@ocdb is now fully operational on Hive!

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Hey everyone! Thank you to those who had patience with us during our migration on to hive. Good news is that now it is fully working again and will begin to send out payouts.

For those of you still delegating to @ocdb on the Steem database please note that it is halted there indefinitely. So make sure to undelegate if you haven't already, if you have a difficult time deciding what to do we can tell you that we've never seen so many undelegations that followed with a powerdown in such a quick succession before. ;)

Here's some info on @ocdb for those who may not be aware!

Ocdb used to be a bid bot with a curated whitelist that took no cut itself. When the EIP was put in place it went fully manual curation and now takes a 10% cut which is one of the lowest of any curation projects out there. Another 5% was meant to initially go towards tipping but the tip bot has been delayed for a long time and we're hoping it will exist soon so we can start tipping content creators outside of our platform with Hive to get them to check it out. That 5% was instead used for giveaways and tournaments to grow the Gods Unchained community on Steem and after that it was used to buy up the ENGAGE token which we'll continue to do once steem-engine has migrated over to hive and given us access over our ENGAGE tokens again.

Ocdb curates mainly in the OCD community but also the daily nominated posts by the OCD curation team that are featured in the compilation posts of @ocd. Other than that it is also curating posts in the Hive Gaming Community. One thing it has in common with all communities is that it does not attempt to maximize curation rewards but instead encourages all stakeholders to curate manually in the communities we curate by casting votes late (usually after 6h of post age). This means that those who want to use their stake to curate and curate in line to what we like to reward will earn some higher curation rewards knowing the @ocdb vote comes in later.

If you are a stakeholder who doesn't have the time to curate yourself but want to earn daily returns from your stake you can delegate to @ocdb and see your returns live on our website which updates after one payout showing your username as well if your delegation is over at least 250 Hive Power.

Here is a simple way to delegate to @ocdb, just copy the link below and switch the "1000" into the Hive Power you want to delegate:

After you have delegated your username will appear on our website: https://thegoodwhales.io/delegators.html after the first payout which occurs daily at 8 PM GMT+0

If you like what we do and would want to support our consensus witness, you can do so through HiveSigner as well through this link here, we appreciate every vote!

Come join our growing community on Discord, especially if you are new to Hive it's a great place to chat and get some answers if you are wondering about something Hive related, there is always someone around to help! Discord link

*Additional info about the bot:
It usually takes 7 days for post payouts so in reality you'd have to wait 7 days until you can start receiving a curation cut but with @ocdb you can after 1 payout start getting a share depending on your size of the delegation compared to the total, in return you will instead stop receiving payouts 1 day after you undelegate.
The account is in constant powerdown to be able to pay delegators their share, usually curation rewards are always in Hive Power but by delegating to @ocdb you can enjoy your rewards in liquid Hive. For fastest growth you can power up your liquids every now and then and re-delegate your new stake to @ocdb which many stakeholders like to do. When re-delegating remember to use your total Hivepower as it doesn't "add to your existing delegation" and when you want to undelegate you simply "delegate 0 HP" to @ocdb.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions!

Come grow with us and post in our community knowing someone will check out your post and possibly curate it if it abides by our rules! See ya on the chain! :)

Huge thanks to @jga for migrating the bot over to Hive! Post rewards going to him!


Good News! Steem is loosing their relevant ecosystem every single day, more and more.

BTW, very funny! "Steem database" hahahaha

done deligations, happy to help you, :)

Hey Acidyo
This is a great update and thanks for sharing ..
Delegation done. happy to support.

Thanks, @ocdb, for all that you do. Delegated a few. :)

I couldn't undelegate SP on steem blockchain before migrated to Hive. So Is that SP's validate for Hive power?

Yes, if you had SP delegated to it when the snapshot occurred you're already delegating HP and will start to receive payouts shortly. :)

Keep up the good work! It's been great to see the support towards the community throughout. :)

Thanks! Felt nice to see the communities grow!


Still showing payouts in STEEM? 😅

Hehe yeah, we wanted it operational ASAP and considered that part to not be as important for now. :)

Amazing for moving here, The right place to be. @ocdb and all the community.

Thank you @jga and @ocdb for making the move, starting to feel like home again with everyone realigning slowly but surely.

Haha yeah, to be honest it has felt faster than I expected. We were actually pretty slow compared to so many others to move. :D

Glad to read this! All the best on Hive! ^^

Acid, you're a beast. Thanks for playing your part in this.

I have hear about the ocdb when on steem back then in my past.

But seeing it on hive is a good thing. My question is how can one be eligble for the whitelist one you mentioned earlier at the beginning of your post and what is the minimum to delegate for ocdb.

Whitelist is obsolete now, we curate anyone posting in our community and some exceptional posts outside of it.

Okay thanks for responding

Finally! Thanks for your hardwork guys, especially to @jga.

Hello ocdb, welcome to Hive!

I'm in a cheerful mood, too. I will reconsider delegating again in a few weeks when the details of second airdrop and any other emergency centralized decisions of hive are public knowledge. Right now I'm hedging my bets, but when betting on ocdb, I can always win.

Not sure what you're talking about, you mean the appeal for those who proxied to accounts voting to centralize Steem?

Yes! We are dealing with around 15~25% of the confiscated Steems, that may impact price and confidence. Also, chain is new and some crazy attack could happen. Long term bullish, short term uggh.

Glad to see you guys here! In the good side of history!

Im isolated at home (as every argentinian) Quarantine an entire month, so probably im start blogging a little again =V

This marks the start of a new benchmark in the HIVE success story!
Well, keep up the good work! 😉

Thanks for info @acidyo. I cancelled my delegation on steemit but it s/b airdropped to Hive. Can you tell me how I can check the amt.?

Hey yes you can see it on the website linked in the post, you are currently delegating 253.316 HP! :)

Good morning @acidyo and thanks for info. 🙂

Hi friends I need help, I made a 100% HP delegation a few days ago to the user @ocdb , but now I can not publish anything, I would like to reverse the situation so that everything returns to normal, I appreciate the support that someone can give me, now it appears that my HP will be fully loaded in 21 hours

Hey I just checked the blockexolorer, looks like you've powered up some hive in the meantime and won't need a delegation for basic transactions anymore.

Thank you very much dear friend for the support, but I can visualize that I have RC 75.29% that will be full charged in one day, what I did was go to my wallet and put 0 HP to the account to which I delegated 100.037 HP when I try to reverse the action I appear error during the delegated transmission number 1955990698 precision 6, nai :000000037

Yeh you had undelegated successfully but it takes 5 days for it to be returned as to not let users double vote with the same vp.

Ok thank you very much dear friend, blessings from above for you and yours, I will always be grateful for the speed and professionalism of your actions


So glad to see this!


You are literally doing God's work!

Eager to see OCD in full force here and contribute as much as possible.

good to see you here again old chum

This is great! I'm going to delegate probably 1-2k by the end of this evening (making some HIVE buys in the next few hours) -- sounds like an awesome project with a noble mission. Thanks for showing me this @acidyo!

Congratulations... Great News.

Good to hear that you are fully operational on HIVE!

Let's go!

Great job guys, keep it up!

I'm very glad @ocdb is on Hive.

Bookmarked and thank you!
Blessings to the work of OCD and the team!

That's really great. Thanks for all your support. 😀

great to see you fully operational here!

Hi @ocdb, welcome to #Hive.
Me alegro que estén al 100% activos.
Saludos amigo @acidyo, estoy a la orden para cualquier apoyo que le haga falta. 👽

That's great news. That's awesome news. Many congratulations and successes.

How much will 3000hp yield in return?

Hmm well it depends on the day to day because of curation rewards but if you take a look at my alt account: https://hiveblocks.com/@acidzapps you can see the returns of 2000 HP/SP if you scroll through it a bit.

Thanks for that

Woooo hive squaddddd

this is great news looking forward to seeing what this community can do

I am very happy to be able to participate in this community.