How it Went Down On Christmas

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It's New Years Day right now, 'Happy opening sentence!!' :fireworks: I like to update your feed with fresh content every three or fouriversix'ish days and it's been about that long since I typed something up so here I am—right on schedule. Welcome back! You're the only reason I attempt a posting schedule. Hive is still the only social media platform I've shared content and, without it, without you consuming it, Pura would probably have me scheduled to play The Quiet Game several times a day which I'd lose (every time) and I suck at losing. Thank you! I'm not a loser today because of you.

My satire pants are hangin in the closet this round. The stunning @puravidaville and I enjoyed another Christmas together, just the two of us, and I don't need special pants to tell you about it cuz I took pictures. I also don't plan on dropping a thousand words but these first two paragraphs suggest that theory's shot to shit so I might as well put on my pants and come out of the closet.

Record setting snowfall, that's what they called it. I'd question it if we weren't here like I do everything these days cuz the more these devices evolve, the less trustworthy they become but we're here, it's true. They also said it's only the seventh white Christmas this area has experienced in 110 years. I can only confirm last week.


First white Christmas I ever experienced—Pura too. It's all record setting to us. Where I come from it's anywhere between 73 and 86 year round so the only white fluffy stuff we've heard about is Peruvian snow cones. To put that cover image in perspective, this is the same back door view on New Year's Day.


We exchanged stockings first. That's the extent of our gift exchange on Christmas Day in the PuraDays Tableau (coolest link ever). We don't exchange gifts traditional to Christmas celebration, per se. We separate a pair of socks from the sock drawer, one for each, stuff the few items inside we got for each other, call the sock a stocking and appreciate the day.

She got lotto tickets and gum. I got dark chocolate peanut butter cups

Pura's a gangster in the kitchen. Breakfast is always a homerun. This year's Christmas breakfast had a special touch on it—the syrup. She whipped up these pancakes for us out of thin air, hemp hearts, all the gluten free floury stuff, protein powder and ground cashews, topped with banana, strawberry, and pecans. The syrup—Upstate New York.

Thanks @thebigsweed! Thanks @farm-mom! Breakfast was sweet. Ps—I'm unable to ration my current supply until next Christmas.

Just sayin


Then we played some games, made shapes with paint, played games with painted shapes, and whatever else we did until it was time to enjoy another kitchen masterpiece together. All while it snowed outside—right outside! As in freezing cold right outside the door outside.


We might've caught a movie on the big screen. We call the laptop big screen cuz we don't own a TV. It must not have been a good of a movie, though, cuz I don't remember it. Either that or we passed enough back and forth to forget it. Or maybe we didn't even watch one. Whichever the case, each are justifiably forgettable circumstances.

How cold was it outside? Freezing. 🥶 Colder than a polar bears toenails—that's how. Something like low teens. So cold the water bottles in the car froze solid.

Ice trays

How cold was it? Bone chilling. 🥶 Colder than the other side of your pillow—that's how. So cold the car was in the following condition two days after Christmas. I had to invest in one of those window scraping things cuz Pura needed the spatula in the kitchen which, by the way, worked equally as well as the window scraping thing for 1/3 the price.

Ice box

Christmas spread. This year it was Italian inspired. We enjoyed such an incredible dinner last year in Rome, she wanted to mimic the authentic Italian flavors.

Broiled salmon marinated in goddess dressing with fresh dil and lemon accompanied by Italian ciambotta stew, sprouted seed crackers, two imported Italiano Parmigianas, arugula and a Greek salad.


Bón appetite!

Dessert. Of course! Not everything belongs on the internet.

Other dessert. Candles, strawberries, chocolates and mince pies. If you've never had a mince pie or this is your first time hearing of them, change that. Add change that to your 2021 to-do list.


How it Went Down On Christmas

How'd it go down where you are? That's how it went down at the PuraDays Tableau (in case you missed the first one). We enjoy spending the holidays just she and I, we socialize year round—keeps things simple. We were invited to spend the holiday with some friends of ours and their extended family—we'll see them later today. Christmas and Thanksgiving, we keep those clear for each other.

I snapped some shots of the snow melting across the trees in the back yard as the sun went down. We gave thanks for everything around us, wished nothing but the best for those in our lives, said a prayer for everyone we know and don't know because it's easier that way and covers a lot of ground before calling it a wrap—peace ✌🏻 the fuck out, 2020! Hello, 2021.







You got the Syrup!!! AWESOME!!! It is the best I have ever had!! (I saw the unlabeled bottle and knew exactly what it was!!

That snow snuff is what happens when you get out of Yuppieville and Move to Man-Town. 😂😂

I bought be kids diapers and a bad of poo for Christmas... plus a click pen that shocks you when you click it... some fart putty and a fart horn....

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!!

I don't know where to start. I wanna tell you I searched just now for a gif that had dude leaving yuppieville but was unsuccessful. But then I read the shocking pen and what you just read is my best attempt at a start. Shocking pen—dude that's funny.

Yeah man, syrup! Oh crap. I know a few things now, that's it though! I still don't know shit else but I know two things: 1. Why syrup is so expensive. 2. The stuff in those bottles of syrup at the market isn't syrup.

Did your daughter get an iPad and Apple Pencil?

Happy New Year @splatts, I'm glad we met brother.

Edit I meant to say thanks for the reblog.

My son was the first to click the pen and he "Dropped it like it was hot" LOL
Ya dude, that syrup is just flat out amazing!!! So clean and pure. The other stuff is very questionable...

Both kids got the new iPad Air and my daughter will be getting her pencil for her birthday. With engraving of course Ku-Ku Kreates She has the Pro-Create app and has been messing around a lot on there. Maybe someday I can get her to post her stuff... dang lazy kids LOL

@dandays, First of all Happy New Year. Wishing you successful and fruitful journey ahead.

In my opinion we are in New Record Settings Era. Stay blessed.

Good morning @chireerocks, thank you! And Happy New Year to you and yours as well, here's to the best year ever.

Record setting. Weather, snowfall, pandemics, now BTC. I remember market cap hitting $800B about four years ago so while we're breaking records.. let's break that one too.

Pleasure to hear from you. Happy January 2nd!

Thank you. Feels like Mysterious Times are ahead.

I'm back. That only took 33 minutes. Market Cap just hit $804B. Are you as amazed as we are how quiet this spike is? 30k Bitcoin and media has it hushed.

Bitcoin wants to party hard. 🙂

Inwasmok with it right up until you mentioned those fucking minced pies...Now I.want some, but have none in the house, and it's all your fault! 🤣 Love them!

Now, I'm sick of saying happy new year so I'll say...mirthful not so old moment in time instead.

I love it when people send me to the dictionary.

Mirthful not so old moment in time to you and Faith as well! Had to look that one up, mirthful, thanks!

Mince pies. Oh man. First time I had one was in England. I'm not much of a "pie" guy and never really been a sweet tooth so I assumed it was a pie-pie, not a pot pie type delicious pie. Pura's nana over there told us about them so we tried it—sold!!

She was so happy when she found some here. :attention Americans reading: They're available at Cost Plus World Market. She ran into a Brit at a market here a few weeks ago and asked him, he knew exactly where they were.

You're on your second week off now yeah? Probably about 7 or 8 more to go. How's that treating you?

I've been known to heat those fruit mince pies with custard, cream, icecream...Whever is around I guess and, of course, nothing like a coffee and a couple of fruit mince pies to put a smile on your dial right? You're lucky you found them over there.

Yes, we're into the second week now, back to work on the 7th although I'll do bugger all on the 7th and 8th, just hive posts from work instead of home. 🙂

We've been doing a lot of moving and organising and, relaxing, reading and watching some shows and movies, playing board games. It's been good. It's not been too hot here, although hotter than I prefer and we've gone to the beach a few times. Overall an enjoyable time.

You guys been well?

Yeah sir we are well. Thank you. Got a few more of those Corona virus cases getting closer to home. Wishing they'd reopen these gates at the same time is about as oxymoron as it gets. All things considered, we're well, can't won't complain.

You guys don't have kids either?

Nah, no kids here mate, wasn't to be. I lament that scenario sometimes, but considering how fucked the world is I think maybe it's best. It allows us some more freedom to do things, live life; More time, freedom and finances I guess.

Corona virus...I'm so over it. We don't watch the news much but it's hard to avoid the bullshit really. It seems a date change had zero effect on the situation as so many were hoping. 2021 will be better...Lol, sure thing.

We're not much affected really, just our travel plans which sucks ass with much vacuum. But, we can only ride it out.

Travel plans. I don't wanna sound like a female dog but it didn't take long being parked like this we're both "I don't feel like parking yet." I hope the ride is almost over.

It wasn't my thing either. I really saw it as the ultimate "I want." And even in my 20's or whenever, seeing everyone around me having kids, I instantly realized a buncha my peers who don't know shit are having kids who are gonna expect them to know something some day.

It's kinda neat though isn't it, seeing everything from this point of view? The way everyone's life changes (rightfully so) the instant they have a child. I can look at them and know when they stopped growing for themselves and started growing for their kids whereas people like us don't stop.

Good stuff. Good times, this life thing.

Yeah, it's a life changing thing and I'm sure there are more benefits than negatives but it just wasn't meant to be for us. Faith also never had that desire, the drive, to have kids like many women feel. If it happened it would have been ok, that it didn't is equally ok.

I've seen so many people pur their own growth and development on hold and that's fine, for them, as their kids sort of dictate it to be...But we've been able to be us, to grow and develop without that pressure or responsibility, and it's given us a full life I think. Not that the other way is bad, just different.

We have to make the best of what we have and nature decided we don't have kids, in Faith and my case, and so we do other stuff. And have cats.

I will make mince pies for both of you @dandays and @galenkp. I nearly didn't this year...but then I did. Will return with proof if you don't believe me!!🤭

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Home made mince pies are the best! I'll take a few dozen any day! 😀

You mean they're able to be served without a box? Oh I gotta see this.

Yup that white stuff is snow. Even though you don't particularly like snow and cold weather, it had to be pretty cool experiencing a White Christmas for the first time.

With the skills Pura has in the kitchen, has she ever thought of opening up a vegan restaurant? If she did, that would be worth a road trip to Knoxville.

The Quiet Game is that the game where the first one to talk loses? If that's the game, no wonder you never win.😁

Mince pie, I have heard of it but had to check out the link to know what kind of pie it was. It's obvious she left out the meat.

It sounds like you had a New Year's Day very similar to ours, just the two of us, eat all day, have a couple hits of desert throughout the day, fall asleep in front of the tube while watching a movie, and just spending some time with the love of our lives. Not our typical day, but a nice change.

From the photos, you would think you were my neighbor.

Thanks for the mention my friend.

Good morning! Of course, breakfast wouldn't have been the same without a Jurg touch.

I was just telling Galen they're available at Cost Plus World Market. We looked and looked, no luck. Ran into a Brit here and he knew the only place in the states carrying them.

Yup, that's the game. Thankfully it's only always been threatened against me. I wouldn't stand a chance!

Cool you ask. One of her dreams (I almost said "her dream") is to own a food truck and a conex, one of those sea containers. A stationary coffee hut/healthy eat type food as well as a mobile. Man I think she'd be really successful. We'll see how it goes, nothing surprises us anymore as we just let life come to us rather than trying to navigate toward it ourselves. But heck yeah man, she's been plotting that one for a hot minute.

Otherwise it seems like we were neighbors. I mean with the white stuff in the air and dessert hits and all. Guess I shoulda asked you what movie we watched cuz I still can't remember. 🤔

Happy New Year @thebigsweed. Thanks a lot for reblogging this one.

Tell Pura I think she should go for it. I like the idea of letting stuff come to you.
As soon as I read that, it brought back a very fond memory. When playing hoops in H.S., my coach, said Bob let the game come to you.
At the time I only applied that to the game of hoops, now I try to do just that. let the game come to me, not force anything. That is counterproductive.

Well that is something, you two have never seen a white Christmas?
Unbelievable, pretty cool huh? Makes for great picture taking. Do you guys even own boots, gloves, wool hats, ya know, all the clothes you need to go out and play in the snowy back yard? Build your first snowman together?
Oh man, you have got to get over this brrrrrr, it's so cold crap, man up will ya. hehehe

#ImSuchASissy. No, no, no, and no, unless my bicycles gloves count. Boots, great idea! Wool hat, I'll take you up on that one too. I got plenty of board shorts and tank tops.... 🤔 I'm a slow learner. I've heard about these four seasons things, seen it on TV and stuff, now I've seen it with my own eyes.

Get over that "it's so cold" crap. If I had a satoshi every time I heard that.

Yes, our very first. We've been in snow obviously but never experienced a white Christmas individually nor together. As she says, "magical."

Happy new year Mrs. Jurg!

I'll have to talk to my daughter and see if she has some time to knit you guys some hats. She does beautiful work.
That's right, I don't knit, I did years ago, but it's too fussy for me now, I feel better with my leather tool belt on.😁

I don't need to tell you my favorite color do I? Goes real good with black, white, yellow, anything.

I can already see myself in it, are you seeing this?? I've never seen such a good lookin dude hat.

Happy New Year to you and Pura @dandays, certainly looks very frosty over there! Your Christmas spread sounds and looks delicious too; seems like many of us had quiet Christmas days this year!
The weather is just as crazy as this poor old world of ours is, we've gone from extreme heat to a very cold day almost overnight!
New Year has been a somber affair here in SA, especially in our city with people we know getting Covid and some dying from it; whereas before it was someone in a city or town far away!
This second wave with its new variant is really wrecking havoc with many lives!
Let's hope this gets better sooner than we expect!

Happy 2021 @lizelle!

Yeah, the stories are a little closer to home these days. Thank God we're healthy, we keep hearing about uncle this, friend that, and now some of my buddies co-workers whom I've met are in the hospital.

Little closer to home

We're hoping things like decent eating practices and exercise keep us running healthy, something we try to prepare for and it looks like now is time.

Sure do appreciate it when you stop by, young lady. Here's to things getting better. Learned a long time ago to not say can't get worse.

Somber—that's a good word for it.

Same here, like @fionasfavourites said

the numbers are now turning to names!

That's what makes this so horrid as it's now on our doorstep, no longer out there!
But very true, it can't get worse, so let's look forward to brighter days and just enjoy the peace and quiet in our little havens at home with those closest to us not so!
You take care old man;)

Happy New Year @dandays!

for you

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I don't care how old you get or how many times you see it, snow like that is just friggin' magical. Always takes my breath away and makes me just pause for a moment or three. We just a few flurries on Christmas Eve and that was it.

I remember my grandmother talking about mince meat one time, and I was like "ground beef"? Umm nope, definitely not what I thought it was, but as a sweets lover so much more enticing.

Happy whatever the heck day it is. Because who needs a holiday to be cheery, right?

Especially when Saturday's and Tuesdays are the same.

Mince pies. Cost Less World Market sells them. Pura ran into a Brit and asked, can't find'Em anywhere else. They're so good I'm surprised they're legal.

That's Pura's word too—magical. I call it freezing but it makes really nice pictures.

Happy new year, Plants and DK!

Haha, that World Market has a lot of goodies if you dig around. They closed the one right near the gym, but there's still a few others close by enough to peruse. Dude, I'm so happy it's a normal Monday with a full week of work ahead. I may change my tune by next week, but this plant-loving gal enjoys a more normal routine.

Hey I just turned on this device, too, good morning Plants.

I'm with you about a new week. Not that I'm in the same boat but just a restart in general don't sound bad.

I haven't had much normalcy either. Gym and the bicycle eats up about 5 hours of my day and I enjoy that schedule but with rain and snow I haven't taken the bike about 5 days.

Rained again last night so a few more dry days are necessary otherwise I'm just gonna be looking at a parked bike.


Looks like it's gonna be parked another week

Have a great week Plants! Bitcoin sure does have the PuraDays Tableau a little excited these days.

Ooh, yeah, muddy trails are no good for a few reasons. Pura would really flip her lid if you tried to get out on one of those crazy ones right now! Bummer, though, I hope you can get back out there and blaze some trails soon. I actually went for my first run in about three weeks yesterday. Just an easy 3-miler around the neighborhood, but felt nice just to get out there.

A little excitement on that front is a good thing. ;) Let's go crypto!

How long does this weather typically last? This 'rainy, cold' season. Mud sucks! There usually a month that's heavier than the rest like hopefully this month but rain days will taper off in a few weeks? How's it work in the South?

Rain and mud are worse and worser. Ooh.. autocorrect had a real tough time with worser.

No telling, really. I may be wrong, but I feel like there's no rhyme or reason sometimes with the weather. 😂 I think the only constant in the South is summer heat and humidity, but the rest of the year you can get all 4 seasons in one week or even one day sometimes it seems.

And "worse to worser" was one of my grandmother's favorite phrases, so thanks for that. It was generally used during a game of cards in relation to how her hands were playing out. I always tried to remind her my sisters and I only beat her because she taught us so well, but she still was a sore loser, haha!

Still no white Christmas in sight on our side, so thanks for sharing! It's like I was there :)

Three Ed Privat sightings in one night, what is this? The Great Reset?!

Good to see you making some rounds again, thanks for checkin this one out. It makes for good pictures but that's it.

Did that Nashville thing cause any interruptions with your WiFi or phone service @dandays?

The WiFi in our building went out Christmas Eve and was repaired day after Christmas until spotty again yesterday, on and off. Seems to be fixed today. We both have AT&T though, our service worked when the WiFi didn't so I'm not sure if building WiFi is related.

I guess that was my long way of saying No.

@knottydaddy. Big thanks right here, this is my second ever #posh bot visit, the first was you also. Thanks man, keep'em comin. 👍🏿

Ps—I had knottyfaddy at first and wanted to let you know it's actually a pretty dope handle if the E's were t's: knottyfatty. 👍🏿

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@anggreklestari @foodiesunite thank you. Happy New Year!

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