@poshtoken autovotes based on POSH earned, @poshtoken buyback starts and some other news & info

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Hey everyone! Will be writing a quick post today with some new @poshtoken activity we're setting up and some info on our plans for the near future.

Poshtoken autovotes

In our Discord where people have for a while now been able to drop their POSH links (tweets with Hive front-end links and a #hive tag; making them eligible to earn POSH) for possible curation by the @ocd team, you will now also be able to request to be placed on the @poshtoken autovoter.

Curators will look into your account, what kind of posts you generally post, if you're posting into the right communities, tweeting properly, etc, and place you on the @poshtoken autovoter. After recently launching our POSH issuance towards delegators, we're going to be using the delegated Hive Power to vote on those who've proven themselves over time to POSH frequently and therefor earn a little extra rewards from attempting to bring in more traffic to Hive through their Twitter activity.

You can now head over to our Discord and find the #posh-autovote-request channel, only drop your Hive username in there and we'll get to you soon and leave a checkmark if you were added to the autovotes.

We will attempt to keep the account's VP somewhat healthy but it is going to take a while to find the right balance while we add in a ton of people and continue to do so, don't get discouraged if the vote is too low at first as I'm sure over time there will be more people delegating to @poshtoken. We're kind of noobs at autovoting. :P

Keep in mind that buying and holding $POSH will not get you on the autovotes, only earning POSH might. You can check on our website current POSH earnings standings.

Poshtoken buyback

As you all know by now, @poshtoken is fully "community funded", it's core concept has been developed to work only with upvote rewards on the @poshtoken daily posts. We also don't agree with automated daily posts being rewarded in general when the creators just take the rewards for themselves, but we're making an exception here because the rewards of @poshtoken are only used to 1. fund development such as paying devs to continue evolve it and maintain it, 2. fund artists to create POSH PETS NFT which is our upcoming addition to @poshtoken and 3. We will now also start adding buy orders on the Hive-engine market in an attempt to buy up tokens here and there for the future POSH NFT "staking" and to continue giving POSH some value and liquidity for those sharing Hive links daily and wanting to trade it back onto Hive. Since the general idea behind POSH is to provide Hive more value by bringing more traffic to our front-ends, we think that taking rewards from the rewardpool for this is acceptable for now. If and when the project becomes too big and requires more funding than is deemed realistic from post rewards, we'll be creating a DHF proposal for it. Let us know what you think about this and if you'd support a POSH proposal.

We aren't going to go crazy with these buys, a lot of our liquids will still be reserved for future development and other projects we have in mind but it's a good time to start adding some buy support onto the token and to then save the tokens to reward posh holders and posh nft holders with a constant "rain" of staking rewards when we get there.

Since we have a bit more extra rewards coming in now, thanks to people who are delegating to @poshtoken in exchange for 20% of the daily issued POSH tokens, it will give us some extra funding and we hope to see it grow and traders to both delegate and make the most out of trading POSH to balance out the return from delegating compared to current price to maybe give the token some much needed liquidity in general.

@poshtoken will not be selling POSH it purchases over time, but keep in mind that POSH has had a market for almost a year now so there have been others who may have speculated on it and bought a bag who may sell, so buy at your own risk and be aware that POSH still has no real usecase.

Usecase is something we are working on but we're going to have to wait for other additions to be created and live before we can move onto the next thing.

If you've read this far, thanks, here's a little sneak peek at POSH PETS NFT created by @astrocreator, but keep it mind this is just very early sketches and far from the final product. Just something to show the basic idea of it. :)


Hope you're as excited over our NFT project as we are!

A last reminder that you can delegate HivePower to @poshtoken in exchange for daily POSH rewards. Out of the 500 that's been issued daily to sharers on Twitter, 100 (20%) of it are now going to delegators so they can passively earn them instead of attempting to buy them from the illiquid markets. You can check the daily stats in one of its daily posts.

If you're new to Hive and POSH, you can sign up on hiveposh.com through Twitter authentication and hivesigner/hive keychain to connect your accounts and then earn POSH by tweeting a link from one of the 4 hive front-ends (@peakd, hive.blog, @ecency or @leofinance), include a #hive tag and you earn POSH depending on how well the tweet does compared to all others tweeting that day. Keep in mind that if you aren't registered your POSH earnings will go to @null if you've still tweeted correctly meaning the daily issuance has never really been exactly 500 as many are POSHing but not registered so we don't know who to send the POSH to.

Let us know what you think about the POSH PETS NFT preview and see you in the next update! Make sure to join our Discord and request to be added to the @poshtoken autovoter if you are/become eligible after earning POSH!


Oh hell yah!

Always loved this community driven marketing machine and the Hivangelists joining the movement every day.

I missed the delegation boat and have just delegated just over 1% of my stake to @poshtoken to help sweeten the rewards just a tiny bit more for everyone.

Posh-based NFTs are just the icing on the cake and I will make sure to leverage some POSH (never sold any ever!) to support and play around there when it is a go.

Thanks for everything the rest of hte OCD family does. Such progressive and dedicated community members.


 4 months ago  

I really like how the puppy looks with the Posh collar, I need it. If those drawings are just sketches, then I've been sketching all my life 😌😅. I will probably buy some NFT POSH when the final product is finally there. This looks amazing🔥.

That's great news.
I dropped my name into discord and like I said last time, mentioned that I had the majority of my balance on the hive_blockchain account as I was building up the twitter following for that one.

Hopefully the team can do something for me. It would be a nice bonus to get a few votes.


Yeah, we'll keep it in mind! :)

Appreciate it.

Thanks, I am very happy and enthusiastic about this project.

This is amazing news :) I will share about it with the rest of my hive friends real soon!

Love the expressionate faces on those pets. These NFTs are gonna turn out killer.

Now I imagined them as Splinterlands summoners/monsters. They would be literally killers. 😂

Really looking forward to this! Posh is a great token and I love to share my posts on other platforms to get some more income in this token!

Cheers, @andy-plays

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the people when the NFTs are released and POSH will become much more palatable. I noticed the Buy Wall at 0.015 and had to set my purchases at 0.0151 😊

Absolutely in favor of supporting a proposal, I am a huge fan of the project and I am sure of the success it will achieve when fully operational

This is truly one of the great programs on hive as people really need to think about pulling in more groups and crowds like your gods unchained initiative. I don't really shill too much, but I can't wait to see how hive develops and see the innovations to come.

As a POSH holder, this news is exciting! I have not been pushing much lately, so I will let others enjoy those auto-votes.

Posh with ptokens.io peg for erc20 and binance token PPOSH for eth and bsc ... for uniswap and pancake swap ... unlocks a huge potential for replacing shitcoins like shiba and everything elde etc

I want a husky pet

Huskies owners should have small cheap easy to put together COLD zones maybe just rent ice skating arenas for husky weekends so every weekdn hisky dan spend a full day in the cold and ice and charge money for a few snow machines or crushed ice etc shouldnt be too hard lol idea stolen btw

You have my attention on the posh pets. I think I will to get one when it’s ready.

I’m digging the style of the pets designs. Glad you were able to find somebody on Hive to help create the pets.

Nice initiative, I didn't know that POSH has a big project behind.
I really liked the pets ☺️, nice design and colours ( ꈍᴗꈍ).

Fantastic. I need to get in on this.

This is great! And the POSH PET NFT is cool! Brilliant colors too!

Very excited about the NFT Project, definitely will collect them when they will be on the market. The pink dog is so cute...

I made the registration to POSH just today

This is an interesting update, I love the posh pets. POSH keeps getting better and better, would be nice to earn by sharing and also by delegating.

looking forward to the next updates!


would be nice to earn by sharing and also by delegating.

yes it would be that's why it already is.


Wow! Loving the updates from posh. And I love that the rewards are used for great things.
Sure looking forward to those NFTs

I find interesting the evolution that Poshtoken is taking with the POSH PETS NFT. When do you plan to issue?

Dude posh token can use twitt3r tipitbot with wax nfts and send wax nft represebting some ebgagemebt credit for twitter retweets by verufied hive blog users to build @dan s @edenos on hive wax eos AND twitter!!!

twitter tipbots are actually frowned upon to be used by anyone wanting to earn posh as it causes a wave of bots to automatically like any tweet using tipbots attempting to get the tips which obfuscates posh earning numbers.

No date yet, taking it slow and steady.

How to make sure that we are registered as a poshtoken recipient?

I love this. Oh sorry! I wanted to say I so muchhhhhhh lovveeeee thiiiiissssss.

This is really awesome and a work well-done. Keep up the great work moving.

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the person sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at https://hiveposh.com.

I have been noticing POSH tweets shared below the posts also caught my attention, I have given access POSH to my Twitter account but I don't know if I am registered yet.

Don't know how to do it :/

I’m in the same situation but I think I’m now linked up? The problem I had was no confirmation. Exiting the Hivesigner didn’t take me back

We're working on including new signups to the daily posts as well soon.

Facing some issue with Hivesigner as well.

Long awaited information. Because so far I myself do not understand the @poshtoken work system in curating and voting. Thank you for updating the information.


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Wow that's cool, looking forward to it

Happy afternoon @acidyo , I would like to know why some time ago I made my registration in poshtoken and when I search my user does not appear, also, I always publish my contents in twiter and I put #hive, #posh, sometimes it appears in poshtoken and sometimes not, finally yesterday I was elected (Today, we distributed 400 tokens to 310 tweets.) and I do not appear, I appreciate your guidance in this regard.

Thank you very much.

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Can you check on hive-engine if you have any posh in your balance?

Happy blessed day I just checked in hive-engine and I don't see anything from posh in the balance.
One question and sorry why I look for my user in hiveposh and I do not appear ? by the way I registered a while ago and when I post my link on twitter sometimes poshtoken sends me a message but the vast majority does not .

Many Blessings!!!

I've been trying to register on posh since last year,and till date, I don't know my status. How do we check on hive-engine?

Nice post, thank you for this sir. I follow you hope you follow me back

Wow i'm new in this i'm so excited with all this information and proyects i definetly going to be part of this. Thanks You for all

Que buena noticia ✌️

@pkocjan odezwij się proszę jakoś nie umiem znaleźć, gdzie się ostatnio komunikowaliśmy

So I'm auto put onto the curation list? I think a fairer upvote needs to occur. I don't think I've ever received curation for posh work despite smashing out a significant amount of interviews that have increased Hive traffic.

Can be disheartened when I see others with $200 to $300 for shit posting and I'm putting in hours of work, engaging with external communities and projects than having those communities promote Hive and front ends of ours.

You need to put on more curators or make some changes. Some people producing same old boring content (shit posts) in the same methods as 4 years ago producing bugger all than sucking up reward pool.

If we want Hive to grow we need innovation and change not stagnant crap posts that get upvoted with significant weight and others working get smaller amounts.

Just my 2 cents.

You often get ocd curation so not sure what you're complaining about here or why you're bringing up other people getting overrewards for shitposts. We do some downvote curation too when we notice overrewarded posts but other than that this just sounds like an entitled comment wanting more rewards.

I know you guys jump in for over rewards and that's why I respect you guys. You run a good ship, you also offload rewards and I've seen you DV your own content or burn. I'm sorry that you have interpreted negatively or I may have come across a bit strong. but my comment was inregards to external promotions and what posts are being deemed for curation.

I'm cool chugging along and I'm fine if you skip my posh rewards to give to others that are growing and need encouragement. It's my 5th year on Hive, I've always been vocal and supportive, but I know others are feeling upset. Some people are fearful and don't want to rock the boat and don't know they can raise concerns directly.

Either way, keep up the good work 2022 is going to be a great year for Hive.

I really want ..in the future... a hive engine twitter airdrop bot to be a rocus of something like poshbot ..that can airdrop lots of ...lets just say... easier to give awau hive engine tokens ...easier to airdrop in large amounts to lots of twitter users maybe based on q twitters followrs list or something

Very good initiative to our community, Posh token is a lovely. ❤️

Why do you keep raining downvotes on my articles man. I might never understand your motives. Hope you smile after voting down the obviously peasant rewards I get. It's funny.

This is an awesome initiative, am gonna go all in.
I've drop my details on the Discord.

Have a pleasant day.