Street art the way it's supposed to be | A massive, gigantic, extense gallery of Mexican graffiti

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Around two months ago I posted what it is believed by legend, to be the most massive street art gallery posted in the Hive Blockchain.

But that's not true, at least not anymore, because this one, the one you are about to see, currently holds that title.

I've been hunting for hidden street art in the Mexican streets in the towns nearby my home while staying active with Actifit, a pretty good combination if you ask me.

The thing about Mexican street art, and probably what makes it so different from that which you can find in first world countries, is the places where it's painted. In Mexico, as long as you make quality pieces, any wall of any street is game for graffiti; this works towards having small towns with 100-200 paintings, some times making a few minutes walk around downtown a real experience with two, three pieces per block.

Some of the paintings are old, the background paint is already worn out, the wall might be damaged, or as you can appreciate in some of my photos, the graffiti looks just old. Some pieces are brand new and most likely commissioned by a business owner to a street artist to lighten up or dress up the street/his place.

Anyway, I could keep writing about Mexico and it's street art but, the purpose of this post is visual, not readed, so I guess I'll stop and let you enjoy the pics.

Which one did you like the most?

Would you like me to add some descriptions or thoughts to every picture of my next compilation? What would you change, add or do differently? Any feedback is much appreciated.

Have a great weekend Hivers!


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This art is so cool! I've always found street art to be a very good way to beautify a city!

As long as it is done in an organized and sponsored way, I agree. I think the problem comes when they do it underground and the Graffiti ends up low quality

How great it would be if they would do competitions so this kind of art could get more exposure and appreciation

It would be amazing, perhaps we could propose it to the art communities of Hive and they can arrange it :D

Oh wow!!! Incredible! There is enough material here for a year, hahaha. Some of the pics are still loading as I'm typing this. My favorite is probably the first one, as it captured my attention first, and thus spent most time admiring it. It's funny to see how huge it really is, after realizing that under the tail of the squirrel there are two full size gates.

Now that´s a big one indeed, wow :) Mexico is definitely one of the hottest street art hotspots of the world.

Yeah man, it took me almost a month to compile all of these but it sure paid off, I loved the comp and I'm glad you also did!
Definitely, and in the towns nearby I've seen many more, I'm planning to go biking there during the next weeks to gather all the art from them :D

amazing dear, your street graffiti selection is great, really liked and you captured very nicely, really super a lot of stories we can read

Amazing stuff! I’m so glad I live in a city who support street artists. We have a lot of great pieces in Bergen, Norway. I’ll try to snap some pictures one day I’m in town. They deserve to be shown off.

Oh wow, I've never been to Norway but for example, when I was in Sweden I didn't find many pieces, I'm glad to see norway is different! It would be great to see street art from other countries, if you ever post something I'll be ready :D

Wow, this is a masterpiece work of art and very creative idea.

Perhaps you want to do a similar one from your hometown :D

All the paintings are amazing, I really like to see street art, it's very original and creative.

This topic is probably part my top 3 to blog about, I'm a sucker for street art :)

I also like to look at street art, I think it is more creative and original, it is more free.

Impressive post with all these photos 👍, it's like a museum. Hard to choose a mural from all the ones you posted but I really like the two skeletons drinking together.

Thanks for sharing all these pics, The StreetArt Community.

Thanks so much! I'll make sure to check out your community :)

If you have more photos like that, you're more than welcome 😀

Wahoo what a post !!! Full of Street Art, it's going to take a few hours to admire all this 😀 Only quality 👍

Some better than others, but overall all of them are great :)

Incredible paintings!

Now that is fucking sexy !

Aku suka sekali dengan seni melukis di dinding