so much

Hearty welcome to you dear. I'm touched to see that you impact the lives of other people so much and how passionate you are about it. Welcome to this great community and I'm sure you'll continue in your work of impact here even as you grow and learn on the chain.

I am so happy to hear this @sapphirekay thank you for your hearty welcoming too

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Wow thank you so much for that 😊

You are welcome @didipaul! It is great to see you are doing your first steps! Great work!